100 Family Trivia General Knowledge Questions and Answers

  • May 8, 2021
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Family trivia questions and answers quiz printable trivia general knowledge GK for winning mentality people, who live life in pure joy, fun, and relationship with each and every member of the family. Success is a complex thing, one needs to be united, keeping a shared mindset and fellow-feeling for each other.  In order to enjoy learning with family, these trivia questions and answers printable quizzes trivia are well enough.

Family trivia questions and answers are evergreen and fresh in order to keep the minds of everyone jolly.  Let’s find below the entertaining family trivia questions and answers and solve them with your near ones.

Family trivia questions and answers


1. What is declared to be the International Mother Language Day by UNESCO in 1999?

21st February

2. How many names are there for Allah according to Islamic religion?

99 names

3. What was the last European nation to accept the potato?


4. British sailors got lime juice US cranberry what Danish get?

Sauerkraut to stop scurvy

5. What is the pen name of famous author Howard Allen Frances O’Brien?

Anne Rice

6. Gonçalves Dias, Olavo Bilac, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, and Machado de Assis are the national poets of which coun try?


7. What was Bruce Lee’s first Hollywood-produced film?

Enter the Dragon

8. Whynot is situated in which country?

North Carolina, USA

9. What was given on the fourth day of Christmas?

Calling birds

10. Which comic strip hero shares his name with a town in Turkey?


11. Who played the pawnbroker in the film of that name?

Rod Stiger

12. Azote is the old name for what element?


13. Plants require a larger and more adaptable genome. T/F?


14. Who owned a sword called crocea mors or yellow death?

Julius Caesar

15. Who is Bob Flowerdew?

Bob Flowerdew is the organic gardener who is almost as famous for his long blond plait as he is for his books such as Going Organic and The Gourmet Gardener and his regular appearances on the BBC radio’s Gardener’s Question Time.

16. What is Dick Grayson better known as?

Robin (Batman and Robin)

17. In mythology who is sometimes called the dioscuri?

Castor, Pollux – Zeus twin sons

18. What is the greatest festival for Muslims?


19. Who are the national poets of Chile?

Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral

20. Whose alphabet was called the Futhark?


21. Kenneth Daigneau won $100 for naming which product?


22. Who is Dr. Fu Manchu?

Dr. Fu Manchu is a fictional villain who was introduced in a series of novels by the English author Sax Rohmer during the first half of the 20th century.

23. In Bewitched name the witch doctor who treats Samantha?

Doctor Bombay

24. Which is called The Golden City?


25. Who was Dan Dare’s greatest enemy in the Eagle?


26. What was Skippy (on TV ) The bush?


27. Which group had hits with Fernando and Angelo?

Brotherhood of Man

28. Everyone has a completely unique smell (except for twins). T/F?


29. Which member of the lily family is named from Greek for sprout?


30. What sin have inhabitants of Dante’s first circle of hell committed?

Pride – they are crushed by stones

31. Mrs. Darell Waters (translated 128 languages) pen name?

Edith Blyton

32. Ricardo Miró is the national poet of which country?


33. What did Barbie first get in 1962 Her car made by?

Irwin for Mattel

34. What does a funambulist do?

Tightrope walker

35. What is the greatest festival for Hindus?


36. If a human sense of smell is affected, the sense of _____ is also affected as the brain interprets signals from the nose and _____.

Taste, tongue

37. In the song Waltzing Matilda – What is a Jumbuck?


38. Vaduz is the capital of where?


39. Which author created Fu Manchu?

Sax Rohmer

40. What creature called reem in Hebrew mentioned in Deuteronomy?

Unicorn – but reem has 2 horns

41. What are the real names of Currer, Ellis, & Acton Bell?

Charlotte, Emily, & Anne Brontë

42. Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull were born in which US state?

