100 General Knowledge Trivia Printable Questions with Answers

  • May 8, 2021
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General knowledge trivia with answers printable GK trivia quiz for learning basics so easily. Learning is a continuous process, and the person who has curiosity and passion can gain lessons. Learning with fun and entertainment through these general knowledge trivia with answers, appropriate for all.

General knowledge trivia with answers are compatible with any exam or competition. There is no end to acquiring learning from the internet. Take part in general knowledge trivia with answers as long as you have a cherish and inquisitive mentality, in order to get the upper hand among your network. Let’s solve the general knowledge trivia with answers below!

General knowledge trivia with answers

1. What colour is the flesh of the Charentais melon?


2. Barring rain – in which athletics event would you get wet?


3. What fruit does not ripen after picking?


4. Shirley Bassey sang three Bond themes – which 3 films

Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Moonraker

5. Marzipan comes from Marci Panis literally meaning what?

Marks bread St Marks day 25 April

6. In which country are you most likely to die from a scorpion sting?

Mexico (1000 a year)

7. Which country made the world’s first feature film in 1906 Australia Story of

Kelly gang

8. You have no sense of smell when you’re


9. What countries people had the longest life expectation?


10. Antananarivo is the capital of where?


11. What does the entire economy of the island of Nauru depend on?

Bird shit – Guano fertiliser

12. Who has won the most Oscars?

Walt Disney

13. You can only smell 1/20th as well as what animal?

A dog

14. Who wrote Gentlemen Prefer Blonds?

Anita Loos

15. Which gangster escaped from jail using a wooden gun?

John Dillinger

16. Maiden, Mother of All, Footman all parts of what?

A Spinning wheel

17. In which city was Alexander Graham Bell born in 1847?


18. Where could you spend your Tala – Capital Apia?


19. Whose nose grew when he told a lie?


20. The human sense of smell has the ability to identify the chemical smell of an object in ____ part per trillion of air.


21. What was Norman Bates hobby in Psycho?

Stuffing birds

22. The women’s world cup in tennis is played for what trophy?

The Fed cup

23. What does ring a ring a roses refer to?

The Black Death

24. Women have better sense of smell than men. T/F?


25. Where is the world’s largest gold depository Federal reserve bank?


26. Who composed the ballets Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker?


27. What sort of creature is a babiroussa?

A pig

28. Who wrote four consecutive number one songs in 1978?

Barry Gibb

29. Pregnancy in women lasts on average of about 270 days from the time of conception till birth. T/F?


30. Who wrote Gone with the Wind?

Margaret Mitchell

31. With which organ does a snake hear?


32. In Dallas what was the name of the bar?

Cattleman’s Club

33. AG Bell opened school in Boston in 1872 for Teachers of what?

The Deaf

34. Tiny hair cells in your ______ ear are what translates sound waves to electricity to send to the brain.


35. On what is the Mona Lisa painted?


36. What was Casanovas day job?


37. Handel’s Harmonious Blacksmith is played on what instrument?


38. Which leader died in St Helena?

Napoleon Bonaparte

39. What is the average life span of a sperm?

About 36 hours

40. Who is the most filmed author?

Shakespeare over 300

41. According to the 2000 census in the UK what is now a religion?

Jedi Knight

42. What organisation was founded Canada by Mrs Hoodless 1897?

The Women’s Institute

43. What calculating aid was invented by William Oughtred in 1662?

Slide Rule

44. To which London club did Mycroft Holmes belong?


45. The female body is capable of giving birth to 35 children in one lifetime. T/F?


46. 4 What links Humphry Davy, Michael Faraday, Madam Curie Poisoned by

Chemicals work

47. What is the name of the Russian triangular guitar?


48. Who sailed in the Nina – Pinta And Santa Maria?

Christopher Columbus

49. Your ears never stop hearing, even when you sleep. Your brain just ignores incoming sounds. T/F?


50. What is used to make a classic wiener schnitzel?


51. What sporting contest Peter Christian win in Jan 77 with 1/16 oz?

Angling – total (only) catch

52. 3What is the second most common international crime?

Art theft

53. Benjamin Kubelsky 1894 fame as what comedian?

Jack Benny

54. Who performed the first heart transplant in South Africa?

Christian Barnard

55. What is the largest cell in the human body?

Female egg cell

56. If a dog is canine, cat feline what creature is accipitrine?

A hawk

57. What was Erich Weiss better known as

Harry Houdini

58. Hippophagic society members support what?

Eating horse meat

59. In the Old Testament what book comes between Obadiah – Micah?


60. Rene Raymond is better known as which author?

Raymond Chandler

61. Count de Grisly was the first to perform what trick in 1799?

Saw woman in half

62. The three things pregnant women dream most of during their first trimester are:

Frogs, worms and potted plants.

63. What was the name of the inn in Treasure Island?

Admiral Benbow

64. What was invented by Dr Albert Southwick in 1881?

Electric chair

65. What got named by novelist Gilbert Frankau at a party in 1926?

Zip, he said Zip its open Zip its shut

66. Who rode a horse called Bucephalus?

Alexander the Great

67. What can be Inline, flat or v?

Car cylinders

68. Henry Ford used assembly line in 1908 but someone before 1901?

Ransome Olds

69. Robin Williams dressed in drag for which 1993 film?

Mrs Doubtfire

70. In 19th century USA what was?

The Mongolian Curse Opium

71. What did Britain swap Havana for with Spain in 1763?


72. Your ears are responsible for the equilibrium and balance of the body – the inner ear has a direct connection with the brain. T/F?


73. Name the legless fighter pilot of ww2

Douglas Bader

74. Who wrote Les Miserable?

Victor Hugo

75. If you suffered from scripturience what are you compelled to do?

Write things down

76. Traditionally there are 100 pleats in what item?

A Chefs hat

77. You breathe in about what volume of air every minute?

7 quarts

78. Which chess piece could be a member of the church?


79. Which bird turns it head upside down to eat?


80. Link Aurora Texas, Spitsbergen Norway and Ubatuba?

Brazil UFO crash sites

81. Which film had song Springtime for Hitler?

The Producers

82. Which Irish political parties name translates as we ourselves?

Sein Fein

83. The colossus of Rhodes was a statue of who?


84. The human ears can hear in the frequency of what range?

1,000 to 50,000 Hertz

85. Which German word means lightning war used in WW2?


86. Which ear is no larger than a pencil eraser in circumference?

Inner ear

87. How many feet in a fathom?


88. The Amazon river rises in which country?


89. The human body releases growth hormones during what time?


90. What links Samuel Delaney, Fredrick Pohl, Harlan Ellison?

Science Fiction

91. Broccoli belongs to what family of plants?


92. What is the crime of embracery?

Jury Bribing

93. The middle ear is composed of three small bones, and one among them, the _____, is the smallest bone in the human body.


94. What type of food is Taramasalata?

Cured /smoked cod roe

95. By 60 years of age, 60% of men and 40% of women will do what?


96. What is the most commonly used condiment in the world?


97. Randolph Crane became famous as which cowboy actor?

Randolph Scott

98. What did Jack Horner pull from his pie?


99. What is about 175 000 times heavier than the smallest cell, the male sperm cell?

Female egg cell

100. What film won the best makeup Oscar in 1988?


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