50 Quiz Questions with Answers General Knowledge for Adults

Quiz questions with answers for adults are a competitive source of learning general knowledge trivia online. This notion is supported by research, which demonstrates how inquisitive brains remember information on a topic for extended lengths of time. Quiz questions with answers for adults are due to the intrinsic motivation element, which validates true interest in a subject. So, if you want to learn something, simply ASK! A turtle’s mind is as fruitful as an inquisitive mind. Quiz questions with answers for adults are full of thought-provoking topics and actively seek answers. Examine your personality to discover whether you are naturally fascinated by the things around you from the quiz questions with answers for adults. If not, start by asking “what,” “who,” “where,” “why,” and “how.” These are important learning opportunities for quiz questions with answers for adults.

Questioning minds are inquisitive. These inquiries come as a result of their in-depth study of phenomena, as well as when they run against a brick wall. Knowledge intake, helped by asking clever questions, breaks through this brick block of quiz questions with answers for adults. Curiosity is thus the path to lifelong learning. If curiosity is the way to endless learning, reading is tangible which makes it possible. Reading is the most intimate and traditional way to learn. Books, articles, blogs, novels, newspapers, guides, and other reading materials are all intriguing. Reading is like dropping a drop into the vast ocean of your quiz questions with answers for adults.

Quiz questions with answers for adults

1. What was the name of a naval battle in 540–535 BC between Carthaginians and Etruscans (winner) and Greeks near Alalia (now Aléria), Corsica?


2. Which city is derived from kand (wall) and har (mountain, or stone), i.e., a city constructed of stone, or a stone-walled fortress?


3. Hapkido is a martial art in which country?


4. The use of industrial fertilizers and new crops greatly increased the world’s agricultural output is called what?

The Green Revolution (1945–)

5. Which character lived at 3 stable mews City of London?

John Steed in the Avengers

6. Rhodes Footbridge was completed in which year?

4th century BC

7. What is the symbol of the chemical element Strontium?


8. Which historic castle was built in the 13th century in Muine Bheag, Ireland?

Ballymoon Castle

9. In order to eat Nalesniki, where do you go?


10. What was the Beatle’s first UK top ten single?

Please-please me

11. What is the national dish in Bahrain?


12. What was the home venue of 1938 FIFA World Cup Football, hosted by France?

Olympique de Colombes, Paris

13. Who is a Senegalese retired civil servant and former Director-General of UNESCO, received the Gold Olympic Order in 1981?

Amadou-Mahtar M’Bow, GCIH

14. What is the birthday of Per Henrik Ling, father of Physiotherapy?

Nov. 15, 1776

15. What is the largest species of flatfish?


16. What is Aboulia or Abulia, in neurology?

A lack of will or initiative

17. What is the atomic number of Molybdenum?


18. Who was the Roman usurper, committed suicide April 16, 69


19. What is Aarskog–Scott syndrome?

A rare, inherited (X-linked) disease characterized by short stature, facial abnormalities, skeletal and genital anomalies

20. What is the main ingredient of a moussaka?


21. Frites (particularly served with mussels or steak), carbonade flamande, Waterzooi, chocolate mousse are the national foods in which country?


22. Hiratsuka municipality is located in which country?


23. What is the scientific name of Common myna?

Acridotheres tristis

24. Atalaya Castle is located in which city?


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Atalaya Castle, in Villena

25. Which is the earliest US military award for service beyond duty?

Purple Heart

26. Black Pudding (Blood Sausage) is weird food in which continent?

Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe

27. Bala Hissar fort in Kabul, Afghanistan was built in which century?

5th century

28. Which chemical element has its symbol Zr?


29. Cavan county is located in which country?


30. Where were the first European coffee houses opened?


31. Which team has been the runner-up in the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Cricket 2021?

New Zealand

32. What is the length of Lake Superior in Canada and America?

616 km; (383 mi)

33. Blood Group (AB) was discovered by whom?

De Castello and Sturli

34. What is a 5′ cap?

primary RNA transcripts

35. C T Russell founded what organization?

Jehovah’s Witnesses

36. Lake Barombi is located in which country?


37. What is Columba livia?


38. Endangered Species Act was passed in which year in the United States?


39. Stadio Nazionale PNF stadium is located in which city?


40. Eight bells on board a ship means what?

End of a watch

41. Akan Mashu National Park was established in 1934 in which country?

Hokkaidō, Japan

42. Caldwell County is located in which US state?

North Carolina

43. Hiratsuka-juku is located in which district in Japan?


44. What is the survival status of insect Chaetolabia fryeri, according to IUCN?

Critically endangered

45. Which spice gives curry its color?


46. How do you write 5+1+1+1 in a Roman numeral?


47. Hakone is a what in Japan?


48. In which year did the maritime battle between Ionians (winner) and Ionians take place near Cyprus?

497 BC

49. What links Ving Tsun, Wing Tsun, Ving Chun?

Kung Fu

50. What’s the name of the technique for measuring at a distance?


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