50 Fun Family Quiz Questions and Answers Hard English Printable

Let’s solve the fun family quiz questions and answers hard English printable! Knowledge serves as a catalyst for action. Knowledge just becomes more knowledge if no action is taken. What influence are you having if you are gathering information only for the purpose of knowing it? Reading a book may provide you with a lot of information and help you broaden your horizons. It’s time to enjoy the fun family quiz questions and answers in hard English printable.

You can learn how to construct a house, but what value is that information if you never build one or assist someone else build one? When knowledge is put into practice, it becomes wisdom. The pursuit of knowledge for the sake of knowing is vanity. Is money that is saved but never spent considered significant wealth? Explore the fun family quiz questions and answers in hard English printable.

The Toronto Maple Leafs beat the St. Louis Eagles 4-3 in 1934 to set an NHL record for the most victories to begin a season with eight; 59 years later, the Leafs achieve it again, winning 10 in a row to begin the 1993-94 season. Grab the fun family quiz questions and answers hard English printable.

Raiders tight end Dave Casper (“The Ghost”) snags a 42-yard reception in 1977’s “Ghost to the Post” to set up the Raiders’ tying field goal towards the end of regulation (Raiders win in OT). Solve the fun family quiz questions and answers hard English printable.

In 1900, the French Chamber of Deputies and Senate passed a measure prohibiting agitation or prosecution of people engaged in the Dreyfus controversy, which had split France since 1894.

With a 3-0 win over the New York Americans in 1938, Boston Bruins rookie goalkeeper Frankie Brimsek scores his third straight shutout, giving him an unprecedented six shutouts in his first eight NHL games. Find below the fun family quiz questions and answers hard English printable.

Fun Family Quiz Questions and Answers Hard English Printable

1. In 1690, which English astronomer observed Uranus without realizing it’s undiscovered?

John Flamsteed

2. If you want to record music from the Astoria Studio – where do you go in London, England?

Richmond upon Thames

3. What is the Harry Potter character Quirinus Quirrell?

a Hogwarts Professor

4. Who wrote the fiction, Persepolis (2000)?

Marjane Satrapi

5. USSR & China resume diplomatic relations in which year?


6. Who said, “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see”?

Sir Winston Churchill

7. What is the slogan of the PBP/Solidarity party in the Republic of Ireland?

Pobal Roimh Bhrabús/Dlúthphartíocht

8. Very sorry —>?


9. What Walt Disney Picture film was released on June 20, 1941?

The Reluctant Dragon

10. What is a rich and round sweet roll that has a lump of sugar baked in the bottom and more crushed sugar sprinkled on top after baking?

Bath bun

11. Pass out =?

To become unconscious

12. Djemaa el Fna city square is located in which country?

Morocco (Marrakech)

13. NBC & RCA sends 1st mobile-TV vans onto the streets of NY in which year?


14. What is Boobies?


15. In which year, Medina surrenders to Saudi forces led by Sultan Abdulaziz Ibn Saud?


16. What is the scientific name of the flower Orchid?


17. Jewish insurgency in Mandatory Palestine began in which year?


18. Take up =?

to absorb

19. What is faciodigitogenital syndrome?

A rare disease

20. In 1928, Robert Nichols and Maurice Browne’s play “Wings over Europe” premieres in which city?

New York

21. Quaoar (50000 Quaoar), provisional designation 2002 LM60, is a what in the Kuiper belt, a region of icy planetesimals beyond Neptune?

Dwarf planet

22. In 1937, National Football League Championship, Wrigley Field, Chicago: Washington Redskins beat Chicago Bears by what score?


23. Which is the world’s smallest flower?

Watermeal (Wolffia spp.)

24. Bruce Douglas Cockburn is a which country’s singer-songwriter and guitarist, song styles range from folk to jazz?


25. 1938 NFL Draft: Corbett Davis from which university first pick by Cleveland Rams?

University of Indiana

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University of Indiana NFL

26. Who has the world record in canoeing, Men Kayak in 1000m, K2, 3:04.940, 2018, Belgrade, Serbia?

Marko Tomićević, Milenko Zorić (Serbia)

27. In 1939, which ship capsizes in a blizzard off Japanese coast; 750 die?

Russ Indigirka

28. What is Alpen, by Weetabix Limited?

A breakfast cereal

29. Which flower is mainly native to Southern Asia and Queensland?


30. Japanese aircraft shell & sink US gunboat Panay on Yangtze River in China in which year; Japan apologized & eventually paid US $2.2M in reparations?


31. Directed by Julián Soler, what was a popular Western film in 1960?

Calibre 44

32. In which year, British troops conquer Sidi el-Barrani?


33. What occurred with the Moon on 1999 January 31?

A lunar eclipse

34. Who is a Canadian guitarist, singer, composer, record producer, and photographer, has sold between 75 and 100 million records and singles?

Bryan Guy Adams

35. In which year, Baseball Rules Committee greatly revises the rule book, the ball bouncing into stands, not an HR, now a double?


36. What is the architectural style of the Biltmore Estate, the largest house in the United States?


37. What is the suitable bra for bare-shoulder outer garments like a backless evening gown that exposes the back?


38. In 1941, European reservists on which city was mobilized?


39. Who sings the song “Patiently Waiting” dedicated to the September 11 attacks?

50 Cent

40. In 1932, S N Behrman’s which musical was premiered in NYC?


41. What is the scientific name of the flower Tulip?


42. In 1941, the Soviet 20th army recaptured which city?


43. Which ramen soup is made by frying pork, seafood, and vegetables with lard in Japan?


44. What is the name of the Polish dish, cold soup made of soured milk, young beet leaves, beets, cucumbers and chopped fresh dill?


45. In which year, German occupying army do a house search in Paris looking for Jews?


46. Modal Verb “MUST” refers to what?

Obligation, firm necessity, logic, conclusion, probability

47. German offensive in South Western Stalingrad in which year?


48. 1p36 deletion syndrome is a what type of disorder?


49. Aerolíneas Argentinas, a State-owned airline Headquartered in Buenos Aires was founded in which year?


50. In which year, Start of the 1st Australia v West Indies Test (at Adelaide)?


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