50 Amazing General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

What are some of the amazing quiz questions and answers to general knowledge for free online trivia? We will learn something about Genghis Khan, the great Mongolian ruler. Because they believed Höelün and her children lacked the strength to lead, the rest of the clan, led by the rival Taychiut family, abandoned Yesügei after he passed away, taking the chance to assume leadership in his place. The tiny family suffered from severe poverty for a while, subsisting on roots and fish rather than the typical nomad diet of mutton and mare’s milk. Explore the amazing quiz questions and answers to general knowledge Two stories demonstrate Temüjin’s precarious situation and, more importantly, the ability he already possessed to win over people just by being himself. He was once caught by the Taychiut, who kept him about their encampment wearing a wooden collar rather than murdering him.

Temüjin once saw that he was being carelessly guarded while they were dining, so he struck the sentry with his wooden collar and ran. One of the Taychiut, moved by the fire in his eyes, saw him during the Taychiut’s all-night hunt for him but chose not to report him and instead risked his own life to assist him in escaping. Dont escape from the amazing quiz questions and answers to general knowledge On another occasion, horse thieves struck and fled with eight of the little family’s nine horses. Temüjin went after them.

On the way, he stopped to inquire about the horses with a young stranger named Bo’orchu. Bo’orchu instantly stopped milking, gave Temüjin a new mount, and they headed off to assist find the missing animals. Search for more amazing quiz questions and answers to general knowledge While he declined any compensation, he willingly abandoned his own family and irreversibly committed himself to Temüjin as a nökör (free companion), acknowledging his power.

Despite being rejected by the royal Borjigin clan, Temüjin and his family still appear to enjoy a significant amount of status as members of it. He was able to claim several things, including the wife that Yesügei had promised to him moments before he passed away. Share the amazing quiz questions and answers to general knowledge printable trivia. However, the Merkit tribe of northern Mongolians harbored ill will toward Temüjin since Yesügei had taken Höelün, his own wife, from one of their men, and in retaliation, they had ravished Börte, Temüjin’s wife. Temüjin felt confident enough to ask Toghril, khan of the Kereit clan and the most powerful Mongol ruler at the time—with whom Yesügei had an anda, or sworn brother—for assistance in finding Börte.

In order to renew their relationship, he gave Toghril a sable skin that he too had gotten as a wedding gift. In exchange, Toghril pledged to bring Temüjin’s scattered people together, and it is reported that he kept his word by providing 20,000 soldiers and convincing Jamuka, a childhood friend of Temüjin, to provide an army as well. He appears to have had nothing more to give. Stick to the amazing quiz questions and answers to general knowledge. It is difficult to explain the disparity between Temüjin’s poverty and the massive army provided by his supporters, and there is no other authority than the narrative of the Secret History. Below, you will find more amazing quiz questions and answers to general knowledge for your pastime!

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Amazing General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

1. Which Roman empress died in AD 29?

Livia Drusilla

2. Bushbuck (also has white distractive markings) demonstrates which camouflage methods?

Side or Thayer countershading

3. Stephen King authored the fiction “It” in which year?


4. What is kapok (Ceiba pentandra)?

A seed hair and other fiber

5. Kasbah Mansouria is located in which country?


6. PC shortcut keys: Win + T=?

[Cycle through apps on the taskbar]

7. Who patented the “Electro-Magnetic Motor” – 1889 December 3?

Nikola Tesla

8. Carrie Best was featured on a postage stamp of Canada in which year?


9. Born in Lebanon, Nobel laureate Ardem Patapoutian was awarded the Nobel prize in which year in Physiology or Medicine?


10. Who was the Locus Award winner in 1988 for Best Fantasy Novel?

Orson Scott Card

11. Where is the Upgraded Coronal Multi-Channel Polarimeter (UCOMP) telescope located?

Mauna Loa, Hawaii, United States

12. Aesepus River is an ancient location mentioned in which literary work?


13. In 1927, which miners’ strike occurred in Indiana, USA?

Bituminous coal strike

14. Compass dial was invented in 1350 by whom?

Ibn al-Shatir

15. Record snow cover in Seattle – 120 cm in which year?


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16. What was the incident of Australian(s) died/being killed at Narok, Kenya in 2014 Sep 7?

Tourist bus crash

17. The first human type lived in the old stone age is called what?


18. What is Hercules?

A crater constellation

19. A Great Fire in Hangzhou, China, destroyed 10,000 houses in which year?


20. In 1768, which labor issue and event occurred in the USA?

Florida Indentured Servants’ Revolt

21. Chris Waddell (athlete) from which nation was warded the Paralympic Hall of Fame in 2010?

United States

22. Tanja Kari (athlete) from Finland was awarded the Paralympic Hall of Fame in which year?


23. What is the second stage in human development?

Cro-Magnon period

24. Which English poet wrote the popular poem “The Palace of Art”?

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

25. What is the name of Nemo’s dad in Finding Nemo?


26. Ontario Rugby Football Union was formed in which year?


27. What is the source of acrophobia?


28. As of Tokyo 2021, which multiple Paralympic gold medalists from Norway have won 27 medals?

Ragnhild Myklebust

29. What kind of animal was Babe in the movie Babe?

A pig

30. How many sisters does Agnes have in Despicable Me?


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31. In 1893, which railway connects Seattle with the east coast?

Great Northern Railway

32. As of Tokyo 2021, which multiple Paralympic gold medalist from Canada has won 21 medals?

Michael Edgson

33. The number of billboards outside of Ebbing, Missouri


34. What is the period in which bronze was discovered and used for making implements?

Bronze Age

35. Which bodily part is the only one that is fully developed from birth?


36. In 1893, which cathedral was chartered by Congress, and the charter is signed by President Benjamin Harrison?

The Washington National Cathedral

37. Which neighborhood bar was owned by Del Boy and Rodney Trotter?

The Nag’s Head

38. Jonas Jacobsson (Sweden) is one of the multiple Paralympic gold medalists in which sports?


39. What’s the name of Simba’s nasty uncle in The Lion King?


40. Which 1989 film’s soundtrack was created by Prince?


41. What was the birth name of Muhammad Ali?

Cassius Clay

42. What was the first metal discovered and used?


43. In 1896, the 1st US women’s 6-day bicycle race started at which venue?

Madison Square Garden

44. How many dots do a set of dice have?


45. In 1933, who kills Tarrant County Deputy Sheriff Malcolm Davis after walking into a trap set for another criminal?

Clyde Barrow

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46. The Maid of Orleans was a person.

Joan of Arc

47. Which English king died in 1066, leaving no heir to the throne?

Edward the Confessor

48. Which Greek emperor ended the rule in 336 B.C.?

Philip II

49. In 1898, the 1st telephone message from a submerged submarine was sent by whom?

Simon Lake

50. Shakehand grip and pen hold grip are common grips in which sport?

Table tennis

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