100 Family Friendly GK Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Family-friendly quiz questions and answers are a sort of some selected general knowledge trivia and interesting facts printable one must like. Learners who learn how to discover, analyze, and evaluate information will be better able to develop their own connections from the Family-friendly quiz questions and answers.

Associating newly acquired knowledge with existing background information aids in the development of greater meaning and engagement with Family-friendly quiz questions and answers. Learning that is used in a variety of circumstances and contexts is referred to as applied knowledge. Learners construct and generalize concepts using a variety of techniques and analytical tools to tackle a variety of issues and circumstances through Family-friendly quiz questions and answers.

Knowledge encompasses both theoretical and practical knowledge, facts, or skills that we get via experience or education. As we get more experience, our understanding grows with Family-friendly quiz questions and answers. Talent is the ability to do a task well. A well-honed talent can elevate us to the status of specialists in a specific sector by dint of Family-friendly quiz questions and answers.

What am I going to do with my newfound knowledge?

6 Pointers to Help You Put What You’ve Learned into Practice the family-friendly quiz questions and answers, or any other contents

  • Recognize the benefit of doing what you’re used to.
  • Recognize what you’re missing out on by continuing to do what you’ve always done.
  • Take advantage of every opportunity to practice and relax.
  • Alter your internal dialogue.
  • Recognize your personal triggers.
  • Keep tabs on your progress.

Here are some ideas for efficient knowledge transfer inside your network, for example Family-friendly quiz questions and answers:

  • Mentorship. Mentorship, whether short- or long-term, is an excellent technique for two people to share information.
  • Experiment with a guide.
  • Simulation.
  • Work shadowing is a term used to describe the practice of the following someone
  • Work in pairs.
  • A group of people who work together.
  • eLearning and instructor-led courses are also available.

Family-friendly quiz questions and answers

1. Who was Aydyn Aimbetov?

Astronaut, Kazakhstan — Soyuz TMA-18M

2. Flexible urinary catheter is an invention of which country in 1752?

The United States

3. What is the Duck’s home called?


4. Classification of chemical substances was one of the inventions in which century during the medieval Islamic world?

8th century

5. What common sign derived from the Medici family crest?

Pawnbrokers balls

6. What is the name of a notable historical work by Margaret Elphinstone, set in Prehistory (c. 30,000 BC – 3000 BC)?

The Gathering Night

7. Which Muslim caliphate ruled Mesopotamia and Levant (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine) during 661–750, based in Damascus?

Umayyad caliphate

8. Marina Bridge on Marina Channel is located in which country?


9. Which company invented the term “Wi-Fi” as a play on words of the term “Hi-Fi” or “High Fidelity”?


10. What are woolly and spider types of?


11. TriBeCa neighborhood is located in which city?

New York

12. What is the current name of Alexandria Arachosia?

Kandahar (Afghanistan)

13. National Basketball Association, the preeminent league in the world is with 29 teams in the United States and how many teams are in Canada?


14. What is the other name of the New York neighborhood Hell’s Kitchen?


15. Where do boy scout leaders get their names from?

The Jungle Book — Rudyard Kipling

16. Abelian group, Abel’s theorem, Abel–Ruffini theorem Abenomics has taken its name from which eponym?

Niels Henrik Abel, Norwegian mathematician

17. Which animal has its scientific name Agalychnis callidryas?

Red-eyed tree frog

18. Which English word is named after Angora, variant or former name of Ankara, their place of origin?

Angora goat, Angora rabbit, Angora wool, Angora cat

19. Which convention center in the Grand Wayne Convention Center, Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States, named for Anthony Wayne (American Revolutionary War general)?

Anthony Wayne Ballroom

20. Where would you find a Mott Bailey and Keep?

A Castle

21. Where is the Costa Salguero convention center located?


22. Freerunning is a what type of sport?


23. Harlem neighborhood is located in which city?

New York

24. The first working reflecting telescope is devised by whom in 1668?

Sir Isaac Newton (Britain)

25. Jewish boys have a Barmitsva at 13 what do girls get at 12?

A Batmitsva

26. Saruhashi Bridge is located in which country?


27. Music album “Dig Out Your Soul” was released by which band in 2008?

Oasis, an English rock band from Manchester

28. Io, a moon of Jupiter was discovered in which year?


29. Ord Bridge is located in which river in Singapore?

Singapore River

30. What European capital stands on the river Aare?

Berne, Switzerland

31. What is the Levant

The “crossroads of western Asia, the eastern Mediterranean, and northeast Africa,” as well as the “northwest of the Arabian plate,” has been defined as the Levant

32. Europa is a moon of which planet?


33. What is little millet?

A cereal

34. In 1772, Caswell-Massey company produced which perfume?

Number Six

35. In which Dickens novel does Little Nell appear?

The Old Curiosity Shop

36. What is the only traditional style Edo period castle in Hokkaidō, Japan was the chief residence of the han (estate) of the Matsumae clan?

