50 Fun General Knowledge Quiz Questions Answer GK Trivia

Fun general knowledge quiz trivia in English questions answer is very resourceful. Fun general knowledge quiz refers to the ability to comprehend facts, information, descriptions, and abilities. In fact, a fun general knowledge quiz is man’s source of power, which sets him apart from other species in the cosmos. Though man is physically weaker than many animals, he can’t see as far as an eagle and can’t carry as much weight as some others. He is, nevertheless, the most powerful creature on the planet with learning from a fun general knowledge quiz. This power is primarily derived from his knowledge rather than his physical strength. ‘Knowledge is power’ suggests that a guy may use knowledge to get an education and total control over his life full of fun general knowledge quiz.

Man’s strength comes from his capacity to gather fun general knowledge quiz, maintain it, and pass it on to future generations. It enables him to master nature’s powers and employ them to his advantage. If a fun general knowledge quiz is applied appropriately, it has the potential to provide happiness to mankind. Wisdom, respect, and power are all outcomes of a fun general knowledge quiz.

Power may not necessarily accompany a fun general knowledge quiz. Knowledge is the condition of being aware of, comprehending, and gaining precise fun general knowledge quiz about something, which is acquired by experience or study. This implies that a person has the ability to express himself in a dynamic manner and make informed judgments based on his daily experiences, knowledge, and comprehension of a fun general knowledge quiz.

Fun general knowledge quiz

1. Arafel duo is a popular fantasy novel written by whom?

C. J. Cherryh

2. What chemical element has its atomic number 33?


2. What was the Anglo-American plan for the Iranian coup d’état that deposed Mohammed Mosaddeq and reinstalled Mohammad Reza Pahlavi?

Ajax (1953)

3. As of 2012, there were 82 covered bridges in which Canadian province?


4. “Indulge” is an ice cream sandwich brand in which country?


5. What is Terry Wogan’s real first name?


6. Born in 1956, Who is a popular French/German accordionist, composer?

Lydie Auvray

7. American Anti-Slavery Society was founded by whom in America?

William Lloyd Garrison and Arthur Tappan

8. An English translation of which work was published in the Galpin Society Journal in 1961?

Hornbostel–Sachs or Sachs–Hornbostel

9. What was the name of the historical siege that took place in c. 2580 BC?

Siege of Uruk

10. The grand Prix d’Endurance is run on which circuit?

Le Mans, 24-hour race

11. What is the symbol of the chemical element Astatine?


12. What is Smoke screening in the military?

The technique of deploying clouds of smoke to offer cover for military units as they approach or retreat over wide territory without being exposed to enemy fire.

13. Hallux sesamoid bones are located in which part of the body?


14. In 1962, who writes The Testament of Daedalus, set in ancient Greece city of Daedalus?

Michael Ayrton

15. Les Gray was the lead singer of which group?


16. Which Kingdom in Europe had its capital Clogher in 331–1590 AD?


17. When was the historical fiction Chronicles of Ancient Darkness by Michelle Paver published?

Set in Prehistory (c. 30,000 BC – 3000 BC)

18. What is a bridge that is made from materials such as steel or reinforced concrete, in which the base of an arch structure is below the deck but the top rises above it?

A through arch bridge, also known as a half-through arch bridge or a through-type arch bridge

19. Caesium (Cs) is a what type of chemical element on the Periodic Tabel?

Alkali metal

20. In old English what is a Bellibone – From French?

Belle Bonne Fair Maiden

21. Common surgery prefix ‘mammo-‘ and ‘masto-‘ is related to what?


22. What are a group of islands in the Southern Ocean, about 375 miles (604 km) northeast of the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula?

South Orkney Islands

23. Which ancient civilization has a record in the mid 4th millennium BC until the rise of Babylonia in the late 3rd millennium BC?

Sumer (or Šumer)

24. Era names originated in 140 BCE in which country during the reign of the Emperor Wu of Han?


25. What is a male guinea pig called?


26. Earlier Stone Age, Middle Stone Age, Later Stone Age were some of the major archaeological periods in which location?

Sub-Saharan Africa

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Earlier Stone Age

27. What is used in a large family of foods found in Lebanese, Palestinian, Egyptian, Kurdish, Iranian, and Central Asian cuisine?


28. Which nobility is currently held by the duke of Norfolk, and is used (along with the Earl of Surrey) by his heir apparent as a courtesy title?

Earl of Arundel

29. What is the presence of fewer than five fingers or toes on a hand or foot?


30. A Blue Imperial or a New Zealand white type of what?


31. What is the country calling code for the Northern Mariana Islands?

+1 670

32. Written in 1869-70, what is the science fiction novel by Jules Verne?

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

33. In 1796, Johnston Atoll was discovered by which country?

The United States

34. What is a 4.6 sq mi (12 km2) atoll located in the North Pacific Ocean, a Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument, and a part of the wider United States Minor Outlying Islands?

Palmyra Atoll

35. In science it can be up-down strange top or bottom what can?


36. National Archaeological Museum is located in which city in Bulgaria?


37. What are fully dehydrated eggs made using spray drying in the same way that powdered milk is made?

Powdered eggs

38. What is the genre of the novel The End of Eternity written in 1956 by Isaac Asimov?

Science Fiction

39. What is a dry-cured ham from Anfu, Jiangxi, China, documented starting in the Qin Dynasty?

Anfu ham

40. What was the surname of the family in The Grapes of Wrath?


41. What is a form of ice cream that has had most of the water removed from it by a freeze-drying process?

Freeze-dried ice cream

42. The Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68, is also known as what?

Pastoral Symphony

43. Founded in 1997, what is the name of an American independent record label, based in Pound Ridge, New York, United States?


44. What was the name of the Battle of Aegospotami in 405 BC?

Peloponnesian War

45. Name vegetable banned different times causing leprosy rickets?


46. Which peace treaty in 783 was held between Tang China and the Tibetan Empire?

The peace treaty between China and Tibet

47. Ibrahim Pasha Mosque is located in which country?


48. Hunza Valley is located in which country?


49. Which country has the calling code +1 787 / 939?

Puerto Rico

50. What was James Shalto Douglas’s claim to sporting fame?

Marquis of Queensbury – Boxing

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