50 Random General Knowledge Trivia Questions for Teens

What are some of the interesting random general knowledge trivia questions quizzes for teens, and free online tests for learning? Alexander the Great, also known as Alexander III or Alexander of Macedonia, was the king of Macedonia from 336 to 323 BCE. He overthrew the Persian empire, transported Macedonian weapons to India, and established the Hellenistic world of territorial kingdoms. Explore random general knowledge trivia questions quizzes for teens Alexander the Great was born in Pella, Macedonia, in 356 BCE, northwest of Thessaloniki, Greece. He had been the topic of fantastic tales throughout his lifetime and afterward rose to the status of becoming the protagonist of a grand mythology that had only a passing relation to his actual professional life.

The son of Philip II and Olympias, he was born around 356 BCE in Pella in Macedonia (daughter of King Neoptolemus of Epirus). He was trained by Aristotle from the age of 13 to 16, who sparked his interest in philosophy, medicine, and scientific inquiry. Enjoy random general knowledge trivia questions quizzes for teens. , he would subsequently go beyond his teacher’s constricting belief that non-Greeks should be treated as slaves. When Philip attacked Byzantium in 340 and Alexander was left in command of Macedonia, he routed the Thracian Maedi.

Two years later, during the Battle of Chaeronea, in which Philip destroyed the combined Greek nations, he oversaw the left wing and showed bravery by destroying the Sacred Band of Thebes, an elite military unit made up of 150 lovers. Share random general knowledge trivia questions quizzes for teens Alexander and his mother escaped to Epirus following a fight during a feast to celebrate his father’s new marriage, and Alexander eventually moved to Illyria, a year after Philip divorced Olympias. Alexander returned soon after the father and son had made amends, but his status as the heir was in jeopardy.

However, after Philip’s murder in 336, Alexander, who had received the army’s support, won without a fight. Along with any potential competitors and the entirety of the group hostile to him, he immediately murdered the princes of Lyncestis who were thought to be responsible for Philip’s death. Solve random general knowledge trivia questions quizzes for teens. Following his march south, he restored a faltering Thessaly, and at a meeting of the Greek League in Corinth, he was named generalissimo for the upcoming invasion of Asia, which Philip had already planned and started.

He entered Thrace in the spring of 335, crossed the Danube to scatter the Getae after forcing the Shipka Pass and destroying the Triballi, and then headed west to fight and break a coalition of Illyrians who had invaded Macedonia. Discuss on random general knowledge trivia questions quizzes for teens At Delphi, the Pythian priestess had praised him as “invincible.” Demosthenes encouraged the Athenians to vote in support of Thebes, and in the meantime, a rumor of his death sparked a democratic uprising in Thebes.

Alexander traveled 240 miles by foot in 14 days from Pelion in Illyria—near modern Korç, Albania—to Thebes. When the Thebans refused to submit, he broke in and destroyed their city, sparing only the temples and Pindar’s home; 6,000 people perished, and those who survived were all sold into slaves. Compete for the random general knowledge trivia questions quizzes for teens. Alexander could afford to be indulgent with Athens since the other Greek states were intimidated by his severity. There were still Macedonian garrisons in Corinth, Chalcis, and the Cadmea (the citadel of Thebes). Below, you will find more random general knowledge trivia questions quizzes for teens!

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Random General Knowledge Trivia Questions for Teens

1. In the Australian Open women, which player has the record for most consecutive Three titles in 1974–1976?

Evonne Goolagong

2. Instep is located in which part of the human body?


3. Hanno (son of Hannibal) was one of the Carthaginian commanders of which war?

First Punic War

4. “Lot of” is a what type of determiner in English grammar?


5. In 1885, the beginning of the Battle of Nui Bop was a part of which war?

Sino-French War

6. What is Cortado?


7. In which year, Martial law declared in Honduras to stop the revolt by banana workers fired by United Fruit?


8. What is a bag carried on the shoulder by a long strap and closed by a flap, used especially for school books?


9. During the reign of King John (1166–1216), who was the 5th Earl of Surrey during 1202-1240?

William de Warenne

10. In 1888, the 1st wax drinking straw was patented, by whom in Washington, D.C.?

Marvin C Stone

11. Which Roman Emperor was awarded the victory title Persicus Maximus (“great victor over the Persians”) in 298?


12. March of Dimes was established to fight polio in which year?


13. What is a narrow strip of land with sea on either side, forming a link between two larger areas of land?


14. How many years make the Semisesquicentennial anniversary?

75 years

15. In 1889, which German philosopher suffers a mental breakdown after supposedly witnessing a horse flogging?

Friedrich Nietzsche

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16. What is the length of the Amazon river basin?

1,725 miles (2,780 km)

17. What is the hot, dry, offshore wind from the northeast in San Francisco bay?


18. In 1939, who becomes the 1st girl page in the US House of Representatives?

Gene Cox

19. Havanese is a breed name of which animal?


20. In 1890, 1st US college-level dairy school opens at which university?

University of Wisconsin

21. Name a word with vowels in order.


22. WPG-AM in Atlantic City NJ consolidates with WBIL & WOV as a “new” WOV in which year?


23. Ruacana Falls is located in which country?


24. Who created the famous fiction Under the Volcano in 1947?

Malcolm Lowry

25. In which year, 27-year-old William S Paley becomes CBS president?


26. What is the average gestation duration of a Porcupine?

210 days

27. In 1896, which emperor congratulates President Kruger on the Jameson Raid?

Emperor Wilhelm

28. What is an extensive group of islands?


29. Blackheath town is located in which country?


30. In which year did American National Collegiate Football Rules Committee announces a new rule permitting the free substitution of players?


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31. What is the study of viruses?


32. 1st known use of the word “automobile”, appears in an editorial in The New York Times in which year?


33. What do you say in the French idiom “not to break three legs at a duck”?

ne pas casser trois pattes à un canard – nothing to write home about

34. Soil analysis or ______ at an archaeological site can yield clues about the types of conditions that existed when the site was occupied.


35. American-British-Dutch-Australian (ABDA) Command was formed in which year?


36. What is a piece of land almost surrounded by water or projecting out into a body of water?


37. Roger Bacon (Great Britain) invented Magnifying Glass in which century?

13th Century

38. In which year, due to a bad pitch Australian batsman Reggie Duff held back to No. 10 on his Test debut v England at MCG; scored 104?


39. PC shortcut keys: Win + Z=?

[Show the commands available in the app]

40. In which year, did British miners strike for 8 hour working day?


41. What is the national emblem of Chad?

Goat (north); lion (south)

42. What do you say about “suggestion great physical exertion”?


43. Southern Pacific RR offers to bring Liberty Bell to the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco free in which year?


44. Evangelista Torricelli (Italian) invented Barometer in which year?


45. US postal savings bank inaugurated in which year?


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46. Who invented Printing Press in the 13th Century?

Roger Bacon (Great Britain)

47. The Russian Turkestan city of Almaty is destroyed by a magnitude 7.7 earthquake in which year?


48. “No” is a what type of determiner in English grammar?


49. Musselburgh Links became the third course to host which championship in 1874?

Open Championship

50. In which year, the Government of India announces that emigration to Natal, Southern Africa, is prohibited with effect from 1 July?


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