100 Hard General Knowledge Questions and Answers in English

  • May 20, 2021
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Here are the hard general knowledge questions and answers in English trivia quizzes printable. People with leadership skills are always unstoppable. No obstacles and barriers can stop a winner. It is not that leadership skills are given by born, most people obtain this in their lifetime on the basis of their heroic work, hard work, and passion. Learning is a religion that one must revere in order to grasp. Education is a blessing, there are many people who are in the dark because of lack of education and learning, some ignore the opportunities, some don’t get privileges.

Hard general knowledge questions and answers in English are updated and full of fresh information with different are of learning, so that the solver never get irritated and bothered. In fact, these hard general knowledge questions and answers in English will open up windows of learning GK printable alone, or in the group.

Let’s solve these hard general knowledge questions and answers in English asap!

Hard general knowledge questions and answers in English

1. Joachim Aiemssen is a fictional character of which famous novel?

The Magic Mountain

2. What is a Nhà thờ họ?

A nhà thờ họ ( lit. ‘lineage hall or clan ancestral house’) is a Vietnamese traditional place of worship of a clan or its branches

3. Lions Head is situated in which city?

Cape Town, South Africa

4. Abolition Day is celebrated in which country in the world declare a national holiday?

Trinidad and Tobago

5. Who stopped slavery in England?

William Wilberforce

6. What is the real name of South Africa?


7. Who was an English engineer who built the London Metropolitan Railway?

John Fowler

8. German forces occupy Hungary in Operation Margarethe on what date?

19 March 1944

9. What is meant by the term drivel?

Saliva spilling from the mouth

10. Theodor Geisel, used his pen name what?

Dr. Seuss

11. Which US president had a pet named Jonathan the piebald rat?

Theodore Roosevelt

12. What is a Russian soldier called?


13. Who wrote the famous fiction: David Copperfield?

Charles Dickens

14. Which English machinist invented the flying shuttle that improved looms?

John Kay

15. What was the Ibadat Khana?

Ibadat Khana was a meeting house built in 1575 CE by the Mughal Emperor Akbar at Fatehpur Sikri to gather spiritual leaders.

16. Friedrich Miescher discovered DNA in which year?


17. What is the motto of Oregon in Latin?

Alis volat propriis

18. What was the largest army in history?

United States

19. On a UK ordnance survey map what is shown by a red flag?

Motor Racing Circuit

20. Which novel’s narration is delivered from an insane asylum by a 30-year-old man whose response to horrors taking place around him with the rise of the Nazis in Germany?

The Tin Drum (1959), a novel by Günter Grass.

21. In which US city, two bathtubs may not be installed in the same house?


22. What are the newcomers of Hawaii called?


23. During WWII, the Soviet air force bombs the city of Tartu, Estonia on what date?

March 25, 1944

24. Paleta Frontón is the national sport in which country?


25. Which country abolished slavery first in Europe?


26. Which country has a city named Kepez?


27. Barbara, Carignan, Cinsaut, and Nebbilo are varieties of what?

Italian wine grapes

28. What is the nickname of Minnesota?

North Star State

29. The locals call it Al-Magrib what do we call this country?


30. George Bowling is a fictional character of which famous novel?

Coming Up for Air

31. Who wrote the famous fiction: Wuthering Heights?

Emily Brontë

32. From which country does spinach originate?


33. When was Julius Plucker born – a German mathematician and physicist, formulated Plucker formulas and was the first person to identify Cathode rays?

1801, July 16

34. Pashto is the language spoken by people of which country?


35. When did UK end slavery?

25 March 1807

36. Sufferers from lambdacism cannot do what?

Pronounce letter R

37. On what date New Jersey became a state?

December 18, 1787

38. Winnie the Pooh lived where?

Hundred Acre Wood

39. What were the first free states?

The 6 states created from the territory were all free states: Ohio (1803), Indiana (1816), Illinois (1818), Michigan (1837), Wisconsin (1848), and Minnesota (1858).

