100 General Knowledge Information about the World

Enjoy some selected general knowledge information about the world. Seleucus I Nicator once more focused on getting back to Babylonia, and in August 312 he managed to retake the city with a little force. The Seleucid era, which began with this invasion, began on Nisan 1 (April 3), 311, in the Babylonian calendar, and Dios 1 (October 7), 312, in the Macedonian calendar. Explore free general knowledge information about the world. In an attempt to overthrow Seleucus, Antigonus gave orders to one of his generals, Nicanor, to invade Babylonia from the east and to his son, Demetrius, to assault it from the west. Seleucus was not a party when Antigonus made peace with his adversaries in 311.

The following several years of Seleucus’s rule are little recorded, although it is likely that he used them to solidify his victories. He adopted the kingship in the year 305 by imitating his fellow successors (basileus). Enjoy general knowledge and information about the world. The founder of the Mauryan empire of India, Chandragupta (also known as Sandrocottus or Androcottus in Greek and Latin sources), finally stopped his progress. Chandragupta set out on an extension of his power over the Iranian east (the upper satrapies) as far as India. The two potentates came to an agreement in which Seleucus gave up some of his territories in return for 500 elephants. Share general knowledge and information about the world. A marriage condition was apparently part of their agreement, and Seleucus may have promised to send a daughter to India, though the specifics of the plan remain unknown.

Seleucus’ decision to abandon his war in India was influenced by developments in the west as well (303). He had joined the alliance established once more by Ptolemy, Cassander, and Lysimachus against Antigonus and Demetrius. Solve this general knowledge information about the world. Seleucus returned to Asia Minor in the winter of 302, where he joined forces with Cassander and Lysimachus to defeat Antigonus in the Battle of Ipsus (301). The victors distributed the enemy’s possessions among themselves, giving Syria to Seleucus.

Ptolemy, who had not participated in the conflict, had since acquired control of Coele Syria, the southern portion of Syria. The lengthy string of Syrian wars between the Seleucids and Ptolemies resulted from this. Bookmark general knowledge information about the world questions answer. However, Seleucus chose not to pursue his claim at the time; instead, he merely moved his capital from Seleucia on the Tigris to the newly established city of Antioch on the Orontes.

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General Knowledge Information about the World

1. What is the atomic number of Palladium?


2. When was the Battle of Salamis held, arguably the largest naval battle in ancient times?

480 BC

3. Which empire was at its peak with occupation of the Earth’s maximum land surface in 1270 or 1309?

Mongol Empire

4. What is the name of a famous Chinese fantasy novel published in the 16th century during the Ming dynasty?

Journey to the West

5. In 2009, a movie was made on the prisoner who was named “the most aggressive prisoner in Britain.”?

Charles Bronson (the film was titled Bronson)

6. What is the largest urban park in South Africa?

Table Mountain National Park

7. What scientific topic is Brian May, the guitarist for Queen, an authority in?


8. Uruguay is bigger than Paraguay in land area. True or False?


9. Which author is responsible for the creation of the characters Randall Flag, Jack Torrance, and John Coffey?

Stephen King

10. Which province occupies 13.8% of the total area of South Africa?

Eastern Cape

11. What is the oldest known grass bedding, including insect-repellent plants and ash layers beneath?

200,000 years ago

12. Béatrice Hess (France) is one of the multiple Paralympic gold medalists in which sports?


13. In the Finding Nemo movie from 2003, which actor voiced the role Nemo?

Alexander Gould

14. Viti Levu is controlled by which country?


15. How many lives are estimated to be in a cat?


16. What is the fourth film in the four-movie Indiana Jones series?

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

17. What color is a shade of aureolin?


18. When was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 8 somposed?

1768 Vienna December 13

19. Which empire had the size of 9.27 million square miles?

Mongol Empire

20. Which sportperson from Italy, one of the multiple Paralympic gold medalists started career in 1964?

Roberto Marson

21. In the past, windshields were made of plain glass. True or false?


22. Bright Star (2009) film was directed by which woman from New Zealand?

Jane Campion

23. Yokohama Foreign General Cemetery is located in which country?


24. What organization determines interest rates in the UK?

Bank of England

25. Which nation is credited with creating gelato ice cream?


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26. When was the Battle of Cape Ecnomus held, one of Ancient Rome’s first major naval victories over Carthage during the First Punic War?

256 BC

27. At the beginning of each game, how many ghosts chase Pac-Man?


28. Gamma Cephei Ab is an exoplanet discovered in which year?


29. Which actress performed the titular role in the 1990 film “Pretty Woman”?

Julia Roberts

30. Who was the Australian of the Year Award recipient in 1967?

The Seekers

31. Which chemical has its atomic number 45?


32. What makes guacamole its major component?


33. How big is Greenland, the greatest geographic mass in the world?

2,166,086 sq km

34. What is the name of the city where The Simpsons, a cartoon family, reside?


35. What is the electromagnetic radiation spectrum after it has gone through a material that absorbs light of a certain wavelength?

