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  • May 21, 2021
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Trivia questions and answers funny quizzes, general knowledge printable facts are really full of fun and entertainment in order to provide its readers pure fun and relief of mind in the hollow of stress. Evaporate the darkness of your days and laugh a lot by solving these trivia questions and answers funny.

Trivia questions and answers funny trivia are for mature people with a broad mind. Many funny sides of life will be open up from these Trivia questions and answers funny quizzes printable.

Let’s solve these Trivia questions and answers funny now and share them with others!

Trivia questions and answers funny

1. The password for the computer controls of nuclear-tipped missiles of the U.S was what for eight years?


2. You Must Hang Artwork in which city Buildings?


3. What is Laghman?

Laghman is a Central Asian dish of pulled noodles, meat, and vegetables. The noodle is known as latiaozi in China.

4. What is the longest word that you can write using the letters only on one row of the keyboard of your computer?


5. It’s Illegal to Dance in the Dark After Midnight in which country?


6. Who is Dick Felt?

Richard Felt was an American football defensive back

7. It’s Illegal to Wear Lacy Undies in which country?


8. King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table embark on a surreal, low-budget search for the Holy Grail, encountering many, very silly obstacles in which comedy movie?

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

9. If there was a computer as powerful as the human brain, it would be able to do how many operations per second and hold more than 3580 terabytes of memory?

38 thousand trillion

10. What is Chikhirtma?

Chikhirtma is a traditional Georgian soup. Chikhirtma is described as a soup almost completely without a vegetable base.

11. Who is Butt Fuchs?

German field hockey players Linus Butt and Florian Fuchs standing next to each other so that their jersey read “Butt Fuchs.”

12. It’s Illegal to Swear in which country?

The U.A.E.

13. The Most Stolen Food In The World is what?


14. It’s Illegal to Be Shirtless in which city?


15. What is ‘rhubarb forcing’?

An old method called ‘rhubarb forcing’ involves putting your rhubarb in a dark shed, tricking it into thinking that it’s spring.

16. What is Satsivi?

Satsivi is a Georgian dish made from poultry such as turkey or chicken put into the walnut sauce.

17. Who is Faraj Fartass?

Faraj FARTASS is a 24-year-old French rugby player

18. No Water Pistols on New Year’s in which country?


19. What foods were a hard sale back in the day, they use to be chucked back in the sea or given to servants?

Lobsters and Oysters

20. It’s Illegal to Fly a Kite in which city in Australia?


21. Bananas, cucumbers, kiwis are all classed as berries. Strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries are not. T/F?


22. What is Pkhali?

Pkhali is a traditional Georgian dish of chopped and minced vegetables, made of cabbage, eggplant, spinach, beans, beets and combined with ground walnuts, vinegar, onions, garlic, and herbs. Pkhali is also called mkhali. The common ingredient of all variations of pkhali is pureed walnut sauce.

23. Who is Dick Paradise?

Dick Paradise is a retired American ice hockey player who played 144 games in the World Hockey Association for the Minnesota Fighting Saints.

24. Registering as Married at a Hotel Makes it So in which US city?

North Carolina

25. Large Groups Of what Can Spontaneously Combust?


26. It’s Illegal to Wear a Mask in Public in which country?


27. Who is Dewanna Bonner?

DeWanna Bonner is an American professional basketball player for the Connecticut Sun of the Women’s National Basketball Association.

28. What is Ajika?

Ajika or adjika is a Georgian-Abkhazian hot, spicy, but subtly flavored dip often used to flavor food.

29. The original name of windows was what?

Interface Manager

30. Who is Dick Trickle?

Richard Leroy Trickle, mostly referred to as “Dick”, was an American race car driver.

31. Fruit Stickers Are Edible!T/F?

True, Let us be clear about this fact, just because the stickers are non-toxic and edible, doesn’t mean you should eat them.

32. Who is Rusty Kuntz?

Russell Jay Kuntz is an American former Major League Baseball outfielder.

