100 Common Quiz Questions and Answers GK Knowledge Trivia

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Reading is the most important tool for learning. You may extract knowledge and information from a variety of reading sources, including books, PDFs, blogs, common quiz questions and answers, and articles. To improve your reading skills, check for credible sources in the associated skill domain that your mentor recommends, or just search for spearheads in the field to see what they have to say with common quiz questions and answers.

Reading is a sure-fire method to broaden your horizons with common quiz questions and answers. It helps to raise knowledge about a variety of topics, which expands one’s cognitive ability significantly. Simply expressed, areas of knowledge refer to the many branches or disciplines of knowledge. Arts, history, natural sciences, ethics, human sciences, and mathematics are among them with common quiz questions and answers.

Common quiz questions and answers

1. Gilbert Abbott à Beckett (1811–1856) was a humorist from which country?


2. İnce cape, Turkey is located in which sea?

Black Sea

3. Built in 1990, what is Wind Surf?

Cruise ship

4. What is the average elevation of Algeria?

800 m (2,625 ft)

5. In what game is “love” a score?


6. Canadian Basketball League is played in which Canadian province?


7. İnce cape is located in which country?


8. Seville Cathedral is located in which country?


9. What was a multi-cultural British experimental pop band active during the mid-1990s?


10. What cartoon character’s catchphrase was “Exit stage left”?


11. ALFA Combat pistol is invented in which country in 1980?


12. What is Gray teal?

a dabbling duck, Anas gracilis

13. Camps Bay suburb is located in which city in South Africa?

Cape Town

14. Giovanni Agostino da Lodi was a what by profession in 15th-century Italy?


15. What sport is a lot like softball?


16. Chocomel is a chocolate drink in which country?


17. Cathedral of St. John the Divine is founded in which US city?

New York

18. The Gare d’Orsay, the modern-day Musée d’Orsay, is built in Paris by whom?

Victor Laloux

19. Arby’s restaurant chain is located in which country?


20. Who owned and lived in the castle Joyous Guard?


21. What do Ledger or leger lines mean in music?

additional lines (and the spaces they form) indicate pitches above or below the staff

22. Cheb is a drama film in which country?


23. Sea of Time (1988) is an unpublished novel written by whom?

Allen Appel

24. Zapolyarnoye is a what in Russia?

Natural gas field

25. In Greek mythology who was the son of Hypnos God of sleep?

Morphious – God of dreams

26. call an audible – the idiom is used in which sport?

American football: To improvise; often in the spur of the moment

27. What is the largest pizza chain in Australia?

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises

28. What is the sport in which horses and foxhounds jump over fences and other obstacles?

Fox hunting

29. What is Pandanus tectorius?

Screwpine, grows in the coastal lowlands typically near the edge of the ocean. Common names in English include thatch screwpine, Tahitian screwpine

30. In meters, how big is an Olympic-sized swimming pool?

50 meters long and 25 meters wide

31. AMT Automag V is a what in the USA?


32. Who played the role of Oz in Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

Seth Green

33. The Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower at the University of Birmingham, England, is completed in which year?


34. Black Guardian is a popular villain role in which British science fiction television series?

Doctor Who

35. Deacon is a church official from Greek what’s it literally mean?


36. Who is the artist of a popular country song – Don’t We All Have the Right?

Roger Miller

37. Meet the Press, one of the longest-running TV shows is telecasted on which channel?


38. What is Parkour?

Urban jumping and climbing

39. What is the highest point of Westmorland county in England?


40. What does NBA stand for?

National Basketball Association

41. In the Time 100 (often stylized as TIME 100), an annual listicle of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine, who appeared 6 times as of 2021?

Pope Francis, Vladimir Putin, and Donald Trump

42. Oodaaq or Oodap Qeqertaa is a bank of gravel and silt northeast of which country?


43. Moel Sych is the highest point of which county in Wales?


44. Which city in China has an elevation of 122 m?


45. In the USA a police 10-31 is the code for what?

Crime in progress

46. Giovanni Alberghetti was a what by profession in 15th-century Italy?


47. What is the name of the first color film in France?

Vie et Passion du Christ (1903)

48. What is Rémoulade?

a European cold sauce based on mayonnaise

49. Mohammad Ruhul Amin is a National Hero, Bir Sreshtho in which country?


50. In Georgia it’s illegal to do what with a fork?

Eat fried chicken

51. The southernmost point on Earth and the southernmost point on land is what?

the Geographic South Pole, which is on the continent of Antarctica

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Geographic South Pole

52. What is Ey Iran?

Iranian nationalist song

53. What is a seasoning mix of celery salt, black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, and paprika originally created in Baltimore?

