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Fun quiz questions and answers printable in English online trivia collection is good for learning with fun. General knowledge is essential for growth and success in today’s environment. For today’s generation, there are several options for learning fun quiz questions and answers. The idea is to learn and expand your knowledge in many areas.

It is critical for kids to learn outside of the classroom. Going outside the classroom may help students flourish in a variety of areas with fun quiz questions and answers. The success of a learner is determined by how much he or she absorbs from their surroundings for fun quiz questions and answers.

It’s as easy as that; events that we refer to as general knowledge directly or indirectly affect our day-to-day business operations, and these events have an influence on our professional job as well as fun quiz questions and answers. As a result, it is critical to be aware of general issues.  It’s critical to be aware of what’s going on around you.

It also expands the scope of knowledge and material. Once a person has adequate information, he or she will not be duped by fake news and will be able to raise awareness about the subject with fun quiz questions and answers. GK transforms you into a thinker. Even you gain the confidence to talk on that certain subject. You are capable of communicating complex ideas to others by dint of fun quiz questions and answers.

Fun quiz questions and answers

1. Nursery rhyme “As I was going by Charing Cross” was first recorded in which year in England?

17th century

2. What is the name of a public meal attached to many summer festivals and community events in the United States and Canada?

Pancake breakfast

3. Who was the host of the 9th primetime Emmy Awards ceremony for the year 1956, held at NBC Studios?

Desi Arnaz

4. Who received the Academy Award for Best Director 1929/30 for the film All Quiet on the Western Front?

Lewis Milestone

5. J G Galle discovered it in 1846 – discovered what?

The planet Neptune

6. Which American “Golden Age of Air Racing” pilot was the winner of the 1931 Thompson Trophy flying the Gee Bee Model Z?

Lowell Richard Bayles

7. What is Lasagna?


8. “Boskie Buenos” song is sung by Maanam dedicated to which city?

Buenos Aires, Argentina

9. Argiope trifasciata, Banded orb-weaving spider is a common species of which country?


10. Which writer created Tabitha Twitchet, Babbity Bumble, Mr. Tod?

Beatrix Potter

11. Muschampia proto is a native butterfly in which country?


12. What is the name of Capsicum cultivar frequently pickled and used as a sandwich filling; the piquancy isn’t very spicy, has a banana-like shape and hue?


13. Salimullah Muslim Hall is a residential hall under which university in Bangladesh?

University of Dhaka

14. What is Ben Ali Stakes?

a horserace

15. What links Bass, Messina, Hormuz, and Torres?

Straits of water

16. Commonhold is a system of property ownership in which countries?

England and Wales

17. Bread and butter pudding is popular in which cuisine?


18. Who wrote the novel “The Hero” in 1901?

W. Somerset Maugham

19. Which American aviator and barnstormer became famous and wealthy from flying exhibitions, staging aerial stunts, helping invent aerobatics, and setting aviation records?

Lincoln Beachey

20. Which poet wrote A thing of beauty is a joy forever in Endymion?


21. Who was Austin Clarke (1896–1974)?

Irish poet

22. What is SM-65B Atlas (1958–1959)?

a rocket of the United States

23. Which famous British actor eventually settled in Switzerland, where he remained for the rest of his life?

Charlie Chaplin

24. What is the national fruit of Colombia?

Borojó (Alibertia patinoi)

25. Name Shakespeare’s play Ariel, Miranda, and Prospero appear?

The Tempest

26. In which year, the first use of optical methods in the creation of art take place?


27. What is the fastest-growing form of housing in the world today?

Common-interest development (CID)

general knowledge quiz questions with answers easy general knowledge questions and answers easy trivia questions and answers general knowledge general knowledge funny trivia questions and answers printable
Common-interest development (CID), a form of housing

28. Eriophora pustulosa, a common spider species of Australia?

Garden orb-web spider

29. What is Anise (Pimpinella anisum)?

a culinary herb and spice

30. Xanthic, Fallow, and Aureate shades of which color?


31. Who was Gentile Bellini?

a Quattrocento painter

32. A tasty dairy product Blanda (Blanna) is originated in which country?

Halland, Västergötland, Bohuslän, Värmland, Västmanland, Middle and Upper Norrland in Sweden; Finland

33. Which country has its national fruit Olive (Olea)?


34. Which career officer in the United States Air Force was the bombardier on the crew flying the Boeing B-29 Superfortress Bockscar on August 9, 1945, that dropped the second atomic bomb?

Kermit K. Beahan

35. Brickbat, Pecorino, Mycella, and Tilsiter are all types of what?


36. Hadham Redware Romano-British pottery in 2nd to 4th centuries AD was originated in which location?


37. Dermot Bolger (born 1959) was a writer from which country?


38. What is the country of origin of Figaro’s Pizza chai?


39. Who was Donald Croom Beatty?

an American aviator, explorer, and inventor

40. What is the capital of Panama?


41. “Tizi Ouzou”, a song about Tizi Ouzou, Algeria is sung by whom?

Idir & Maxime Le Forestier

42. In radio and audio drama, who played Mycroft Holmes in Sherlock Holmes – “The Greek Interpreter” in 1960?

Keith Williams

43. What is a Scandinavian feast or banquet in the days before Christmas in December and partly November?


44. Who played the Fourth Doctor in the Robot episode in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who?

Tom Baker

45. Name both the Greek and Roman God of Prophecy and Plagues?


46. The 14th primetime Emmy Awards ceremony (1961–62) hosted by Bob Newhart was held at which venue?

Hollywood Palladium

47. Ferrazzuoli pasta was originated in which location?


48. W. Somerset Maugham wrote which novel in 1908?

The Magician

49. Which popular nursery rhyme was first recorded in England in 1912?

Billy Boy

50. What does a philologist study?


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