100 Random General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Questions

Do you like to solve some random general knowledge trivia questions easy printable quiz in English? Alexander had been focused on the Persian expedition since his accession. He was now open to the concept. In addition, he need Persia’s money to support the army Philip had erected and pay the 500 talents he owed. The successes of the Ten Thousand, brave Greek troops, and Agesilaus of Sparta in their victorious campaigns in Persian territory had shown the Persian empire’s frailty.

Alexander could expect to beat any Persian army with a strong cavalry force. He left Antipater, who had already faithfully served his father, as his deputy in Europe with more than 13,000 men as he crossed the Dardanelles in the spring of 334. Share some random general knowledge trivia questions easy printable quiz in English. He himself commanded roughly 30,000 feet and over 5,000 cavalries, of which nearly 14,000 were Macedonians and roughly 7,000 allies sent by the Greek League. This army would stand out for having a well-balanced selection of weapons. The light-armed Cretan and Macedonian archers, Thracians, and Agrianian javelin men were given a lot of work.

Although the cavalry served as the attacking force in pitched battle, the infantry phalanx, which numbered 9,000 soldiers and was outfitted with 13-foot spears and shields, as well as the 3,000 members of the royal battalions, the hypaspists, served as the backbone of the army in the event that the battle continued to be drawn out after the cavalry charge. Enjoy some random general knowledge trivia questions easy printable quiz in English. Parmenio, who had established himself in Asia Minor during Philip’s reign and who served as Alexander’s second in command, had several members of his family and followers in key posts. Surveyors, engineers, architects, scientists, court officials, and historians were there with the army; Alexander appears to have planned an endless operation from the start.

He initially faced his Persian army, headed by three satraps, at the Granicus (modern Kocabaş) River, close to the Sea of Marmara (May/June 334) after visiting Ilium (Troy), a sentimental act influenced by Homer. Alexander’s victory was complete when the Persian line collapsed, foiling their attempt to lure him across the river and kill him in the ensuing brawl. Solve some random general knowledge trivia questions easy printable quiz in English. The majority of Darius’ Greek mercenaries were killed, but 2,000 of them were taken back to Macedonia in chains. After this battle, the Macedonians had access to western Asia Minor, and most cities raced to open their gates.

In contrast to Macedonian policies in Greece, the tyrants were driven out and democracies were established. Discuss some random general knowledge trivia questions easy printable quiz in English. The sending of 300 panoplies (sets of armor) to Athens as a sacrifice dedicated to Athena by “Alexander son of Philip and the Greeks (save the Spartans) from the barbarians who occupy Asia” reinforced Alexander’s Panhellenic policy, which was already reflected by this. This formula is notable for leaving out any mention of Macedonia and was used by the Greek historian Arrian in his account of Alexander’s wars. It’s time to go through some random general knowledge trivia questions easy printable quiz in English.

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Random General Knowledge Trivia Quiz Questions

1. What is on the U.S. Supreme Court Building’s top floor?

A basketball court

2. In Redmond, Washington, what software business is the corporate headquarters?


3. In which year, did US marines return to Nicaragua?


4. When was the Dover Bronze Age Boat, the oldest known recovered plank vessel invented?

1575–1520 BC

5. Which mineral is abundant in spinach?


6. Which language has the largest vocabulary?

English and Russian

7. In 1924, Francis Poulenc’s which ballet was premiered in Monte Carlo?

“Les Biches”

8. Which country in South America has a total land area of 176,215 km²?


9. Which chemical has its atomic number 56?


10. Which English poet wrote the popular poem ‘Break, Break, Break’?

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

11. What was ever made to be the longest wedding veil?

the length by 63.5 football fields

12. Which New York rapper who was a grammy nominee passed away in April 2021?


13. In 1926, who opened the 1st comprehensive school in Holland?

Kees Boeke

14. Which NBA franchise did Michael Jordan play for the most in his career?

Chicago Bulls

15. Rolf Hettich (coach) from Germany was awarded the Paralympic Hall of Fame in which year?


16. Which organic substances, including their derivatives, are involved in a wide range of metabolic processes, including cellular respiration?


17. In 1925 who set an indoor record, 4:13.6 mile & 14:44.6 5,000m?

Paavo Nurmi

18. When was the Sahara desert region was wet and fertile?

50,000–30,000 years ago

19. Sack of Constantinople, a devastating fire occurred in which year?


20. Which sport would the Fosbury Flop be appropriate in?

High jumping

21. What is the Hydrus?

A crater constellation

22. In 2021, which Netflix program received the most streaming views?

Squid Game

23. In 1928, Pope Pius XI published which encyclical against oecumene?

Mortalium animos

24. Which island in Oceania has an area of is 35,145 square kilometers?

New Britain (Papua New Guinea)