33. Healthy Foods Cost Up To 10x As Much As what food?

Junk Foods.

34. What is Matzoon?

Matzoon or matsoni is a fermented milk product of Armenian and Georgian origin, distributed in Armenia and Georgia. In Japan, it is called Caspian Sea yogurt.

35. You Can’t Overcook Mushrooms! Why?

There’s a special polymer in the cell walls of mushrooms that ensure a tender taste. If you manage to overcook mushrooms, you’re just an exceptionally bad cook!

36. Who is Destinee Hooker?

Destinee Dante Hooker is an American indoor volleyball player.

37. What common thing now Was A Luxury In The Middle Ages?

Black Pepper

38. Who is Dick Sisler?

Richard Alan Sisler was an American professional baseball player, coach, and manager in Major League Baseball.

39. Who is The Earl of Sandwich?

John Montagu

40. What is Pot-au-feu?

Pot-au-feu is a French beef stew. According to chef Raymond Blanc, pot-au-feu is “the quintessence of French family cuisine; it is the most celebrated dish in France and considered a national dish.

41. When was the book Scoop by Evelyn Waugh was published?


42. Who is Gaylord Silly?

Gaylord Lucien D. Silly is a French-Seychellois long-distance runner

43. The first microprocessor created by Intel was what?

4004. It was designed for a calculator.

44. Who is Dean Windass?

English former professional footballer who played as a striker and is the manager of East Hull.

45. The record of the Loudest crunch of an apple is achieved by whom?

The loudest crunch of an apple is 84.6 dB(C) and was achieved by Felix Michels (Germany).

46. What is Chikhirtma?

Chikhirtma is a traditional Georgian soup. Chikhirtma is described as a soup almost completely without a vegetable base.

47. Who is Lucious Pusey

LB at Eastern Illinois

48. The longest time to kiss a car is 76 hours and was achieved by whom?

Ernesta Hernandez Ambrosio and Jesús Juárez Vite (both Mexico)

49. What is Scrapple?

Scrapple, also known by the Pennsylvania Dutch name Pannhaas or “pan rabbit”, is traditionally a mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and wheat flour, often buckwheat flour, and spices.

50. What percent of The World’s Hazelnuts Are Used For Nutella?


51. Who is Dick Butkus

Richard Marvin Butkus is an American former professional football player, sports commentator, and actor.

52. Rufus T. Firefly is named president/dictator of bankrupt Freedonia and declares war on neighboring Sylvania over the love of wealthy Mrs. Teasdale – what is this funny movie name?

Duck Soup (1933)

53. What is Qatiq?

Qatiq is a fermented milk product from the Turkic countries.

54. Who is Misty Hyman?

Misty Dawn Marie Hyman (born March 23, 1979) is an American former competition swimmer, Olympic gold medalist, and former world record-holder.

55. The largest skinny dip was achieved by 2,505 women, during an event organised in which country?

Ireland, on 9 June 2018.

56. It’s Illegal to Chew Gum in which country?


57. A Corned Beef Sandwich Made The Voyage To Space In which year?


58. What is Ayran?

Ayran, doogh, Dhallë, or tan is a cold savory yogurt-based beverage, popular across Western Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeastern Europe and Eastern Europe.

59. As per law, Canadian Radio Stations Must Play which country Artists?


60. Loud Music Makes You Drink More, And Faster! T/F


61. It’s Illegal to Run Out of Gas in which city?

The German Autobahn

62. Without Flies, There Would No Chocolate, why?

There’s a certain species of microscopic midge that is essential to the pollination of the cacao plant and makes chocolate possible.

63. It’s Illegal to Hike Naked in which country?


64. Mcdonald’s Burgers Don’t Actually Rot! Why?

They’re all dried out

65. What is Kharcho?

Kharcho, also spelled as Harcho, is a traditional Georgian soup containing beef, rice, cherry plum purée and chopped walnuts.

