50 Fun General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Fun quiz and answers general knowledge trivia interesting facts in English printable are very competitive. Only when you allow your mind to develop absorptive sponge-like characteristics and gather fun quiz and answers will it do so. As a result, cultivating a passion and thirst for learning fun quiz and answers is essential. If you pay attention, any situation may become a learning opportunity. Traveling, for example, teaches a variety of useful life skills to read fun quizzes and answers. The opportunities for gaining information by being taught or by observation are great fun quiz and answers. Perhaps you learn how to construct a tent, get a fun quiz and answers to hiking equipment, know how to make a last-minute booking, or read a map.

The ability to approach new experiences with an open mind is critical for a fun quiz and answers knowledge growth. Steve Jobs, for example, learned calligraphy and utilized it to create the original Mac typefaces of fun quiz and answers. This example demonstrates how productive minds attempt new things, keep learning, and plan information to use thoughtfully. To do so, you must move outside of your comfort zone and into a skyline of new challenges, greater possibilities, and the brilliance of the fun quiz and answers.

Fun quiz and answers

1. The first appearance of Homo sapiens in Africa took place how many years ago?

315,000 years

2. Amha Records Broadcasting & entertainment was owned by which country?


3. Which airline in Fiji was founded in 1947?

Fiji Airways

4. Adelanto ICE Processing Center prison is located in which city in the USA?

Adelanto, California

5. Name the Greek national airline?

Olympic Airways

6. Populations at Olorgesailie in Southern Kenya undergo technological improvements in tool making and engage in long-distance trade how many years ago?

∼320,000 to 305,000 years ago

7. Arlanza Branch Library, Riverside is located in which US state?


8. The George Town Festival is an annual cultural festival held within the city of George Town in which country?

Penang, Malaysia

9. Bandar Penawar Community College is located in which country?


10. Bilirubin is produced by what part of the body?


11. The first famine recorded in ancient Rome in which year?

441 BCE

12. West Bund Art & Design Festival is held in which country?


13. Which natural calamity in China in 1931 caused a death toll of 500,000–4,000,000?

1931 China floods

14. Arai Memorial Museum of Art is located in which country?


15. We know what Mardi Gras is but what’s its literal translation?

Fat Tuesday

16. Pacific Island Air in Fiji was founded in which year?


17. Founded in 2006, Agni Air is an airline in which country?


18. St. Felix’s Flood, storm surge took place in 1530 in which location causing 100,000+ death?


19. Where is the dynastic place of origin of the House of Belgium?

Thuringia and Bavaria (in modern Germany)

20. To the nearest 1000 in 1800 how many wild turkeys were in Turkey?

None it’s a native US bird

21. India Art Fair is held in which city in India?


22. What is Arnhem?

A language family in Northern Territory, Australia

23. Who was Linda McDonald?

The sole survivor of Skyways sightseeing plane crash on 5 September 1936

24. Independent State of Papua New Guinea belongs to which dynasty?

House of Windsor

funny trivia questions and answers printable kid trivia questions and answers funny
House of Windsor

25. What is Burgoo?

Meat stew

26. 1001 Inventions and the Library of Secrets, features which star as Al-Jazari?

Ben Kingsley

27. Derwent Water is a large lake and reservoir in which country?


28. Bosna is what in Austria?


29. “Giant Sandwich” (blue and pink wrapper) is an ice cream sandwich brand in which country?


30. A belemnite is what sort of shape in zoological terms?

Dart shaped

31. What is an extinct language?

a language that no longer has any speakers, especially if the language has no living descendants

32. Who was Vera Timoshenko?

Terminal speaker of Bering Aleut language, Kamchatka Krai, Russia

33. As of November 13, 2021, what is the median age at the inauguration of incoming U.S. presidents?

55 years

34. Goa Sand Art Festival is held in which country?


35. In The Simpsons name the cat?


36. Which US President was elected president in 1840 and died in 1841, just a month after being sworn in?

William Henry Harrison

37. What is the name of candy-coated chocolate with a biscuit center in South Africa?


38. What is Bavarian cream?

custard dessert

39. Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm is founded in which country?


40. The temple at Ephesus was sacred to who?


41. Abbot Pass Refuge Cabin is a historic place in the Rockies in which Canadian province?

Improvement District No. 09 (Banff National Park), Alberta

42. What is the most common amber variety, found along the shores of a large part of the Baltic Sea, Eocene age amber?

Baltic amber

43. Found above ground in Lençóis mine in 1895, Brazil, what is the name of the largest rough diamond?

Sergio (carbonado), 3167 carats

44. Which animal has the largest tongue?

Blue whales weigh around 2.7 tonnes (3.0 short tons; 2,700 kg)

45. Who does the Beatles song The fool on the Hill refer to?


46. Mount Royal is named after which Royal individual in Canada?

King Francis I

47. Jwaneng diamond Mine is located in which country?


48. As of August 2021, what is the largest container ship in the world?

Ever Ace/ Ever Act/ Ever Aim (Panama), 399.9m

49. What is Scriptio continua, also known as scriptura continua or scripta continua?

a style of writing without spaces, or other marks between the words or sentences

50. Which character first appeared in the book Call for the Dead?

George Smiley by John LeCarre

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