40. What is the term used for – the systematic killing of women?

Femicide, gynecide, gynaecide, or gynocide

41. When was the genetic information of DNA revealed?


42. Traditionally what should be given on the 11th anniversary?


43. Who has the famous speech: Checkers?

Richard Milhous Nixon

44. What were Russian slaves called?


45. What is the national sport in Norway?

Cross-country skiing

46. Spielberg named the shark in Jaws Bruce why?

After his Lawyer

47. During WWII, Japanese troops are in retreat in Burma on what date?

28 March 1944

48. What is meant by the term doldrums?

A belt of calms between the Atlantic and Pacific trade winds

49. Who was known as the Father of Science Fiction?

Jules Verne

50. Godwin Peak is a fictional character of which famous novel?

Born in Exile

51. Which US state has this motto: Labor omnia vincit?


52. Who wrote the famous fiction: Jane Eyre?

Charlotte Brontë

53. Who invented the phase-contrast microscope that allowed for the study of colorless and transparent biological materials; he won the Nobel Prize in 1953?

Frits Zernike

54. What is the origin of Oklahoma’s state name?

From the Choctaw words for “red people,” reportedly named by a Choctaw leader following the Trail of Tears.

55. Manchester City F.C. was established in which year?


56. When did slavery end in Jamaica?


57. Barajas is the main airport – where?


58. Who is the father of DNA?

James Dewey Watson

59. What animal produces its own suntan lotion?


60. Who was the first black man in England?

African trumpeters

61. What is the nickname of Michigan?

Wolverine State

62. Where is the Antwerpen-Centraal Station located?


63. When did slavery end in Africa?

End of the 1860s

64. How many people around the world speak Persian?

Approximately 110 million

65. What is meant by the term doggerel?

A comic verse of irregular measure

66. What is Independence Day in Tonga?

June 4

67. Who invented and sold Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popcorn?

Orville Redenbacher

68. On what date Georgia became a US state?

January 2, 1788

69. Who has the famous speech: The Ballot or the Bullet (off-site)?

Malcolm X

70. Elinor Dashwood is a fictional character of which famous novel?

Sense and Sensibility, by Jane Austen

71. What item would you see on the flag of Malta?

George Cross

72. What is meant by the term doff?


73. On what date during WWII, General Charles de Gaulle takes command of all Free French forces?

April 4, 1944

74. What are the residents of Illinois called?


75. Where is Dagestan, officially the Republic of Dagestan, located?

Dagestan is a republic of Russia situated on the Caspian Sea, in the North Caucasus of Eastern Europe.

76. Who named Juneteenth?

President Abraham Lincoln

77. In computing what is the smallest movement of a mouse called?


78. In which US city, no person may carry a fish into a bar?


79. Whereis the St Pancras station located?


80. Which states had the most slaves?

New York

81. What is Independence Day in Trinidad and Tobago?

August 31

82. Who broke the DNA code?

Marshall Nirenberg

83. Sameer Bhatia from Bangalore began what service?


84. Tom Jones is a fictional character of which famous novel?

The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling

85. Which US president had pets named canaries named Nip, Tuck, and Snowflake?

Calvin Coolidge

86. Swansea city is situated in which country?

United Kingdom

87. Born in 1920 who was an American physicist made famous for inventing the laser?

Gordon Gould

88. Which author’s personal publishing venture is?

Philtrum Press Steven King

89. Sterlet is the rarest most expensive what?

Caviar – tiny eggs

90. When did slavery end in the Caribbean?

1 August 1834

91. British policemen have truncheons what is the USA equivalent?


92. Red Army was formed by whom?

Leon Trotsky

93. Percy Shaw invented what in 1934?

Cats eyes

94. What ended US slavery?

The 13th Amendment, adopted on December 18, 1865

95. Who was the first rock star arrested on stage?

Jim Morrison of the Doors

96. In heraldry animals addorsed are in what position?

Back to Back

97. What is meant by the term Dnieper?

A river that rises in Russia near Smolensk and flowing south through Belarus and Ukraine to empty into the Black Sea

98. Nut – Neuth – Nuit alternative names Egyptian goddess of what?


99. Geoffrey Firmin is a fictional character of which famous novel?

Under the Volcano, by English writer Malcolm Lowry

100. Pierce Brosnan’s contract stops him from doing what in any other film?

Wearing a Tuxedo

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