Absorption spectrum

36. What is the age of the Omo remains in Ethiopia?

195,000 years ago

37. Whose remains from the Renaissance are housed in Rome’s Pantheon?


38. The name of Malay Archipelago was taken from the 19th-century European concept of a Malay race, later based on what?

Distribution of Austronesian languages

39. What fruit sits on top of the Wimbledon trophy for the men’s game of tennis?


40. What is a left breakaway group from the Japanese Socialist Party, created in 1996?

New Socialist Party (Shin-Shakaitō)

41. What was the incident of Australian(s) died/being killed at Roermond, Netherlands on 1990 May 27?

Australian tourists who were mistakenly believed to be British military men were shot by the Provisional IRA

42. Which country in South America has a total land area of 8,515,767 km²?


43. What body parts does a chiropodist treat?

The feet

44. What is the name of the president’s house of the UC San Diego?

Audrey Geisel University House

45. Which category of polyphyletic organisms lacks the majority of the intricate cell and tissue types that distinguish genuine plants?

Alga, (pl.) algae

46. Which continent is Suriname a part of?

South America

47. Who produces the “Mexico 66” shoes?

Onitsuka Tiger

48. What is Carausius sechellensis?

Seychelles stick insect

49. How many sides are there in an octagon?


50. What do action words actually go by?


51. How many calories are in a standard Big Mac, per the website of McDonald’s?


52. HD 209458 b is an exoplanet discovered in which year?


53. Who provided the vocals for the kids’ television program Old Bear Stories?

Alisson Goldfrapp

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Philipp Lahm

55. What two components make up a Dark and Stormy cocktail?

Dark rum, Ginger Beer

56. Where is the labyrinth located in the human body?

The ear

57. After nine and a half years of operation, which telescope’s reaction control system fuel was depleted?

The Kepler space telescope

58. Which nation is the source of red onions?


59. In the next remake, which British actor will portray Batman under Matt Reeves’ direction?

Robert Pattinson

60. What film does this well-known remark come from? “I will count to three, there will not be a four.”

Die Hard

61. Which day in Australia marks the 1788 landing of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove and raising of the Union Flag by Arthur Phillip?

Australia Day

62. The Fat Man was which piano-playing singer’s debut hit?


63. What nation has the most Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) eateries worldwide?


64. Who was the Great British Bake Off champion in 2019?

David (Atherton)

65. If what, then a kangaroo cannot hop?

if something stands up on its hind legs.

66. What is the name of the character known as The Bride in the Kill Bill series by Quentin Tarantino?

Beatrix Kiddo

67. What candy item is often purchased as a present from a seaside vacation?

Sticks of rock

68. What is the collective name of a bunch of frogs?

An army

69. Which performer is known for the song “Drunk in Love”?


70. How do lobsters exchange messages?

using their feces

71. In The Matrix, which color pill does Neo take?


72. Which nation’s Gouda cheese is a well-known cheese?

The Netherlands

73. What word would best characterize a fact?


74. What toy received the first TV advertising?

Mr. Potato Head

75. What variety of oranges are utilized in the production of marmalade?

Seville oranges

76. In the FIFA World Cup 2022, who was the captain of team Morocco?

Romain Saiss

77. What is the ankle tattoo David Bowie has?

A Lizard

78. What liquor, ice, and orange juice make up a screwdriver cocktail?


79. Who is the music director who created the scores for The Lion King, Inception, and Pirates of the Caribbean?

Hanz Zimmer

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80. What age is the meat from a sheep considered to be mutton?

Two years

81. The most Olympic games have been held in which continent?


82. “Every now and then I get a little bit nervous that the best of all the years have gone by.” Which 1983 hit’s lyrics are seen here?

Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

83. How old is the “planet” Pluto?

It’s not even a year old yet.

84. Which Seth Rogan movie from 2014 prompted the North Korean regime to threaten military action against the US?

The Interview

85. All events of which tournament prior to 2008 were 16-team events?

FIFA Futsal World Cup

86. Which animals’ tiny intestines are utilized in the production of the Spanish guitar’s gut strings?


87. Which of the four gospels was penned by a physician who was one of the first 12 disciples of Christ?


88. What animals are assisted in crossing highways in Germany?


89. What was the title of Michael Jackson’s first number-one single in the UK?

One Day in Your Life

90. Who played the first Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies?

Richard Harris

91. What other species, if any, will adopt its young?


92. What number may be seen on Heinz goods in relation to their varieties?


93. Which mammal has the tongue that is reputed to be the longest?

The giant anteater

94. Who is the musician behind the album “Beautiful Trauma”?


95. What does the French term Pret a Manger imply in English?

Ready to eat

96. Which Catastrophe actor plays Peter in the sequel to Deadpool?

Rob Delaney

97. What number of teeth does an aardvark possess?


98. How many members of the UN Security Council are permanent?

Five: China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States

99. In 1969, Shawn Corey Carter, which American rapper was born in New York City?


100. What toxin is found in Apple seeds from the giant anteater?


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