100 Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers Printable for Seniors

  • May 9, 2021
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Trivia questions and answers for seniors are not just for time pass alone. These collections of trivia quiz questions and answers printable for seniors are full of fun and entertainment. These trivia questions and answers for seniors are a great way to pass leisure time as well as share with accompanying friends of other family members.

By keeping busy with trivia questions and answers for seniors like these, the senior citizens will be able to keep their brains and mind busy, which are prerequisites for other productive work. Let’s solve below the trivia general knowledge GK quiz printable questions and answers !

Trivia questions and answers for seniors

1. What is the largest organization for older Americans?

AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)

2. World Seniors Championship is an invitational seniors tournament for which sports?


3. Which country has the most christians in the world?

The United States

4. What colour is cerulean?

Deep Blue

5. Which actor is common to Magnificent 7 and Dirty Dozen?

Charles Bronson

6. An elephant has 400000 what in its trunk?


7. Viper is a place situated in

Kentucky, USA

8. Which American state produces the most potatoes?


9. In Star Trek Deep Space Nine which character had a symbian?

Jadzia Dax

10. What is the oldest restaurant in Europe?

Peter Stiftskulinarium

11. Margherita Pizza is originated in which country?


12. Which American Indians modern name in Spanish means village?


13. Who saved Andromeda from the sea monster?


14. What animal was believed to be a cross camel – leopard?


15. Who wrote Dr Zhivago?

Boris Pasternak

16. Which novel opens and closes with the letters of Robert Walton?


17. What in our body is the most advanced chemical laboratory that exists and can distinguish more than a billion flavors?


18. The Detours changed to The High Numbers then what name?

The Who

19. What is the namtional poet of Angola?

Agostinho Neto

20. How was USA president James Buchanan different from all rest?

Batchelor maybe gay

21. Who composed the Air for the G string (init and name)?

JS Bach

22. Which city is called The City of 72 Nations?


23. Which country has the most muslims in the world?


24. What does ludo mean (literally)?


25. E.L. James was the pen name of whom?

Erika Leonard

26. What links stags tails, pickled worms, gallstones, tomatoes Once thought to be?


27. What are kreplach?

(in Jewish cooking) triangular noodles filled with chopped meat or cheese and served with soup.

28. Kaleidoscope. Daddy, Palomino and Changes name the author.

Danielle Steele

29. What is the oldest restaurant in the world?

Sobrino de Botín

30. Which stars name means chained maiden?


31. How did multi millionaire Russell Sage save money?

Not wear underwear

32. What two items make up the dish devils on horseback?

Bacon Prunes

33. Istanbul and Constantinople what else was it called?


34. What is the westernmost point of continental Europe?

Cape Roca (Portugal)

35. Which city is called The City of Gardens?


36. Olof Sonderblom conceived and patented what technology?

Token Ring Networking

37. Baked beans were originally served in what sauce?

Treacle – molasses

38. American Literary Association gives Caldicott medal for what?


39. Vulcan is a place situateded in

Alberta, Canada

40. What is the most mountainous country?

Bhutan, Nepal

41. Which country is called the Land of the Upright Men?

Burkina Faso

42. Who would you expect to find in Castel Gandolfo?

The Pope

43. What is the real name of bell hooks

Gloria Jean Watkins

44. If you landed at Mirabel international airport where are you?


45. By what age, the majority of people will have lost half their taste buds?

Sixty years

46. Name European Cathedral known as the coronation cathedral.


47. Where can you buy a copy of Penguin News?

Falkland Islands

48. What is the name for the sacred circle in Tantric Buddhism?


49. What is the namtional poet of Algeria?

Si Mohand

50. Who directed the film of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451?

Francois Trufeau

51. Name the East African country which lies on the Equator


52. Reuben is a kind of


53. Egypt is called

The Gift of the Nile

54. What was Walt Disney’s middle name?


55. What flower is the symbol of secrecy?


56. BimboTown is the name of which city?


57. Our brains have natural receptors foe what chemical that is responsible for Marijuana’s effects?

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol; (C21H30O2))

58. The Shining Path is a revolutionary movement in which country?


59. What did Mege-Mouries invent in 1870 winning a Napoleon prize?

development of Margarine

60. Tefnut was the Egyptian goddess of what?


61. In every human body, there is enough atom energy to supply energy to how many cities with more than one million inhabitants?

20 cities

62. What is the name of food made of imitation crab, sliced cucumber, and avocado—was created by Vancouver-based, Japan-born sushi chef Hidekazu Tojo?

California Roll

63. What item were originally called Hanways?


64. Which mythological monster had nine heads?


65. Sleeping less than how many hours a night lowers your life expectancy?

7 hours

66. What type of animal is a vmi-vmi?

Very small pig

67. What is the real name of Maya Angelou?

Marguerite Annie Johnson

68. What is Brussels best known statue?

The Mannequin Pis

69. Which city is called The Diocletian’s City


70. In 1752 Mr Blake and Callahan raced and began which sport?


71. Much like fingerprints, we all have tongue prints too. T/F?


72. Fettuccine Alfredo is a name of


73. Who was the hero of the old TV cop series Dragnet?

Sergeant Joe Friday

74. What are lentigines?


75. The computer language LISP means what?

List Processing

76. The higher your ___, the more you will dream.


77. What are the name of of Australian national poets?

Henry Lawson, Adam Lindsay Gordon, Dorothea Mackellar, and A. B. “Banjo” Paterson

78. Which country is called The Kingdom In The Sky


79. If the human eye were a digital camera, it would have how many megapixels?

576 megapixels

80. In which Irish county can you kiss the Blarney stone?


81. Which African country was founded by Americans?


82. What were Twinkle Toes – Lucky Jim (stuffed cats) first to do?

Twinkletoes were Fly across Atlantic Alcock Brown

83. In which language does God Jul mean happy Xmas?


84. Thanatology is the study of what?


85. Kaiser Rolls is a kind of food hailed from which country?

Vienna, Austria

86. According to a company in Switzerland, to rebuild one human eye, it would take how much dollar of equipment which would fill a reasonable sized house?

$86 million dollar

87. Bor and Bestla his parents Vili and Ve his brothers name him

Odin chief Norse God

88. Utopia is a place situated in

Florida, USA

89. Which flying pioneer was nicknamed the lone eagle?

Charles Lindbergh

90. What was Britain called – before it was Britain?


91. What is the world’s most widely used vegetable?


92. Our fingernails grow almost ____times faster than our toenails.


93. What is the other name of Grenoble city?

Capital of the Alps

94. Horse statue – mounted man – on two legs – how many die?

Killed in Battle

95. James K. Baxter, and Allen Curnow are the national poets of which country?

New Zealand

96. Which author created Dick Tracy?

Chester Gould

97. What is the longest beach in Europe?

Monolithi beach (Greece)

98. What part of a frog do you rub to hypnotise it?

Its belly

99. In 1860 Napoleon III banquet – serving dishes dearer gold – what?


100. Which is the most mountainous country in Europe?


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