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Trivia game night questions answer general knowledge is enriched with many interesting facts you did not know. . Reading ability is a cognitive aid that grows and improves your mind’s cognitive network over time with trivia game night questions. The importance of rapid reading should not be overlooked. Your thinking methods improve considerably when you rapidly read trivia game night questions. Audiobooks and podcasts have exploded in popularity among today’s busy professionals with trivia game night questions. The ultimate objective is to find a period during the day when you can sit quietly in the warmth of your own thoughts and learn from a piece of literature as well as trivia game night questions.

When critical reading, the mind is exposed to a wealth of information and numerous new ideas. This is where the inquisitive mind comes back into play in the form of trivia game night questions. Reading accelerates the process if it is accompanied by extensive study. Individual attempts to delve further into a topic stimulate the most important aspect in information acquisition – intrinsic motivation – to make learning more lasting and self-sufficient. Improve your research abilities if you’re looking for a way to learn more deeply with trivia game night questions. It’s a good idea to gather information from reliable websites and books and then investigate, amass, and update your knowledge base with trivia game night questions.

Trivia game night questions

1. What was the name of the maritime battle held in 494 BC between Persians (winner) and Ionians?


2. In the 18th century, which spurred urbanization and consequently helped launch the Industrial Revolution?

The British Agricultural Revolution

3. Holzbrücke Rapperswil-Hurden wooden bridge was completed in which year?

2nd millennium BC

4. What is the symbol of the chemical element Zirconium?


5. What do homodonts have that heterodonts don’t?

Same shaped teeth

6. Wushu is a martial art in which country?


7. Amami Guntō National Park was established in 2017 in which country?

Kyūshū, Japan

8. Odawara municipality is located in which country?


9. What is the largest, and outermost, of the three flat muscles of the lateral anterior abdominal wall?

Abdominal external oblique muscle

10. The Fourdrinier machine is used to manufacture what?


11. Maracanã Stadium is located in which city?

Rio de Janeiro

12. Hákarl is weird food in which country?


13. What was built in the 13th century surrounding Ghazni, Afghanistan to form a walled city?

Citadel of Ghazni

14. Cork county is located in which country?


15. Pidgin English started because of trade between the UK and where?


16. Notre Dame Mountains is formed in which location?

Chaudière-Appalaches, Quebec

17. What is the survival status of insect Vesk’s plant-louse (Acizzia veski), according to IUCN?

Critically endangered

18. Which chemical element has its symbol Rb?


19. How do you write 10+1+1 in Roman numerals?


20. In the international code of signals what does Oscar signify?

Man overboard

21. What are Ninpō, Shinobi-jutsu, and Ninjutsu?

Martial arts

22. What is Eudynamis scolopaccus?


23. What is an A-DNA?

one of the possible double helical structures which DNA can adopt

24. Lake Kendall is located in which country?


25. Whose symphony number seven is called the Leningrad?


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Leningrad symphony

26. Who has the most runs in a tournament of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Cricket?

Mahela Jayawardene (1016)

27. Blood Groups (A, B, and O) were discovered by whom?

Carl Land Steiner

28. Kutia – Christmas porridge is delicious food in which country?


29. What was the home venue of 1930 FIFA World Cup Football, hosted by Uruguay?

Estadio Centenario, Montevideo

30. What is the biggest tourist attraction in Zambia?

Victoria falls

31. Odawara-juku station is located in which district in Japan?


32. What is the national dish in Barbados?

Cou-cou and flying fish

33. What is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area?

Lake Superior

34. The bald eagle is a bird of prey found in which continent?

North America

35. Atahualpa was the last ruler of who?


36. Ahmad Shah of Pahang from Malaysia received which appreciation in 1982?

Gold Olympic Order

37. What is the atomic number of Ruthenium?


38. Who was Vespasian?

a Roman usurper secured the throne

39. What are called the mild illusions or misperceptions associated with changes in mood in psychiatry?

Affect illusion

40. In the body luteinizing hormone is produced by what gland?


41. Who served as President of France from 1981 to 1995, the longest time in office in the history of France?

François Marie Adrien Maurice Mitterrand

42. The Earl Cawdor of Castlemartin in Pembroke is a family seat (principal residence of the landed gentry and aristocracy) in which country?

UK (Welsh)

43. What is the scientific name of the Bulbul bird?

Molpastes cafer

44. Where do you find the story of Shakuntala?


45. What is used in a tempera painting?

Egg yolk and water

46. Which historic county castle was built in 1625 in Clonegal, Ireland?

Huntington Castle

47. Arun Estuary is located in which country?


48. Salteñas is the national food in which country?


49. Which strait is located between Chichagof Island and Admiralty Island, Alaska?

Chatham Strait

50. Harry Patterson is the real name of which author?

Jack Higgins

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