Matsumae Castle

37. What is the ease of Reversibility of Wax in wood finishing?

Difficult. Solvents thin wax, allowing it to enter deeper into the skin. The act of sanding generates heat. Scraping is advised

38. What is Quickstep?

a ballroom dance

39. Colombia is named after whom?

Christopher Columbus (after the Italian version of his name, Cristoforo Colombo)

40. What composer was there of the 1947 film Song of Love?

Johannes Brahms

41. Cambambe Dam is located in which country?


42. Which country has the tallest bridge?

France, Millau Viaduct

43. Which Alaskan city has a population density of 8.1/sq mi (3.1/km2)?


44. Which country has been named after Thomas Gilbert?


45. The Horned Planet is better known as what?


46. What was Lavender, produced in 1821 by Floris of London?

A perfume

47. Benguella → Benguela (1975) is a renamed place in which country?


48. Which castle in Japan was founded in Sendai in 1601 by Date Masamune?

Sendai Castle

49. What is the protection of Wax in wood finishing?

Low, short term

50. Who did the painting on the cover of The Band’s first album?

Bob Dylan

51. Hutong Yangtze River Bridge in China was opened in which year?


general trivia questions for adults general knowledge funny quiz fun quiz questions and answers general knowledge fun general knowledge quiz with answers fun general knowledge questions and answers fun trivia general knowledge funny general knowledge quiz random general knowledge questions and answers
Hutong Yangtze River Bridge, China

52. Catherine Plunkett, born in Dublin, Ireland was what by profession?


53. Bak is an idiophone in which country?


54. Faya-Largeau → Faya is a renamed place in which country?


55. Carrantual is the highest peak in which country?


56. What does AOP mean in Economics?

Adjusted Operating Profit

57. Which country has the length of its railroad network 64,000 km?


58. Charles Alston (1907–1977) was a what by profession?


59. What was the music industry standard record chart in China for local songs, compiled by Nielsen-CCData and published weekly by Billboard China?

The Billboard China Top 100

60. Who wrote The Symphony of a Thousand?

Mahler, his eighth literary work

61. What is the tallest bridge in Russia?

Russky Bridge (320.9 metres (1,053 ft) tall)

62. What is the scientific name of Pronghorn?

Antilocapra americana

63. What is the common name of Anaplasma species, an infectious disease?


64. What is the median age of Lithuania?


65. Bargasse is what type of vegetable matter?

Sugar Cane Pulp

66. Acne conglobata is a disorder in which organ?


67. Linda Vogt (1922–2013), classical and jazz flautist, educator – which country?


68. Awalmir is a singer in which country?


69. What is a popular idiophone in Peru?


70. Who was Hiawatha’s father in The West Wind?


71. Arhuaca mochila is a type of bag in which country?


72. Array of possible actions to take in response to a problem: protocol – is called what in business?


73. I Borghi più belli d’Italia is an Association of small towns in which country?


74. Where is Calle Ocho Festival held?


75. Kitty, fire, draw and tuck in are terms in what sport?

Green Bowls

76. WHat is the other name of Bagger, used in grocery shops?

Bag Boy

77. Which Cypress wood has its scientific name (Taxodium distichum)?

Bald cypress, southern cypress

78. What does ARPU mean?

The average revenue per user

79. What does the Wobbly lingo, technical language, or jargon “Axle swinging” mean?

Riding under a railroad car

80. Ordinary seaman Able Seaman what comes next?

Leading Seaman

81. Goryōkaku castle in Hakodate, Japan was founded by whom in 1866?

Tokugawa shogunate

82. What is a 1521 work of political history and philosophy written by the Italian writer and political theorist Niccolò Machiavelli?

The Discourses on Livy

83. Aberdare cisticola is a bird in which country?


84. What is the common name of White, pink, red-colored, vegetal flavored, an edible flower named Althaea?

Marshmallow plant

85. What was Thin Lizzy’s first hit in 1973?

Whiskey in the Jar

86. Fear of crossing streets is what?


87. The national flower of Bangladesh is what?

Water lily, Nymphaea nouchali

88. Not bred cow is called what?


89. Estoril Film Festival is held in which country?


90. The sprat belongs to what fish family?


91. What is Distressing?

A decorative art

92. What is the most populous city in Arizona?


93. Snow goose, Anser caerulescens is native to which country?

United States

94. Where a process is held up – is called what in business?


95. What is Greece’s second city after Athens?


96. What is a historical account by Italian Renaissance political philosopher and writer Niccolò Machiavelli, first published posthumously in 1532?

Florentine Histories

97. Greater white-fronted goose, Anser albifrons is native to which country?


98. What does the Wobbly lingo, technical language, or jargon “Balloon” mean?

Bedroll, bindle

99. What is the most populous city in Illinois?


100. Godalming in Surrey was the first English town to have what?

Electric street lighting

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