50 Awesome Trivia Questions and Answers General Knowledge

Awesome trivia questions and answers general knowledge quiz is full of fun and learning. A learner’s mental talents will grow as a result of the knowledge he or she obtains and the learning he or she receives with some awesome trivia questions and answers. This has a direct impact on how (s)he does in the quiz blog, as well as in personal and professional life in the future. We desire the best for our lives as lifelong learners with awesome trivia questions and answers.

We devote all of our energy and attention to doing what is necessary for success. It’s critical to understand what general knowledge entails for a student and how it benefits them with awesome trivia questions and answers. All of a learner’s knowledge and life skills will contribute to their confidence and abilities. The topic of general knowledge that aids in a learner’s holistic development is actually rather vast in the form of awesome trivia questions and answers.

It may be used to discuss a wide range of issues. In basic terms, general knowledge is the ability to understand a wide range of things. Many parents face difficulties such as: What topics should we address dependent on the learner’s age, and level of information for each topic picked from awesome trivia questions and answers.

Strategies to reinforce the learning so that the child remembers the maximum amount of knowledge feasible ways to simplify the content and teach the youngster in an appealing manner need to take these awesome trivia questions and answers. A learner is like a sponge, eager to soak in all of the information given to them. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure your child is learning the correct things and heading on the proper path for the awesome trivia questions and answers.

Awesome trivia questions and answers

1. “Bahdja Bida”, a song about Algiers city is sung by whom?

Dahmane El Harrachi

2. Butrint is a World Heritage Site in which country?

Vlorë, Albania

3. Corowa Courthouse is a historic landmark Courthouse in an Australian State?

New South Wales

4. What is the most visited palace and monument in Vatican City?

St. Peter’s Basilica

5. London links Prince Edward’s, Prince of Wales, Her Majesty’s?


6. What is the common name of the Alnus incana tree?

Speckled Alder

7. Movable type was invented in which year?


8. Centrifugal is an industrial manufacturing process of what?


9. What was the name of the first satellite ejected into orbit as a secondary launch payload launched on December 12, 1961?


10. Dandie Dinmont, Bedlington, Sealyham are what types of dogs?


11. Founded in 578, what is the name of the construction company currently located in Japan?

Kongō Gumi

12. First law is written in cuneiform by whom in 2350 BC?


13. As of 2019, what is the percentage of global internet users of the population 7.75 billion?


14. Iron Well fountain is a historic landmark in which country?


15. What is extracted from the ore cassiterite?


16. Arachnura higginsii, Scorpion-tailed spider is a common species of which country?


17. “No moles left in Irevan” is a song sung by Jabbar Garyaghdioglu dedicated to which city?

Yerevan, Armenia

18. The oldest Avestan manuscripts date from which century?

13th century AD

19. What is any ritual that involves the intentional release of blood?

A blood ritual

20. Which country borders Russia Sweden and Norway?


21. Jeanneke Pis fountain is a historic landmark in which country?


22. What was the name of the first artificial satellite launched by the UK, on 26 April 1962 from Cape Canaveral, United States?

Ariel 1

23. Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah Hall is a residential hall under which university in Bangladesh?

University of Dhaka

24. In 1438-1440, who completes his series of sculptures for the Cathedral of Prato?


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Sculptures for the Cathedral of Prato

25. In what country would you be rich in Leu?

Rumanian currency

26. What is Austracantha minax, a common spider species of Australia?

Christmas Jewel Spider

27. What is a neologistic portmanteau of barn and condominium with multiple meanings?


28. Who was Jacopo d’Avanzi?

a Quattrocento painter

29. What are Appalachian Stakes?

a horserace

30. What type of creature is an Orb Weaver?


31. What is Beurre monté?

a butter dish

32. What is Pagne?

a folk costume in some African countries

33. “The Tip” is one of the Season 2 episode titles of which HBO television drama?


34. What is the national fruit of Bangladesh?

Jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus)

35. Cosmetics brand Bain de Soleil is from which country?


36. Which road in London is named after Archibald Kennedy, 1st Marquess of Ailsa?

Ailsa Road and Ailsa Avenue (Borough, Richmond upon Thames)

37. A24 is a television network in which country?

Åland Islands

38. Buttered rice is popular in which cuisine?


39. Capsicum cultivar Aleppo is originated in which country?

Syria and Turkey

40. Whose autobiography was called Tall Dark and Gruesome?

Christopher Lee

41. Bedfordshire clanger pie was originated in which country?

United Kingdom (England)

42. Gegenes pumilio is a native butterfly in which country?


43. What is Alligator pepper, and hepper pepper?

a culinary herb and spice in West Africa

44. Which country has its national fruit Banana (Musa acuminata, Musa balbisiana, or Musa paradisiaca)?

The central African Republic

45. What was the name of the world’s first combat submersible submarine?


46. A tasty dairy product Bhuna khoya is originated in which country?


47. What is a Somali soup that is sometimes prepared using pumpkin?


48. Manshiya, Berkleley is a popular shopping street/ location in which city?

Alexandria, Egypt

49. What is Blood compact (disambiguation)?

A ritual

50. In publishing what is the verso?

Left page – Recto right page

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