100 General Knowledge Printable Quiz Questions for Kids

  • May 7, 2021
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general knowledge questions for kids some questions for quiz with answers

General knowledge questions for kids are awesome sources for learning with fun. Kids will be able to know about some basic and interesting general knowledge from these printable general knowledge questions for kids.

By practicing learning processes such as these general knowledge questions for kids, they will be grown up smartly with basic common sense and creativity. Let’s solve these general knowledge questions for kids below!

General knowledge questions for kids

1. How much of the air is oxygen?


2. In Tampa Bay Florida it’s illegal who/what to leave ships?


3. A vestiphobe is afraid of what?

Wearing Clothes

4. What astrological star sign covers July 24 – August 23?


5. Our ____ is our personal air-conditioning system: it warms cold air, cools hot air and filters impurities.


6. What common word comes from Knights after the Crusades?


7. What was the name of William Shakespeare’s son?


8. The pharaoh hound is the only dog that does what?

Blushes – Nose and ears redden

9. Your nose can remember how many different scents?


10. Collective nouns – a Duel of what?


11. What is the number one best-selling children’s book of all time?

The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince), Antoine de Saint-Exupry (1943)

12. In Kansas it’s illegal to eat what on Sunday?


13. What is a Roker?

A foot-long ruler

14. The air in Earth’s atmosphere is made up of what gas?

Nitrogen (approximately 78%)

15. What is Carambola?


16. Who is the Greek God of the sky and the universe?


17. The King Cobra is the only snake that does what?

Builds a Nest

18. What was the most valuable thing ever stolen?

The Mona Lisa

19. Which cells present in the nose, allow us to smell and regenerates throughout one’s life?

Nerve cells

20. Collective nouns – What are a group of greyhounds called?

A Leash

21. Charlotte’s Web (1952) was written by whom?

EB White

22. The Intelligent whale was the nickname of an early what?


23. We breathe how much of air every minute?

13 pints

24. What animals are likely to die first from global warming?

Polar Bears

25. Who or what was “strong to the finish”?

Popeye – because he eats his spinach

26. The Egyptian god Horus had the head of what creature?


27. Which of your body parts are always the same size from birth but your nose and ears never stop growing.


28. What is consisting of bars and spaces, is a machine-readable representation of numerals and characters?


29. What is a goatsucker?

A Bird

30. Children have a better sense of smell than adults. T/F?


31. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote the book The Little Prince in which yearn?


32. In what county did the Aryan race originate?


33. You can go without eating for weeks without succumbing, but how many days is tops for going without sleep?

Eleven days

34. 98 What is Gohan?

Japanese Rice

35. The Algarve is in what country?


36. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is written by whom?

Eric Carle

37. In a year on an average person sleeps for how many days out of 365 days?

122 days

38. What is the largest public library in the United States?

New York Public Library

39. Adolph Hitler had a phobia – what?

Claustrophobia (the fear of enclosed spaces)

40. Where would you find the Spanish steps?


41. What fish is known as poor man’s lobster?


42. What bird can see the color blue?

An Owl

43. What do you mean by ISBN?

International Standard Book Number

44. Collective nouns – what’s a group of donkeys?

A Herd

45. What is Supergirl’s Kryptonian name?


46. Seawood’s Folly is better known as what today?


47. Maurice Sendak wrote the book Where the Wild Things Are in which year?


48. Collective nouns – A gang of what?


49. A mature Japanese sea squirt eats what It’s own?


50. Texans consume 40% of farm-grown what in the USA?


51. What country had the first banknotes?


52. The human ear can distinguish between hundreds of thousands of different sounds. T/F?


53. What is a bandy bandy?

A Snake

54. What country had the first paper?


55. For which Olympic athletic event there no official world record?


56. A man takes what volume of oxygen every day?

About 550 liters of pure oxygen (19 cubic feet)

57. Ecuador was named after who / what?

The Equator

58. What is the oldest English-language general encyclopaedia?

Encyclopædia Britannica

59. In what country did Bridge originate?


60. What Hz is dangerous?

7 Hz, since this sound, generating frequencies, close to characteristic frequencies of the organs of our body, may disturb the heart or brain activity.

61. What is a Roastchaffer?

A Beetle

62. Which is the world’s largest online library?


63. What was The King of Trains and The Train of Kings?

The Orient Express

64. What amount of pressure it needs to rip your ear off?

7 pounds

65. What is the biggest public library in the world?

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world with more than 170 million items.

66. What country is the world leader in Cobalt Mining?


67. Peladophobia is the fear of what?

Bald People

68. November 18th is who’s birthday?

Mickey Mouse

69. In WWW terms what does I.e. mean on a domain name?


70. A human ear contains about how many fibers in it?


71. Which US state has a buffalo or bison on its flag?


72. What part of the body ages the fastest?

The Hands

73. A Hop Low is the world’s smallest – what?


74. What animal has the most taste buds over 27000?


75. Which part of the ear is the main organ of balance?

Inner ear

76. According to the ancient Chinese what cure headaches?

Swinging your arms

77. What is the name of Elvis Presley’s father?

Vernon Presley

78. What are the Roman Numerals for 4000?


79. In the USA where would you see a crossbuck X on the railroad?


80. What production is necessary for good ear health?


81. What is the national religion of Scotland?


82. In 1887 who solved his first case?

Sherlock Holmes

83. What is the name of the capital of Libya?


84. In what city was the first playboy club opened in 1960?


85. Where was the world’s first supermarket built (country)?


86. The Ionian islands are nearest what country?


87. Encyclopedia Britannica was started in which year in Edinburgh, Scotland?


88. January in the USA is National what month?


89. In the Superman comics name the shrunken city in a bottle?


90. There are 300 distinct different types of what food?


91. Name Popeye’s hungry friend?

J Wellington Wimpy

92. What is the coldest capital city in the world?

Ulan Bator Mongolia

93. Name Merlin’s owl in Disney’s Sword in the Stone?


94. What animal has the best hearing?


95. Bubba is Yiddish for what?


96. The first edition of “The Guinness Book of Records” is published in Great Britain in which year?

August 27, 1955

97. In New Jersey 1879 stopping a constable doing what $25 fine?

Catching a runaway goat

98. What is the currency of Bangladesh?


99. Collective nouns – a spring of what?


100. Humans can detect sounds in a frequency range from about

20 Hz to 20 kHz

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