66. The most people in one pair of underpants is 314 and was achieved by the whom?

University of Warwick Jailbreak Society (UK) in Coventry, UK, on 1 November 2014.

67. It’s Illegal to Feed Pigeons in which city?


68. An exclusive golf course has to deal with a brash new member and a destructive dancing gopher – what is this movie name?

Caddyshack (1980)

69. It’s Illegal to Wear High Heels to which Greek location?

The Acropolis

70. Who has written the funny book, The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee?

Sarah Silverman

71. What is Kubdari?

Kubdari or Kubed is a Georgian filled bread dish which is particularly a national dish of the Svans.

72. The most people hopping on one leg simultaneously is 1,303 and was achieved by whom?

The British School of Barcelona (Spain) in Castelldefels, Barcelona, Spain, on 27 September 2019.

73. 4. Modern Times (1936)Who acted in the movie – Modern Times (1936)?

Charlie Chaplin

74. Which country issued a ban on Winnie the Pooh around playgrounds and schools, finding the A.A. Milne character a bit too risqué for the likes of impressionable children?


75. The Upper Classes in the 16th century used To Serve ‘Surprise Pie’! How?

When the pie was cut, a live animal would jump out, during 16th Century England it was popular

76. What is Zuppa toscana?

Zuppa toscana is a broad-based term, literally meaning “Tuscan soup”.

77. Who has written the funny book- Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea?

Chelsea Handler

78. Men Must Wear Speedos on Beaches in which country?


79. The Zen of Farting is what?

A Book by Carl Japikse

80. What is Gyro?

A gyro or gyros is a Greek dish made from meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Like shawarma and tacos al pastor, it is derived from the lamb-based doner kebab.

81. The record on The largest collection of toilet-related items is 524 and was achieved by whom?

Marina Bogdanenko and Mykola Bogdanenko (both Ukraine), in Kiev, Ukraine

82. It Is Illegal to Wear a Suit of Armor in which parliament?

British Parliament

83. It Happened One Night is what?

1934 Movie

84. What is Sherbet?

Sorbet, also called “water ice” or “Italian ice” is a frozen dessert made from sugar-sweetened water with flavoring – typically fruit juice, fruit purée, wine, liqueur, or honey.

85. You Can Make Diamonds From Peanut Butter! How?

Simply put, you have to recreate the conditions of the lower mantle of the Earth for weeks to create a 2/3mm wide diamond. That’s only 2,200 degrees centigrade.

86. Don’t Pee on My Leg and Tell Me It’s Raining – is what?

A funny book was written by Judy Sheindlin

87. It’s Illegal to Ride a Cow Drunk in which country?


88. Mcnuggets Always Come In Four Different Shapes and they had named what?

The Boot, The Ball, The Bone, The Bell

89. What is Croissant?

A croissant is a buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry of Austrian origin, but mostly associated with France.

90. Duck Soup is a famous comedy film in which year?


91. Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever – is what?

A funny book by Judy Sheindlin

92. It’s Illegal to Wear Camouflage in which countries?

(Much of) the Caribbean

93. The Number Of what food Eaten On 4th July Could Stretch From Washington Dc To Los Angeles 5 Times Over?

Hot Dogs

94. What is Calamari?

Squid is eaten in many cuisines; in English, the culinary name calamari is often used for squid dishes.

95. Boogers Are My Beat: More Lies, But Some Actual Journalism – is what?

Book by Dave Barry

96. The average drunk driver drives under the influence more than how many times before being arrested the first time?


97. No Selfies With Buddha in which country?

Sri Lanka

98. The General is a comedy film released in which year?


99. What is Shit on a Shingle

Shit on a Shingle (SOS) is a US military food term — unofficial, of course! It is a dish consisting of a cream sauce with meat in it poured over toast. It is often served as a breakfast dish.

100. First Step 2 Forever (100% Official) is what?

Book by Justin Bieber

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