25. What was the incident of Australian(s) died/being killed at Sinaloa, Mexico on 2015 Nov 20–21?

Two Australian surfers murdered

26. What is the name of the talking automobile that Michael Knight drives in “Knight Rider”?

K. I. T. T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand)

27. In 1913, Attempting to end hostilities in the Balkans, which conference breaks down?

London Peace Conference

28. What is the largest urban park in Brazil?

Pedra Branca State Park

29. As of Tokyo 2021, Which multiple Paralympic gold medalist from the United States has won 29 medals?

Jessica Long

30. Which province in South Africa has a land area of 94,361 km²?


31. Reinhild Moeller (Germany) is one of the multiple Paralympic gold medalists in which sports?

Alpine skiing, Athletics

32. Which movie featured Leonardo DiCaprio who won the Academy Award for Best Actor?

The Revenant

33. In 1929, who establishes a royal dictatorship in Yugoslavia?

Alexander I

34. False or True: Halloween has its roots in an old Irish celebration.


35. Ragnhild Myklebust (Norway) is one of the multiple Paralympic gold medalists in which sports?

Biathlon, Cross-country skiing, Ice sled racing

36. Which chemical has its symbol La?


37. In 1925, who replaces Leon Trotsky as People’s Commissioner of Military and Native Affairs (Minister of Defence)?

Mikhail Frunze

38. In which made-up city does Batman reside?

Gotham City

39. How much did someone previously spend to purchase intangible art?


40. Whose songs “Firework” and “I Kissed a Girl” were successful?

Katy Perry

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41. Which empire had a size of 11.5 million square kilometers?

Second French colonial empire

42. When were the Austronesians develop the fore-and-aft crab claw sail from an earlier V-shaped square sail?

About 1500 BC

43. In 1929, who arrives in Calcutta to begin her work amongst India’s poorest?

Mother Teresa

44. When was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No. 18 composed?

1772 Salzburg

45. Who is renowned for using elephants to travel across the Alps to battle the Romans?


46. Which planet of our solar system moves around the sun at a speed of 10.83 km/h?


47. In 1925, who forms a cabinet composed entirely of Fascists in Italy?


48. When was the oldest known figurative art the zoomorphic Löwenmensch figurine found?

40,000 years ago

49. What is a multicellular organism’s highly controlled kind of programmed cell death?


50. 1st diesel engine automobile trip (in a Packard sedan) was completed in which year?


51. Which Disney movie features Snow Queen Elsa giving life to the snowman Olaf?


52. Bowling Green city is located in which USA state?


53. What song did Justin Bieber and Luis Fonsi collaborate on, which was released in 2017 and peaked at number one on the charts?


54. Where is the president’s House of Arizona State University located?

Tempe, Arizona

55. HD 217107 b is an exoplanet discovered in which year?


56. Who brought Olaf to life in the film Frozen?

Queen Elsa

57. Which year saw the release of Katy Perry’s first memorable single, “I Kissed a Girl”?


58. Did the courts rule that a “Jaffa Cake” was in fact a cake or a biscuit following a classification dispute in 1991 for VAT purposes?


59. What is Japan’s second largest island and comprises the largest and northernmost prefecture?


60. In the 2018 movie “A Star is Born,” which American artist plays the role of “Ally”?

Lady Gaga

61. What is an administration building, built in 1913 on the campus of Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas?

Ellis Hall

62. In Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, what was the name of the youngest dwarf?


63. Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse passed away at what age?


64. What is the Victoria sponge’s center made of?

Cream and jam

65. What rock group do James, Lars, Ron, and Dave make up?


66. Dodd College was a private junior college for women located in which city in Louisiana?


67. What footwear was first designed for males but is now primarily worn by women?


68. Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival is hosted in which country?


69. What is Miriamrothschildia gardineri?

An insect from the order Blattodea

70. What is the name of the dot above the letters I and j?


71. AH is the abbreviated form of which disease and disorder?

Acquired hemophilia

72. What is the middle name of Madonna?


73. More than 25% of Americans believe which fictitious figure is real?

Sherlock Holmes

74. Muhammad al-Baqir, fifth Imam of Twelver Shia Islam; supposedly died after being given a poisoned saddle in which year?


75. Pecorino cheese is made using what kind of animal milk?


76. Who is the father of Miley Cyrus?

Billy Ray Cyrus

77. How much money was made at the box office for the Christmas favorite Elf?

Approximately $200 million

78. Which state permits unicorn hunting?


79. Which Avril Lavigne song from 2003 did Paramount Pictures purchase the rights to produce a movie from, but it was never made?

Sk8r Boy

80. Who was the Australian of the Year Award recipient in 1972?

Shane Gould

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81. What pasta form is “farfalle”?

Bow tie or butterfly

82. Japan Revolutionary Communist League (Revolutionary Marxist Faction) (Trotskyist) was founded in which year?


83. Which 2017 Maroon 5 song featured Cardi B?

Girls like you

84. Who was Mickey Mouse’s sweetheart called?


85. Which Greek dip is created using yogurt that has been strained or thinned, along with cucumber, garlic, salt, olive oil, and occasionally vinegar, lemon juice, or herbs?


86. Tokyoites First Party (Tomin First no Kai) is one of the prefectural and local parties in which country?


87. What was the country’s first service uniform to be patented?

The Playboy Bunny work uniform.

88. What do the senior men’s national teams of the FIFA member associations compete in during an international futsal match?

The FIFA Futsal World Cup

89. What is covered in a half-hour training session for police officers?

Sit down

90. What activity do Americans engage in 22 times on average each day?

Open fridge

91. What is Zarceus fallaciosus?

An insect (Cricket)

92. What song’s lyrics are these? Is this really how life is?

Bohemian Rhapsody

93. How long is a year on Mercury?

88 days

94. AAA is the abbreviated form of which disease and disorder?

Abdominal aortic aneurysm

95. Who are Harry Potter’s parents’ names?

Lily and James

96. ABBA originated from which country?


97. What unit does the computer mouse’s speed have?


98. The National Diet in Japan is composed of a lower house, called what?

House of Representatives

99. If you have been given a Lachanophobia diagnosis, what meal do you fear?


100. What is the name of Adele’s next album, which she published in 2021 after the release of her most recent album, 25?


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