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  • May 7, 2021
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general knowledge quiz questions with answers general knowledge quiz questions

General knowledge quiz questions with answers are an awesome source of learning new things from the internet. There is plenty of knowledge all around, just need to grab it with good intention. General knowledge quiz questions with answers are picked up from reliable sources for learning, fun, and thrill purpose.

Go with these General knowledge quiz questions with answers in any competition or just for time pass.

General knowledge quiz questions with answers

1. In what country are the ports Oran and Bone?


2. What is the Greek word for Egyptian?


3. For every cell in your body, there is ____ bacterial cell.


4. Grevy’s and Burchells are types of what animal?


5. What sport would you see at Arthur Park?

Grand Prix Racing

6. Fiocchetti is what shaped pasta?


7. What proportion of seconds your brain requires to react to touch?

only 0.15 seconds

8. What is the most common sexually transmitted disease in the USA?


9. Whose final words were “It hurts”?

Charles De Gaulle

10. What food Scots once refuse to eat cos it was not in the Bible?


11. What is a Vitrine Glass Display?


12. If you landed at Mirabel airport where are you?


13. What proportion of seconds your brain requires to react to visual stimuli?

only 0.25 seconds

14. In the middle ages you could be fined four pence murdering who?

Travelling Musician

15. What sport is legal in only 16 American States?

Greyhound Racing

16. Who is the Patron Saint of hunters?

St Hubert

17. What links Hong Kong Singapore Rio and Utopia Road?


18. That female is born with all of the eggs that she will ever have unless introduced from the outside and will produce no more. T/F?


19. St Luke followed what profession before joining Jesus?


20. David Robert Hayward-Jones became famous as who?

David Bowie

21. Depending on the amount of body fat, humans can go up to more than a ____ without eating.


22. The first official baseball hat was made of what?


23. Collective nouns – A parcel of what?


24. If you suffer from Tinea Pedis what have you got?

Athletes foot

25. Who sang Come on Eileen Dexy’s Midnight?


26. Your hearing will be less sharp after consuming much food. T/F?


27. Book It was a bright cold day in April and clocks were striking 13 1984?

George Orwell

28. 52% of Americans would rather spend a week in jail than What?

Be President

29. In Alberta it’s illegal to play craps if you are using what?


30. How long the hair of a human is capable of growing?

over 6 ft

31. What color is Llamas milk?


32. Emperor Augustus banned his men from wearing silk – why was it?


33. By-Law in North Carolina you can’t do what?

Sing out of Tune

34. What is believed to be a vestigial organ left behind during our evolution seeing how we don’t know what it’s there for?

The Appendix

35. Cockroaches will eat anything except what?


36. “I shall please” is the Latin translation of what medical treatment


37. Time Magazine named what as the Man of the Year 1982?

The Computer

38. Wine barrels – There are 83 gallons in a what?


39. If you were to break the body down into its simplest ingredients and weigh those elements that make up a human body, the amount is only _____ dollars worth if that nowadays.

a couple of dollars

40. In a year the average person walks four miles doing what?

Making their bed

41. In Greek mythology who were the guardian spirits of the sea?


42. Narcotics comes from the Greek – what it literally means

Electric eels – put on foreheads

43. What was the first film to use stereophonic sound?

Disney’s Fantasia

44. A human life that has been cut in half can completely regenerate in what time?

One month

45. What mountain – Greeks believe was the home of the Muses?


46. What are a swallowtail and a burgee?


47. What is so toxic that 2 kilograms would be enough to kill every human on the planet?


48. Where in a woman would you find the pisiform bone?


49. What Hollywood actress was the Laurence Olivier of Orgasms?

Hedy Lamarr

50. When women give birth their body produces a flood of which hormone that is believed to ensure the motherly bond to a newborn?


51. Pope Clement VII made it illegal for anyone else to eat what?


52. What did Pope John XX1 use as effective eyewash?

Babies Urine

53. What can grow up to 9 meters long and live for 35 years in your gut?

Intestinal tapeworms

54. In Queensland Australia pubs must still have what?

Hitching rail for horses

55. Who made a TV advertisement for Southern Maid Doughnuts?

Elvis Presley

56. Primates, Humans included have the ability to swim shortly after birth lose then lose the capability and must relearn how to swim. T/F?


57. What is the Latin word for liquid produced by the Ficus Elastica?


58. Mafalda is what shaped pasta?

Corrugated Strips

59. Human stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve steel. T/F?


60. The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band first USA group to do what?

1977 Tour USSR

61. What is considered the most successful poem of all time?

If – Rudyard Kipling

62. The letter B comes from Egyptian hieroglyphics meaning what?


63. Humans can burp as loudly as 107 decibels, as loud as a

rock concert

64. What was Jimmy Stewart’s middle name?


65. Vodka – Triple Sec and lime juice make what cocktail?


66. Rhodopsis original Egyptian Cinderella had what job?

Prostitute – bird stole her shoe.

67. In what sport did Jeffery Archer win an Oxford Blue (USA Letter)?


68. The human heart will beat in an average lifespan of about

1 billion times!

69. What was the first movie to have a sequel – 1933 King Kong?

Son of Kong

70. What plant has flowers but no leaves?


71. Brand name was translated as Bite the wax tadpole in Russian

Coca Cola

72. Who was the Angel in Milton’s Paradise Lost?


73. In 1995 13 books every minute sold in the US were on what subject?

Star Trek

74. In what city was the first US circus on April 3rd, 1793?


75. Women only produce the X chromosome while males produce both the X and Y chromosomes. T/F?


76. Frankfurt stands on what river?


77. 300000 American teenagers get what every year?

Venereal disease

78. What are young bats called?


79. What was the first Beatles song licensed for use in a Nike ad?


80. Human nails are as strong as?

horse hooves

81. The Average American does what 22 times a day Opens?


82. Thomas the boy’s name means what?


83. Solanum Tuberosum is the Latin name for what plant?


84. There are more telephones than people in what city?

Washington USA

85. What airline started 24th September 1946 single DC3 – Betsy Cathay?


86. Who determines the sex of a child?

Father/ Male

87. Babies are born without what Kneecaps – form at

2-6 years

88. What was the name of Dorothy Parker’s Parrot Onan – He spilled his

seed on the ground

89. What type of candy is banned in Washington state?


90. Francesco Seraglio invented what in Australia in the early 1960s?

The Woolmark logo

91. In Vermont it is illegal to do what underwater?


92. What animal eats rests and sleeps on its back?

Sea Otter

93. That fish supposedly feel pain the same way humans do. T/F?


94. 2% of Americans admit to doing what?

Affair with Postman

95. What was Fonzie’s favorite magazine?

Hot Rod

In what American state do most people walk to work?


96. What was the first work of fiction blessed by Pope Ben Hur?

Lew Wallace

97. What was Bugs Bunny’s original name?

Happy Rabbit

98. What star once sold lingerie door to door?

Burt Lancaster

99. Who makes Pringles?

Procter and Gamble

100. At any one time, about what amount of your mass consists of bacteria?

200 grams

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