50 Hard Science Questions and Answers Printable Quiz

Let’s solve some hard science questions and answers general knowledge through free online trivia quizzes. What is the best way to learn science? Set up specific objectives and aims, if desired. These aims and objectives may be established for the entire study group or for every study session. These goals and objectives, if established for each study session, would include the chapters or subjects that will be studied and the best way for the group members to be ready. It is easier for the study group to keep focused when their goals and objectives are clear.

Select a study group facilitator. One person in the group is in charge of setting up the meeting times and places, keeping track of the time, and verifying that the entire plan is being followed (if one was created). Although not necessary, a facilitator is useful to have. To be clear, this individual is only ensuring that everything is in order and moving forward; they are not “in command.”

Exchange instruction duties. Teach someone else a scientific idea or equation using your own words. This will make the subject more understandable to you and provide your group members a chance to point up any inconsistencies. Use this strategy to review any ideas you’ve already learned, not merely to teach each other new or unfamiliar things. Support one another. Study groups aren’t only for learning; they’re also for encouraging and supporting one another. Make sure to give each other kudos for a job well done. Transform criticism into a supportive message. Create engaging and entertaining ways for your group sessions to learn new information.

What if, while taking the exam, I forgot all I read in the books? It’s possible that you’re anxious and need to relax and clear your brain. Deeply inhale and exhale, then close your eyes and concentrate. If you can, try to get some water. Close your eyes and continue taking deep breaths while contemplating the problem until you find the solution.

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Hard Science Questions and Answers Printable Quiz

1. Which flower’s sides can be squeezed to reveal the dragon’s jaws opening and closing?

Snapdragon flowers

2. What is the maximum lifespan of a Rice plant?

4 months

3. Who is credited with creating the telephone?

Alexander Graham Bell

4. Which letter stands for an atomic number?


5. Which trees in North America are among the world’s widest trees?


6. Glass is recyclable indefinitely. True or false?


7. Who said that our solar system’s sun should actually be in its center?


8. Since which Ancient civilization have people understood that the world is round?


9. Which fruits provide tryptophan, a kind of protein the body uses to create serotonin?


10. What grass—also known as Napier grass—can even elephants comfortably conceal themselves in?

Elephant grass

11. Which flower has a huge appearance but is actually formed of a large number of little blossoms called florets?


12. What is the platelet life span?

7–10 days

13. Cucumber is made from the cucumber plant’s blooms, which also include seeds. False or true?


14. Who of the following prominent physicists discovered the idea of gravity?

Sir Isaac Newton

15. Which planet of our solar system moves around the sun at a speed of 36,840 km/h?


16. Which member of the garlic family poses the most harm to the local plants by out-competing them?

Garlic mustard

17. What chemical process occurs in a device called an electrolyzer?


18. The earth’s core is quite warm. False or true?


19. What is the meaning of ATP?

Adenosine triphosphate

20. Atoms are larger or smaller than electrons.


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21. Which planet of our solar system rotates in 243d 26m on its axis?


22. Which city’s St. Mary’s Hospital, Alexander Fleming made the discovery of penicillin in 1928?


23. How many bones overall are there in a shark?


24. Which scientific theory is illustrated by the movement of water up a straw?

Capillary Action

25. Where is the volcano that is most active in the world?


26. How many wire miles totals are there in a 737?

40.5 Miles

27. Which plant has the record for being the tallest on earth?


28. Who provided the initial experimental G value?


29. What is the core of the Earth’s temperature?

It is nearly 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit, or nearly as hot as the sun’s surface.

30. What is the alloy that makes up solder?

Lead and Tin

31. Which rainforest types may be found between latitudes of 40 and 60 degrees north and south?

Temperate rainforests

32. On January 21st, 1970, Pan Am launched its which first commercial airline service between New York and London?

Boeing 747

33. What scientific principle is responsible for the blue color of the clear sky?

Dispersion of Light

34. Which fruit family comprises peaches, pears, and apples?

The rose family

35. Who has demonstrated the equality of electric and magnetic waves in a vacuum?

James Clerk Maxwell

36. Which element is most prevalent in the universe?


37. What are the two creatures that appear on Australia’s coat of arms?

The Kangaroo And The Emu

38. Blondes or brunettes, who has more hair follicles?


39. What indigenous water plant in the Amazon basin has the greatest rate of growth worldwide?

Water hyacinth

40. Who was the well-known Nobel Prize-winning Polish woman scientist?

Marie Curie

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41. Steel is a mixture of elements. True or false?


42. What direction does a magnetic field have within a magnet?

From South to North

43. What is the world’s tallest and biggest living thing?

California Redwood trees

44. What is the moon’s escape velocity?

2.38 Km/s

45. The rose family includes more than simply flowers. False or true?


46. What type of ore is utilized to extract radiation?


47. What shade is your inside blood?

Dark red

48. Who carried out the first experiment proving the existence of electromagnetic waves?

Heinrich Hertz

49. What is the world’s toughest natural substance?


50. What natural substance is the hardest known to man?


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