50 Good GK Questions and Answers Printable Trivia Quiz Facts

Good GK questions and answers are really great to practice some very interesting general knowledge trivia quiz free online in English. Life skills are extremely important in a learner’s life since they will form who he or she becomes as an adult with good GK questions and answers. Even schools are emphasizing the importance of developing life skills by including them in the curriculum as long as good GK questions and answers. Self-control, awareness, empathy, critical thinking, decision making, and other abilities require your kid to watch and experience in order for them to be learned with good GK questions and answers. It is our responsibility as parents to instill these life skills in our children for good GK questions and answers.

We must recognize that learning is a process that extends beyond the academics of the classroom, or any other competition. Learning is seeing and comprehending what is going on around you from a reasonable standpoint with good GK questions and answers. You must present the lesson in such a way that it is exciting, entertaining, and simple in order for it to be remembered. If you want to boos your general knowledge, you should provide him or her with bite-sized chunks of information. Such knowledge will be easily absorbed by the good GK questions and answersby the learner.

A proper General Knowledge learning plan allows kids to study in a way that doesn’t seem like they’re in a classroom. You must provide knowledge to a learner in such a way that they acquire experience from good GK questions and answers. Because learning is all about developing and achieving, this will result in your child’s success.

Good GK questions and answers

1. Which King is Known as The Suicide King King of Hearts?

Sword through head

2. Which English castle is made up of three “wards”, or enclosures, the innermost ward contains the White Tower and is the earliest phase of the castle?

Tower of London

3. Tucumán province is located in which country?


4. Occitanie region is located in which country?


5. HydraGyrum was the Latin name for which element?

Mercury – Hg

6. What is the home of alligators called?


7. Kabul Green is a popular first-class cricket team in which country?


8. Dhaka Metropolis is a popular first-class cricket team in which country?


9. Boobrie is a flying mythological creature in which country?


10. In Costa Rica and El Salvador you spend what?


11. What is Caracaras?

a bird of prey

12. A parfait with strawberries is called what?

Strawberry parfait

13. What is the name of Kite in the fiction The Jungle Book, The Second Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling?


14. What is the scientific name of whitebark raspberry or western raspberry, blue raspberry, black raspberry?

Rubus leucodermis

15. Crystallite is used in what sport?

Snooker – Pool balls made from it

16. What is the length of the United States number Highway US 6 (US 395 in Bishop, CA – Route 6A in Provincetown, MA)?

3198.87 miles

17. Which forest region in Canada is located in British Columbia and Alberta, covering the Rocky Mountains from the west coast of Alberta’s uplands?

Subalpine Forest Region

18. What is Rubus rosifolius?

Mauritius raspberry

19. What is the home ground of Queensland, a popular first-class cricket team in Australia?

Brisbane Cricket Ground (the Gabba), Brisbane

20. In the Christmas song your true love gave you give eight what?

Maids a Milking

21. Florencio Sola stadium is located in which country?


22. Australian wormy chestnut is a hardwood mostly used for what purpose?

Flooring application

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Australian wormy chestnut flooring application

23. What is the name of the Brazilian National Forest in Pará as the Amazon biome developed in 2006 on 542,655 hectares of land?


24. Ground tea (Lei cha) was originated in which country?


25. The half-wit Smike appears in which Dicken’s novel?

Nicholas Nickleby

26. US Salinières Aigues Mortes football club is located in which country?


27. What is Dioctophyme renale?

a rare infectious disease

28. Which Zambian footballer had scored 79 international men’s football goals during his 111 caps’ career?

Godfrey Chitalu

29. Who was the top scoter of the La Liga football league session 1931–32?


30. What mythical beast is a cross between a lion and an eagle?


31. Dupont Circle intersection is located in which city?

Washington, D.C.

32. Banfield football club is located in which country?


33. Washington Metro is a what type of railroad in the USA?


34. What is Banyan?

A type of tree similar to fig

35. Petillant wine is what?

Slightly sparkling

36. Alexandria and Fredericksburg Railway is now Defunct, once operated in which US city?

Washington, D.C.

37. Aigues-Mortes commune is located in which country?


38. Katar, suwaiya is a premodern combat weapon in which country?


39. What is Claíomh Solais?

Mythological sword

40. Melita in the Bible where Paul was shipwrecked is where today?


41. Cheongyang capsicum cultivar is originated in which country?


42. Mostly comprising coniferous trees, which forest region in Canada is located between the Rocky Mountains and the central plateau in British Columbia?

Columbia Forest Region

43. Ali Mabkhout, United Arab Emirates played his first international football match on what date?

15 November 2009

44. What is Carolina Gold?

a Rice variety

45. What did Trevor Baylis invent?

Clockwork Radio

46. Which had a 2018 Forest Landscape Integrity Index mean score of 8.99/10, ranking it 11th globally out of 172 countries?


47. Atlético Madrid is a professional football club in which country?


48. Gard department is located in which country?


49. What is Fish that we eat, but not a fish in the real sense?

a capsicum cultivar

50. The Zoastrian religion began in what country?

Persia or Iran

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