100 Social Science GK Questions with Answers in English

Social science GK questions with answers in English general knowledge trivia quiz printable is here.  In this social science GK questions with answers in English, a reader will find varied aspects of free learning with a lot of fun.

Social science GK questions with answers in English are important and cover many areas so that our reader won’t feel a bit of tiredness while solving.

Let’s solve these social science GK questions with answers in English now!

Social science GK questions with answers in English

1. What is a dessert brand BLACK TRUFFLE?


2. With a tallness of 211cm/6ft 11 inches, which Indian Basketball National Women Team member is the tallest woman in Asia?

Gitika Srivastava

3. Which is the latitude that runs through the center of the Earth?


4. Who becomes the UK’s foreign secretary following the 2016 EU Referendum?

Boris Johnson

5. What is the study of crayfish called?


6. Who was Simon Smith Kuznets?

American economist

7. Lexus car is originated from which country?


8. What are the branches of a river called?


9. What drugs carry more than just sexual side effects?


10. What is the price of Frozen Golden Chocolate Haute ice cream?


11. In which year, Roman leader Gaius Julius Caesar died?

44 BCE

12. What did the Romans call Scotland?


13. Queen Elizabeth II’s grandfather was which monarch?

George V

14. Which three countries invaded Egypt during the 1956 Suez Crises?

Israel, followed by the United Kingdom and France

15. What is an extended family?

Families that are connected by links of descent and that share some ancestors

16. Who was Karl Gunnar Myrdal?

Swedish economist and socialist

17. Who was the first Chief Justice of England?


18. What is the study of the origin of life?


19. Which is the largest island in the world?


20. What is Knockwurst?


21. Which new British military force was established in 1918?


22. Which country follows the law “Any woman not giving birth to a child can be divorced’?


23. What is the study of the internal structures of stars as revealed by their oscillations called?


24. In 1936, Jesse Owens won 4 Gold medals at the Summer Olympics in what city?


25. What is exogamy?

The marriage selection process in which the new spouse cannot be from a particular social group

26. What heats the water in a hot spring?


27. Kuznets started his extensive project on the economic growth of nations not much before which year?


28. “A legal person is any subject matter other than a human being to which law attributes personality.” who said?


29. Who were the other two astronauts with Neil Armstrong on the Apollo 11 mission?

Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins

30. What is the name of the Bible’s fifth book?


31. In 1958 the first artificial satellite launched in 1957 fell back to earth. What was its name?


32. What color were the pyramids at Giza originally?


33. Where is the Leaning Tower of Pisa located?

Pisa, Italy

34. “Law is derived from social facts and not dependent on State authority but on social compulsion.” who said this?


35. The study of the habits and customs, behavior, thought and feelings of human groups is what?

Cultural Anthropology

36. Tylenol a.k.a. acetaminophen is not only good for physical aches, pains, and fever. T/F?


37. How much percentage of labor is absorbed in the agricultural sector?


38. In which year was Greek leader Cleisthenes born?

570 BC

39. What is the name of the strait that separates the north and south islands of New Zealand?

Cook strait

40. Which book of the Old Testament speaks about the miseries of one man?


41. Which St Albans pub claims to be the oldest English pub?

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

42. Which two students founded Google in 1998?

Larry Page and Sergey Brin

43. Lotus car is originated from which country?


44. Whoever dishonestly uses any movable property to his own advantage has committed the offense of what?


45. What book is older than the Bible?

The Iliad and the Odyssey

46. A person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder often also suffers from what?

Depression or anxiety

47. Who was among the few who did not adopt the distinction between the terms growth and development?


48. Which country has the most authors per capita?


49. Which is the direction in which the wind blows?

Leeward direction

50. Which country has the best literature?


51. Whoever entices a girl child of fewer than 16 years has said to have caused kidnapping out of the keeping of the lawful what?


52. New Zealand was the first to give women the right to vote in which year?


53. Which English king died in 1066, leaving no heir to the throne?

Edward the Confessor

54. What liqueur means cupid in Italian and love in Latin?


55. What links The Trial, Metamorphosis, and The Castle?

Franz Kafka Movies

56. What type of Personality Disorder occurs in about 6% of the population?


57. Roy Harrod was born in which year?


58. The ‘Roof’ of the world is referred to which place?

Pamir knot

59. Where is the unwritten constitution in force?


60. Summer Olympic sports are divided into categories based on popularity, gauged by: television viewing figures by what percent?


61. Who was Henry VIII’s last wife?

Catherine Parr

62. What year was the Potters Bar rail crash?


63. What is the currency in Cambodia?


64. What is a common mental health condition in Japanese males?


65. Which literature is written 1,000 years ago, the epic story of 11th-Century Japan?

The Tale of Genji

66. Which Hertfordshire town was the first-ever New Town after WWII?


67. The capital-output ratio is what?

Amount of capital that was needed to increase the output

68. The offense supposes knowledge of the likelihood of causing death is called what?

Culpable Homicide

69. The film Midnight Express is set in which country?


70. What is a drink Mochaccino?


71. In which year Pluto was downgraded from a planet to a dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Union?

In 2006

72. What is the dew point?

The temperature at which dew begins to evaporate

73. What links Education, Technical or on-the-job training, Health, and Mental and emotional well-being?

Human capital

74. The distinctive features of riot and unlawful assembly are an activity which is accompanied by what?

Use of force and violence

75. What is the funniest language in the world?


76. Who controls the fiscal policies?

Elected legislatures

77. Which Hertfordshire town had the first-ever roundabout in the UK?


78. The level of savings is what in economics?

The average propensity to save

79. Name the river that is not crossed by any bridges.


80. Who was named Tallest Teenager in the World by Guinness World Records?

Rumeysa Gelgi

81. What are two sources of human capital?

(i) Investment in education (ii) Investment in health Education and health

82. Who was the architect who rebuilt London after the Great Fire of 1666?

Sir Christopher Wren

83. According to Harrods model, which among the following is one of the factors that affect economic growth?

Level of Savings, Capital-Output Ratio

84. What is Embargo?

It is a ban on goods to be exported to a foreign country

85. The Dream of Macsen Wledig is a tale from which mythology?


86. Which is the world’s largest port?

Port of Shanghai

87. The transfer of capital to the developing economies will facilitate what?

The transfer of managerial and technological know-how

88. In which European country was there a civil war between 1946 and 1949?


89. Who used the Royston cave according to most popular theories?

The Knights Templar

90. Who did American actress Farrah Fawcett die?


91. Where can you find St. Basil’s Cathedral?

Moscow, Russia

92. What encompasses the interest rates and the money supply?

Monetary Policy

93. Local culture is one of the factors that affect what?

Hallucinatory voices

94. Who is a ‘Notary Public’?

An official having authority to certify deeds

95. Who was Sappho?

In antiquity, 6th century BCE, she was a celebrated artist, poet, and writer

96. Which popular fast-food chain restaurant was first opened in 1955?


97. Name the current that increases temperatures in western Europe.

North Equatorial current

98. The natural growth rate model assumes that there is no change in what?

Productivity of labor

99. Although never taking her seat, who was the first woman to be elected to the houses of parliament?

Constance Markievicz

100. What’s the hardest language?


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