Old Bay Seasoning

54. Which basil is another large-leaf variety, stronger flavor than sweet Genovese?

Mammoth basil

55. In motor racing, what color is the flag they wave to indicate the winner?

Checkered flag

56. tepary bean was a what type of ancient American crop?


57. What is an ice cream flavor with bright blue coloring, available in the Upper Midwest of the United States?

Blue moon

58. What is a tragic novel written by Aphra Behn and published posthumously in 1688?

Agnes de Castro; or, The Force of Generous Love

59. What is a rosy grizzled skipper in Algeria?

a butterfly, Pyrgus onopordi

60. Longacre square is now better known as what?

Times Square – NY

61. What is Kashk?

Kashk or qurut is a range of dairy products used in cuisines of Iranian, Afghan, Pakistani, Turkish, Kurdish, Mongolian, Central Asian

62. As of 2013, what is the third-ranked country by milk consumption per capita?

Netherlands, 341.47 kg/capita/year

63. What was the second film to be directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1926?

The Mountain Eagle

64. Eagle Boys pizza restaurant is from which city?


65. In animal terms what is a dude?

A camels penis

66. What is a type of pottery in which frit is added to clay to reduce its fusion temperature?

Fritware, also known as stone-paste

67. Where is the home of the Anari cheese?


68. What is the traditional Christmas Eve dinner in Lithuania, held on the twenty-fourth of December?


69. Yankees is a New York City-based club for which sport?


70. Thames water removes a ton of it monthly from sewage — what?

Pubic Hair — system can’t handle it

71. “The Ballad of Davy Crockett” is a popular song from which 1955 film?

Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier

72. Copa Truck is a professional league for which sport?

Auto racing

73. Drogheda MacBride is a what in Drogheda, Ireland, named after John MacBride?

Railway station

74. Which country is named after Emperor Qin of the Qin Dynasty?


75. How many holes are played in an average round of golf?


76. Which Japanese entrepreneur from Toyama donated the Yasuda Auditorium to the University of Tokyo?

Yasuda Zenjiro

77. Which island in Greece is named after Saint George?

Agios Georgios

78. Who celebrated the ruby jubilee, which marked the 40th anniversary in 1888?

Franz Joseph I Emperor of Austria & King of Hungary

79. Who was James Cruze?

a silent film actor and film director

80. In which US state is its highest mountain?

Alaska – Mount McKinley

81. Built in 1440, what is a historical funerary complex of a mosque and madrasa located in Cairo, Egypt?

The Funerary Complex of Amir Taghribirdi or Mosque and Madrasa of Taghribirdi

82. Yamburg natural gas field is located in which country?


83. Built in 1338, the Archaeological site of Tlatelolco is located in which country?


84. OPEC has since 1965 been headquartered in which city?


85. What color are the goalposts in football?


86. Cadillac Fairview real estate company is located in which country?


87. What is the origin of the Tar musical instrument?


88. Blenheim Palace landscape garden is located in which county in the UK?


89. Amy’s Ice Creams chain serves in which city?

Texas (HQ Austin)

90. Which European city has the tomb of the three wise men?


91. Mole Antonelliana landmark is located in which city in Italy?


92. How much does a Galapagos turtle live?

More than 100 years

93. David Eccles Conference Center is located in which city in Utah, United States?


94. Which railway station in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan is named after Asano Soichiro?


95. What sport takes place over a distance of 440 yards?

Drag Racing

96. Baths of Chapultepec was built in which century in Mexico?

14th century

97. Lincoln Cathedral in the UK was completed in which year?


98. What is the fiction genre of That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis?

Wainscot (fiction)/ Masquerade (trope)

99. Which famous public library serves Boston, Massachusetts?

Boston Public Library

100. How long is a marathon?

26.2 miles

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