50 Quiz Questions and Answers GK Fun Facts Printable Trivia

Quiz questions and answers GK fun facts printable trivia are awesome for any learner.  We are always getting smarter and more intelligent, in my opinion, as long as we homo sapiens, who are powerful learning machines, quiz questions, and answers GK fun facts printable trivia, continue to be steadfastly resourceful in putting whatever we have learned and acquired to create productive outcomes or construct concrete deliverables that can eventually add/compound/multiply value to our life, work, business, or even to our client(s). A quiz questions and answers GK fun facts printable trivia is mostly because we have amassed a massive and constantly expanding inventory of information, experience, and insight about why things worked, why they didn’t, and what may work better, quicker, or even smarter the next time around.

In 1997, Ronaldo, a Brazilian striker for Barcelona/Inter, wins his first of two Ballon d’Or honors, beating out Real Madrid forward Predrag Mijatovi and Juventus midfielder Zinedine Zidane. Explore the quiz questions and answers GK fun facts printable trivia.

Tom Barrasso, a goalkeeper for the Buffalo Sabres, wins his 100th NHL game against the Detroit Red Wings in 1987, becoming him the youngest player to do it at the age of 22 years and 9 months. Enjoy quiz questions and answers GK fun facts printable trivia.

Following a revolt by the Portuguese nobles in 1640, Portugal regains freedom after 60 years of Spanish control; the Portuguese Restoration War begins in 1640 and lasts until 1668 when Spain recognizes the country’s independence. Share quiz questions and answers GK fun facts printable trivia!

Quiz Questions and Answers GK Fun Facts Printable Trivia

1. Who is the writer of the fiction, 2666 (first English translation, Natasha Wimmer, 2008)?

Roberto Bolaño

2. Very afraid=?


3. Samuel Wanjiru held the Olympic record in Marathon in which game?

2008 Beijing

4. What is the 10th pair of Cranial Nerves in the human body?

Vagus nerve

5. Colo is born, the first gorilla to be bred in captivity at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Columbus, Ohio in which year?


6. “Merry Christmas”, the first SMS in the world was sent on what date?

December 3, 1992

7. In which year, Referenda in Comoros-3 islands for independence, 1 stays French?


8. Yellow fever is caused by which insect?


9. If you want to record music from the Air Studios, where do you go in London, England?

Lyndhurst Hall

10. 1,000,000th NBA points scored in which year?


11. The fermented fish sauce is known as what in the Philippines?


12. In 1970, which Treblinka SS commander was sentenced to life imprisonment?

Franz Stangl

13. What Walt Disney Picture film was released on February 7, 1940?


14. Aero VIP airline was Headquartered in which city?

Buenos Aires

15. KWRB (now KFNE) TV channel 10 in Lander-Riverton, WY (ABC) began in which year?


16. What is the slogan of the Sinn Féin party in the Republic of Ireland?

We Ourselves

17. In 1971, UN General Assembly ratified which former Austrian President as Secretary-General?

Kurt Waldheim

18. What is the Harry Potter character Barty Crouch Junior?

a Hogwarts Professor

19. What is a ramen dish that is a regional cuisine of Nagasaki, Japan, different versions exist in Japan, Korea, and China?


20. In 1959, which NY Ranger goalie wears a customized mask?

Marcel Paille

21. Modal Verb “MAY” refers to what?

Permission, supposition, with doubt, if not prohibition

22. WCVW TV channel 57 in Richmond, VA (PBS) begins broadcasting in which year?


23. What is the largest city of the Mexican state, Baja California?


24. What is the Indonesian term for a steamed bun?


25. Which song written by Ross Bagdasarian (under the stage name of David Seville) reached #1 in 1958?

Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don’t Be Late)

26. Where is the Headquarters of the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF)?

Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Bangladesh: SAFF U-18 Women’s Champion

27. Name a country, where political parties are banned; candidates must be independent?


28. KUAC TV channel 9 in Fairbanks/College, AK (PBS) begins broadcasting in which year?


29. The US Constitution was put into operation on what date in 1789?

March 4

30. In which year, the Continental League awards its last franchise to Dallas-Fort Worth?


31. What is Tsu Chu or Cuju?

Ancient sports

32. In which year, the 2nd cease-fire between IRA & the British; lasts until approx April 1975?


33. Which singer had the music track You Are the Sunshine of My Life- one of the number 1 singles during the 1970s?

Stevie Wonder

34. What is the name of the teen dramedy, premiered on March 11, 2021, by HBO Max?


35. In 1958, “Whoop-Up” opens at which theatre in NYC for 56 performances?

Shubert Theater

36. What is a Buffalo’s home called?


37. Autoweek is an automotive-related magazine published from which country?

United States

38. Words to use instead of VERY: Very evil —>?


39. Who wrote the fiction, Wolf Hall (2009)?

Hilary Mantel

40. In 1946, which team beat NY Yankees 14-9 in the AAFC championship game?

Cleveland Browns

41. Face upto =?

to face, to accept the challenge

42. Sterling Hayden, and Coleen Gray cast in which American film in 1954?

Arrow in the Dust

43. Words to use instead of VERY: Very eager —>?


44. Which roots are vertically elongated basal parts of the stem that spread in different directions in the soil?

Buttress Roots

45. In 1956, which musical was closed at Barrymore Theater NYC after 221 performances?

“New Faces of 1956”

46. Irish Civil War began in which year?


47. In Roman mythology, who is the god of thunder and lightning?


48. Who said, “One cannot step twice in the same river”?


49. What was the name of the television reunion film aired in 197 on NBC?

Father Knows Best Reunion

50. “Bal Negre” was closed at which theatre in NYC after 54 performances in 1946?

Belasco Theater

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