South Dakota

43. After eating too much, your hearing is less sharp. T/F?


44. Little Larry Puny Pete Small Sam considered names of who?

Dickens Tiny Tim

45. Which annual sporting event between 2 teams started in 1829?

The University Boat Race

46. The Simpsons are the longest-running cartoon who is second?

The Flintstones

47. Who starred as the Six Million Dollar Man?

Lee Majors

48. Sound that is above what decibels can cause pain to our ears?

130 disables

49. Who designed the WW 1 plane Camel and co-designed Hurricane?

Thomas Octave Murdoch Sopwith/ Sir Thomas Sopwith

50. What is the greatest festival for Buddhists?


51. Name the boat on which you can see Niagara Falls?

Maid of the Mist

52. What religion links Weasak, Dhammacakka, and Bhodi day?


53. What was added to Band-Aids in 1940?

Red opening string

54. Who was the jeweler of the Russian Court’s famous Easter eggs?

Peter Carl Fabergé, also known as Karl Gustavovich Fabergé

55. Your ears secrete more ear wax when you are afraid than when you aren’t. T/F?


56. In 1777 George Macintosh created a red dye cudbear what is it?

Litmus — Ammonia and lichens

57. Which was the most successful Grand National horse?

Red Rum

58. Which country is called the Graveyard of Empires?


59. The continental title baron is equal to which UK title?


60. In the US 20,000 what are made for children each year TV ads?

7000 cereals

61. In golf what would you put in your swag bag?

Practice Balls

62. The ears never stop growing through a lifetime. T/F?


63. Paul Robeson the singer of old man river had what profession?


64. Westward Ho! is a place in which country?

United Kingdom

65. A bind is a group of what type of fish?


66. Who wrote The Joy of Sex?

Alex Comfort

67. What is the pen name of famous author Theodor Seuss Geisel?

Dr. Seuss

68. Children have more sensitive ears than adults. T/F?


69. In which form of Japanese theatre are all roles played by men?


70. In Greek mythology who invented the lyre?


71. Name was the first city to mint its own gold coins in 1252?

Florence — florin

72. Which letters denote Jesus Nazareth King of the Jews?


73. Which spirit was once known as kill devil?


74. What present inside the ear is made up of oil and sweat?

The wax

75. Which Shakespeare play was originally entitled What You Will?

Twelfth Night

76. What was the first manufactured item to be sold on Hire Purchase?

Singer sewing machine in the 1850s

77. Which country is called the Switzerland of the Middle East?


78. Which breed of dog gets its name from the French for the earth?


79. Who was nicknamed The desert Fox (both Names)?

Erwin Rommel

80. What is the only part of the human body that cannot heal and repair on its own?

The tooth

81. What spirit is mixed with ginger beer in a Moscow mule?


82. Who’s the band was The Quarrymen?

John Lenon

83. Yum Yum is a place in

Tennessee, USA

84. Which variety of apples is on the Beatles Apple label?

Granny Smith

85. 18% of Americans mention who in their will?

Their pet

86. Brushing your teeth regularly has been shown to prevent heart disease. T/F?


87. Where can you find London bridge today?

Arizona, USA

88. What aid to archaeologists from 197 bc was found in Egypt?

Rosetta Stone

89. Who is Derek Walcott?

National poet of Saint Lucia

90. At a Quaker wedding it is forbidden to do what?

Take photographs

91. In the book Little Women what is the sister’s surname?


92. Carl and the Passions changed the band name to what?

Beach Boys

93. The Romans used to clean and whiten their teeth with what?


94. In Greek mythology Cronus and Rhea were the parents of who?


95. In Myanmar, illegal possession of what item can mean prison?

A Modem

96. Which city is called The Big Apple?

New York

97. Which war was ended by The Congress of Westphalia?

Thirty Years War

98. Richard Adams wrote the novel Shardik what was Shardik?

A Bear

99. What is Las Vegas called?

Sin City

100. Your teeth start growing at what time before you are born?

6 months ago

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