50 General Knowledge Trivia and Answers Printable Free Quiz

General knowledge trivia and answers are quite interesting and easy to solve and preserve for any future reference. Writing allows you to pour out all of the general knowledge trivia and answers you’ve absorbed. General knowledge trivia and answers are synthesized, structured, pondered on, and shared during this process. For example, if you find something intriguing on the internet, jot it down and explore it thoroughly. General knowledge trivia and answers are an excellent way to learn from the internet.

Apart from being an excellent approach to learning profound information, general knowledge trivia and answers provide a variety of advantages. It has been established that writing down goals, desires, and life experiences strengthens one’s mentality and promotes positive thinking by assisting in the manifestation of intents and vision of general knowledge trivia and answers.

The brain responds to teaching others in the same way that writing does. Teaching necessitates that you complete your homework, which includes reading and researching general knowledge trivia and answers. When you learn anything new through teaching, it is synthesized, analyzed, categorized, and simplified in a way that is easy to understand. To develop your talents, you must practice. It also strengthens your information, making it more permanent and natural general knowledge trivia and answers. Its goal is to put both old and new information to good use, as well as to develop via repeated practice sessions with general knowledge trivia and answers.

General knowledge trivia and answers

1. What is a family seat?

Sometimes just called seat is the principal residence of the landed gentry and aristocracy

2. Alnmouth Estuary is located in which country?


3. What is the lowest point of the Tonga Trench in the Pacific?

Horizon Deep

4. What is Muay Thai?

a Martial art

5. Otalgia is what condition?


6. Keddara Dam is located in which country?


7. Who was known as the “Boston Strong Boy” in boxing?

John L. Sullivan

8. Who is the only male player in tennis history to have won six consecutive Grand Slam singles titles, from Wimbledon 1937 to U.S. Championships 1938?

Don Budge

9. What is the lowest point of the Philippine Trench in the Pacific Ocean?

Emden Deep

10. Portuguese West Africa is now known as what?


11. Which literary movement was developed in the Soviet Union and was imposed as state policy by Joseph Stalin in 1934?

Socialist realism

12. Arthur Kill strait separates which two lands?

Staten Island and New Jersey

13. The Marquess of Milford Haven is a family seat (principal residence of the landed gentry and aristocracy) in which country?

UK (Welsh)

14. Which epic contains philosophical and devotional material, such as a discussion of the four “goals of life” or puruṣārtha (12.161)?


15. What nationality was tennis player Michael Chang?


16. What is the second largest lake and reservoir in England by surface area?

Rutland Water (10.86 km2)

17. With 73 PGA Tour career wins including 18 major, Jack Nicklaus is from which country?

United States

18. The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra (SPCO) is a full-time professional chamber orchestra based in which city?

Saint Paul, Minnesota.

19. Who is Paula Julie Abdul?

an American singer, dancer, choreographer, actress, and television personality

20. Salix Alba produces which drug?

Aspirin – from the willow

21. How did American author Michael Crichton die?


22. What is the approximate date of appearance of Homo sapiens (Jebel Irhoud, Morocco)?

315,000 years ago

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The appearance of Homo sapiens

23. Awash International Bank is owned by which country?


24. Fiji Link is the trade name of which company?

Fiji Airlines Limited

25. What are the two official languages of Finland?

Finnish and Swedish

26. Where do you find the story of Pururava and Urvashi?


27. In which year, famine recorded throughout Near East and the Levant, Judea as recorded by Josephus, death toll 20,000+?

26 BCE

28. Sunflower Aviation was owned by which country?


29. Which natural calamity in China in 1887 caused a death toll of 900,000–2,000,000?

1887 Yellow River flood

30. Who did the original thugs worship?

The Goddess Kali

31. Founded in 1968, Agriculture Development Bank is owned by which country?


32. The flood of 1099 took place which location caused (up to) 100,000 death?

Netherlands & England

33. Asahikawa City Museum is located in which country?


34. Astan Quds Razavi’s Central Library is located in which city in Iran?


35. At Waterloo who commanded the Prussian troops?

Marshal Blucher

36. Where is the dynastic place of origin of the House of Wangchuck?


37. Freespace Fest art festival is held in which country?


38. Kalakrithi is an annual inter-college cultural festival organized by the students of which university?

Alagappa College of Technology, Anna University, Chennai, India

39. Who was Aruka Juma?

Terminal speaker of Juma language, Rondônia, Brazil

40. Who was the first male tennis player to win 100 tournaments?

Jimmy Connors

41. What is a dead language?

“one that is no longer the native language of any community”, even if it is still in use, like Latin

42. Who was the dynastic founder of the House of Belgium?

King Albert I

43. Grafham Water is a large lake and reservoir in which country?


44. Ada County Jail is located in which city in the USA?

Boise, Idaho

45. Aaron Copeland wrote a ballet about which American folk hero?

Billy the Kid

46. What is Great Andamanese?

A language family in the Andaman Islands, India

47. Who was Clarence Bates?

The sole survivor of Northwest Airlines Flight 5 crush on 30 October 1941

48. Much of the fluid trapped in sediments of the subducting slab returns to the surface at the oceanic trench, producing what?

Mud volcanoes and cold seeps

49. Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis belongs to which dynasty?

House of Windsor

50. Which Flemish painter produced Adoration of the Kings?


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