50 Simple GK Questions and Answers Printable English Trivia

Simple GK questions and answers free online general knowledge trivia in English printable has been published. Determine a need, then create a solution that fits that need. Alternatively, take an existing product and discover a new use for simple GK questions and answers. Take a word, any word, and write it down on a piece of paper. Make a cloud with more words that connect to simple GK questions and answers to see if anything clicks.

Do this with others to check whether any of your ideas are still valuable after a good night’s sleep with simple GK questions and answers. Change a few details in an established company concept, or apply it to an entirely another target. Take two concepts and merge them into one. The more you do it, the less difficult it becomes familiar with simple GK questions and answers.

Go to your local library and acquire a membership card so you may read every day to expand your general knowledge from simple GK questions and answers. You may also pay for an online newspaper subscription to ensure that you always have something to read. Then start or join a book club to debate what you’re reading, since listening to other people’s ideas and opinions may frequently help you learn more from simple GK questions and answers.

Finally, to test yourself and learn more, go online on a regular basis and take quizzes on general knowledge or current events such as simple GK questions and answers. Continue reading for additional ideas on how to broaden your knowledge, including attending seminars or conferences as well as simple GK questions and answers.

Simple GK questions and answers

1. Abyssinian catbird is found in which country?


2. What is the scientific name of the Bar-headed goose?

Anser indicus

3. Emperor goose, is Anser canagica is native to which country?

United States

4. Which country has the length of its railroad network 85,600 km?


5. Name Harry Potter’s nonmagical cousin?

Dudley Dursley

6. Which Cypress wood has its scientific name (Cupressus arizonica)?

Arizona cypress

7. Greylag goose, Anser anser is native to which country?


8. Tried and tested methodology/process – is called what in business?

Best practice

9. Which city has been named after Mswati II?

Eswatini (Swaziland)

10. The cast iron plant is another name for which pot plant?


11. Which Alaskan city has a population density of 5.0/sq mi (1.9/km2)?


12. Xylotechnigraphy is an architectural term for what?

A decorative treatment to wood

13. Who is an Anglophile?

a person who admires England, its people, its culture, and/or its language

14. Teixeira da Silva → Bailundo (1975) is a renamed place in which country?


15. What does the name Tokyo mean?

Eastern City

16. What is the appearance of Wax in wood finishing?

Dull, even sheen unless buffed or polished

17. Faya → Largeau → Faya-Largeau (1960) is a renamed place in which country?


18. What is a wood finishing oil, often made of tung oil or polymerized linseed oil?

Danish oil

19. SoHo neighborhood is located in which city?

New York

20. Sir Walter Raleigh found what odd lake in Trinidad?

Lake of Tar or Asphalt

21. What is Andorra la Vella?

Andorra Convention Centre

22. What does AR mean in Accounting?

Accounts receivable

23. Which English word is named after Makassar, Indonesia, which was the source of hair oil?


24. Which convention center in Lahore, Pakistan, was named for Muhammad Iqbal?


25. World’s oldest existing treaty of 1373 between England and who?


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Treaty of 1373 between England and Portugal

26. What is the other name of Suicide bag?

Exit bag or hood

27. What is the current name of Alexandria Ariana?

Herat (Afghanistan)

28. Idealistic or visionary ideas, not always with practical application – is called what in business?

Blue sky thinking

29. Abenomics has taken its name from which eponym?

Shinzō Abe, Japanese Prime Minister

30. Which real person took name meaning Man of Steel?

Joseph Stalin

31. What is Foxtrot?

a ballroom dance

32. Cambodia is named after whom?

Kambu Svayambhuva

33. What does the Wobbly lingo, technical language, or jargon Assessment” mean?

In the IWW, a voluntary or necessary contribution is made in addition to union dues for specified reasons.

34. Canal Street neighborhood is located in which city?

New York

35. In what country was fashion designer Yves St Laurent born?


36. Kompa is traditional music in which country?


37. Antistatic bag is used to preserve which things?


38. What is the ease of Application of Wax in wood finishing?

Easy. Apply with a cloth or brush and work into the wood, allowing excess to cure before buffing with a cloth to get desired shine level

39. Matsumae Castle in Matsumae, Japan was founded by whom in 1616?

Matsumae Yoshihiro

40. What common British river name comes from Celtic for the river?


41. Which animal has its scientific name Aepyceros Melampus?


42. What is the most populous city in California?

Los Angeles

43. Concours des villes et villages fleuris is an annual contest in which country?


44. What is BiB?

Bag-in-box, used for keeping liquid

45. Jayne Austin is famous but who reigned Britain when she wrote?

George III

46. What does AM mean in Accounting?

Account Manager

47. Which castle in Japan was founded in Morioka in 1598 by Nanbu Nobunao?

Morioka Castle

48. First published in 2010, what is a ranking of infrastructure owners compiled by the CAD software company Bentley Systems?

Bentley Infrastructure 500

49. What does the Wobbly lingo, technical language, or jargon “AWO” mean?

The Agricultural Workers Industrial Union 400 (now IU 110) of the IWW, organized itinerant harvest workers between 1914 and 1930

50. What is a sound below 20 cycles a second called?

A Woof

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