50 Fun Family Trivia with Answers General Knowledge Quiz

Fun family trivia with answers to a general knowledge quiz in English is well equipped to prepare you how to learn new things. A solid foundation of general knowledge will aid in the development of your child’s self-identity. A learner will be more resourceful the more information he has with fun family trivia with answers.

A learner will gain self-assurance as a result of this. During the first five to ten years of life, a child’s basic identity is formed fun family trivia with answers. Much of it is determined by the types of life skills and general information that a learner is gaining. As a result, your child will grow into a more confident, pleasant, and outgoing person with fun family trivia with answers.

In today’s environment, there is a strong focus on extracurricular activities. Various competitions, such as general knowledge quizzes and olympiads, have grown in popularity by dint of fun family trivia with answers. These olympiads put any learner’s knowledge and abilities to the test. A learner can excel in such tournaments with a few practice exams on the basis of fun family trivia with answers.

Exposure and experience with various pieces of general information, on the other hand, add actual value to learning. A question on Republic Day on a practice test, for example, may help a learner remember the date, but the ultimate benefit is only if a learner knows what it means to be a republic. This exposure comes from learning outside of the classroom or anywhere with fun family trivia with answers.

Fun family trivia with answers

1. Atlantic Toy brand is from which country?


2. Among 12, what was the second labor of Hercules?

Slay the nine-headed Lernaean Hydra

3. Hauts-de-France is a what is France?


4. What is Horology

the study of the measurement of time. Clocks, watches, clockwork, sundials, hourglasses, clepsydras, timers, time recorders, marine chronometers, and atomic clocks are all examples of instruments used to measure time

5. What are Blur Crow, Brimstone, Owl, and Ringlet types of?


6. Gifu umbrellas were originated in which country?


7. Baume watch brand is from which county?


8. What type of plain is formed when the lower oceanic crust is melted and forced upwards by the asthenosphere layer of the upper mantle?

The abyssal plain

9. What is Andong jjimdak?

a chicken dish

10. The liquor Curacao is flavored with what?


11. Swiss Science Center Technorama is located in which city?


12. Which country uses a single time zone, denoted as Central European Time (CET: UTC+01:00)?


13. Which old Assamese text mentions popular dishes include duck with white gourd, duck with laixak, and duck with the bamboo shoot?

Kamarupa Yatra

14. What is the other name of The Basel Paper Mill in Switzerland?

Swiss Museum for Paper, Writing and Printing in Basel

15. In French legend who is the lover of Abelard?


16. Banfield football club is located in which country?


17. International Museum of Horology is located in which country?


18. SC Abbeville football club is located in which country?


19. World production of raspberries in 2019 was 822,493 tonnes, led by which country with approximately 21% of the total?


20. If a male ass is a Jackass what is a female called?


21. Thüringer ae sausages that taste like a spicy version of the German bratwurst, Officially grill sausages in which country?


22. Which region in Canada comprises a temperate broadleaf and mixed forest ecoregion?

Acadian Forest Region

23. Agulhas Bank (Agulhas Basin) is a part of which ocean?

South Atlantic Ocean

24. Encircling it to the north, east, and west is the inner ward, The innermost ward of the Tower of London was built during which King’s reign?

Richard I (1189–1199)

25. What are Luster, Moreen, Mungo, and Nankeen types of?

Material or fabric

26. Historical city-states Athens, Sparta, Thebes, and Corinth were under which civilization?

Ancient Greece

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Corinth, Greece

27. Abbeville commune is located in which country?


28. Alboran Sea is located in which ocean/ sea?

Mediterranean Sea

29. What is the scientific name of Asian raspberry?

Rubus crataegifolius

30. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm what type of animal was Muriel?

The Goat

31. Which forest region in Canada is located between Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie in southwestern Ontario?

Deciduous Forest Region

32. Musée Bolo Science museum is located in which country?


33. What is the name of the Brazilian National Forest in Rio Grande do Norte as the Caatinga biome developed in 2001 on 225 hectares of land?


34. What is the plant type on African nightshade?

Leafy vegetable and herb

35. In London what links Lambeth, St James, and Westminster?

All Palaces

36. In which country is the public health unit Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Surveillance System located?


37. Somme department is located in which country?


38. House of a Hen/Chicken is called what?


39. José María Minella stadium is located in which country?


40. Bond, Cotton Fabric and Tablet are types of what?


41. CSX Transportation (CSXT) is a what type of railroad in USA and Canada?


42. Balete tree is available in which country?

The Philippines

43. Alexandria and Fredericksburg Railway is now Defunct, once operated in which US city?

Washington, D.C.

44. San Miguel de Tucumán city is located in which country?


45. What job links Paul Clifford, Claude Duval, Captain, Macheath?


46. What is Rubus occidentalis?

Black raspberry

47. What is the length of the United States numbered Highway US 3 (Route 2A/Route 3 in Boston, MA – Canadian border at Pittsburg, NH)?

273 miles

48. What is Kahoot!?

a game-based learning platform that brings engagement and fun to 1+ billion players every year at school, at work, and at home

49. Anna J. Cooper Circle – the intersection of 3rd and T Streets in LeDroit Park is located in which city?

Washington, D.C.

50. Whose cases were Empty House Copper Beeches Black Peter?

Sherlock Holmes

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