50 Easy Pub Quiz Questions and Answers General Knowledge Printable

Great to see you have come across the easy pub quiz questions and answers general knowledge printable! An easy pub quiz questions and answers general knowledge printable is the level of intelligence that recognizes whether a particular point of view is wholesome or unwholesome, whether a particular piece of knowledge is useful, whether a particular practice is beneficial, whether a particular act is appropriate, whether a particular word is appropriate, and whether a particular idea is wise. Humans and animals are distinguished by their wisdom. Explore the easy pub quiz questions and answers general knowledge printable.

Intelligence is concerned with the use of knowledge. Knowledge is the knowledge that has been stored in the mind and is recalled when new thoughts are needed. The capacity to link information (connect the dots) is an intellectual task that may be trained into a talent (skill set). Enjoy the easy pub quiz questions and answers general knowledge printable.

GE and Caterpillar mostly manufacture freight locomotives that cost $2 million and higher, but they are keen to get into the passenger business, where they will compete with companies like Siemens AG SIEGY 1.02 percent of Germany and Bombardier. Union Pacific Corporation is a railroad company based in the United States. Have fun with easy pub quiz questions and answers general knowledge printable

Grab the easy pub quiz questions and answers general knowledge printable. Siemens, located in California, will offer technical assistance and maintenance to Amtrak for the next 20 years after the first train set is delivered. Amtrak is also planning to replace its Acela fleet with 28 high-speed train sets from Alstom, a French company.

Share the easy pub quiz questions and answers general knowledge printable. By 1906, the railways employed nearly 13,000 Japanese immigrants. Many quit their railroad employment to work in other crafts, such as farming or saved enough money to start their own enterprises once they had established themselves in their new locations.

Easy Pub Quiz Questions and Answers General Knowledge Printable

1. What is cattery?

a Cat’s home

2. Arab Revolt in Palestine ended in which year?


3. Take up =?

to pick up for use

4. What was the name of the television reunion film aired in 1978 on ABC?

The New Maverick

5. In which year, 2 robbers wearing police uniforms rob armored truck of $3 M in NJ?


6. Name a country, where political parties are banned?

Saudi Arabia

7. What is a type of steamed, filled bun or bread-like item made with baker’s yeast in various Chinese cuisines?


8. In 2001, who attempted to destroy a passenger airliner by igniting explosives hidden in his shoes aboard American Airlines Flight 63?

Richard Reid

9. What is a trans-Neptunian dwarf planet with a large moon, Vanth, which has a diameter of 910 km (570 mi)?


10. In 1986, India score 7-676 v which team at Kanpur in Cricket?

Sri Lanka

11. What is Alpen No Sugar, by Weetabix Limited?

A breakfast cereal

12. Merck baldness pill for men approved by FDA in which year?


13. Biltmore Estate, the largest house in the United States was completed in which year?


14. What is AAS?

A rare disease

15. In 1985, “Wind in the Willows” was closed at which theatre in NYC after 4 performances?

Nederlander Theater

16. Blue Rodeo is a Canadian country rock band formed in 1984 in which city in Ontario?


17. Get over =?

To overcome a difficulty

18. What is the name of the Polish dish, duck blood soup?


19. Grand Parade is located in which country?

South Africa (Cape Town)

20. STS 51-L vehicle moves to Launch Pad 39B in which year?


21. Mexico Square is located in which African country?

Ethiopia (Addis Ababa)

22. In 1997, MTV removes music video for Prodigy’s which song from broadcast rotation?

“Smack My Bitch Up”

23. 1q21.1 deletion syndrome is a what type of disorder?


24. What is the ramen soup in many cities in Hokkaido that have their own versions of ramen, and Sapporo ramen is known throughout Japan?

Hokkaido ramen

25. In which year, Indiana Pacers win, 133-132 in Denver to end a 28 NBA game losing streak on the road?


26. Modal Verb “SHALL” refers to what?

Intention, supposition

27. In 2003, A magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits near which city in California?

San Simeon

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San Simeon Castle

28. What is a sweet bun containing sultanas and usually topped with fondant icing and half a glace cherry?

Belgian bun

29. What is Quetzals?


30. In 1988, which country signed an accord granting independence to South West Africa?

South Africa

31. Which fish sauce in the Philippines is made by salting and fermenting the bonnet mouth fish?

Bagoóng terong

32. In 1995, who signed a $19.5 million 3 year contract with NY Yankees?

David Cone

33. Who has an 11-inch wand in Harry Potter?


34. What Walt Disney Picture film was released on August 13, 1942?


35. In 1982, William Mastrosimone’s play “Extremities” was premiered in which city?

New York

36. Who said, “Never hold discussions with the monkey when the organ grinder is in the room”?

Sir Winston Churchill

37. Who wrote the fiction, Pastoralia (2000)?

George Saunders

38. What is the Harry Potter character Sybill Trelawney?

a Hogwarts Professor

39. Alto Palermo S.A., a real estate holding & development company is Headquartered in which city?

Buenos Aires

40. In 1997, who was awarded $4 million in Melrose Place breach of contract?

Hunter Tylo

41. Very smooth —>?


42. If you want to record music from the Blackwing Studios – where do you go in England?


43. In which year, Steelers’ Kordell Stewart runs quarterback record 80 yds for TD?


44. What is the largest city of the Mexican state, Chihuahua?

Ciudad Juárez

45. In 1981, which Argentine general swore in as president?

Leopoldo Galtieri

46. As of January 3, 2019, how many proposals to amend the US Constitution have been introduced in Congress since 1789?

Approximately 11,770

47. What is the slogan of the Social Democrats party in the Republic of Ireland?

Na Daonlathaigh Shóisialta, The Social Democrats

48. In which year, Zimbabwe & England draw Bulawayo Test Cricket with England needing 1 run to win?


49. Anthrax is an infectious disease caused by which bacterium?

Bacillus anthracis

50. In which year, Tug hits oil barge, spreads 231,000 gals on 300 mi of WA & BC coast?


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