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  • May 8, 2021
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general knowledge trivia quiz questions and answers general knowledge quiz easy with answers fun general knowledge quiz with answers

General knowledge quiz with easy answers are a really easy way to learn some very basic GK trivia in order to be smart. There are many ways to go out of the box, since no progress is there in the comfort zone. General knowledge quiz is easy with answers that make somebody spirited to learn more and more in the long run.

General knowledge quiz easily with answers are fantastic for learners from all levels, so that anybody can be on the driving seat by practicing general knowledge quizzes easily printable with answers like these.

Let’s solve below the 100 interesting general knowledge quiz easy with answers set from different perspectives.

General knowledge quiz easy with answers

1. Which country fought for establishing right their mother language and sacrificed some lives in 1952?

Bangladesh (then East Pakistan)

2. What group of animals would be in a clowder?


3. Vladamere Ashkenazy plays what musical instrument?


4. Wich city is called The City of Love, The City of Light, La Ville-Lumiere


5. In what city is the world’s largest medieval cathedral?


6. What did William Addis invent in prison?


7. The color of blood is dependent on what component responsible for oxygen transport?


8. In Greek mythology Deianeira was the wife of who?


9. On which national flag is there an eagle and a snake?


10. In which film did the Rolls Royce have the number plate?

AU1 Goldfinger

11. Who is the national poet of Switzerland?

Gottfried Keller, Carl Spitteler

12. By Law In Washington it is illegal to do what?

Ride an ugly Horse

13. Name the first war submarine invented by David Bushnell it sank.


14. What is present in vertebrate’s blood and gives the blood a red color?


15. What is a baby whale called?


16. Which female name means worth of love?


17. The Newbery Medal is given annually for what?

Best Children’s book

18. Scotopic people can do what?

See in the dark

19. Who composed the opera Il (Trovatore)?

Giuseppe Verdi

20. What do you give on the third wedding anniversary?


21. Peter Parker is the alter ego of which superhero?


22. What is present in squid, octopi, horeshoe crabs and some other cephalopods and arthropods, turns their blood blue?


23. Which city has the funny name “1770”?

Queensland, Australia

24. Which country is called the “Land of Hope and Glory”?


25. In which country was Auschwitz?


26. In his will who left his wife his second best bed?

William Shakespeare

27. What was the first team sport played in the modern Olympics?

Water Polo

28. Troy McClure appears in which cartoon series?

The Simpsons

29. Some worms even have green blood, resulting from oxygenated proteins named


30. Who wrote the Science Fiction novel The Left Hand of Darkness?

Ursula LeGuin

31. In MASH what is Radars favourite drink?

Grape Knee High

32. Odin owned Geri and Freki what were they?


33. Which metallic element atomic no 83 soothes Gastric Ulcers?


34. Philadelphia cream cheese was introduced in what city?

New York

35. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kale and brussels sprouts are all the same species named:

Brassica oleracea

36. What was the first British instrumental to top the USA charts?

Telstar by The Tornados

37. Which American city is called the City of Brotherly Love?


38. Whose first wife was actress Jane Wyman?

Ronald Regan

39. Which city has its funny name “Bee Lick”?

Kentucky, USA

40. Who was the Roman Goddess of peace?


41. What was Barnaby Jones usual tipple?


42. What plant likely co-evolved with now-extinct megafauna, such as ground sloths, as the seeds of its fruits are far too large to be successfully dispersed by any wild animal presently alive in the Americas?

The avocado

43. Who is the Patron Saint of boy scouts?

Saint George

44. Which TV series was narrated by Walter Winchell?

The Untouchables

45. The character Lieutenant Pinkerton appears in what work?

Madam Butterfly

46. In Star Fleet Will Riker plays which musical instrument?


47. Plants generally have larger genomes and higher mutation rates than animals. T/F?


48. Which company produces PageMaker, Photoshop and Acrobat?


49. What was gangster George Nelson’s nickname?

Baby Face

50. Alopecia meaning baldness comes from Greek word for what?

Fox – Mange = Bald

51. In wacky races what were the gang of criminals called?

The Ant Hill Mob

52. Which country is called “The White Rus”?


53. The immobility of plants cause their what?

Higher mutation

54. Nick Nolte played the Poor Man who played the Rich Man?

Peter Strauss

55. Who designed the difference engine finally built in 1991?

Charles Babbage’s computer 1796

56. In Chicago it is illegal to eat in a restaurant that is what?

On Fire

57. Who buried the treasure on Treasure Island?

Captain Flint

58. Which city has its funny name “Bacon”?

Indiana, USA

59. What city has Kagoshima as its airport?


60. Who are the national poets of Argentina?

José Hernández, Jorge Luis Borges, Leopoldo Lugones

61. I get around was a hit for which group?

Beach Boys

62. Animals tackle local variation and predation by the generic act of what?


63. Which American city is called The Big Easy?

New Orleans

64. Mr Chips said goodbye – from which fictional school?


65. What is the largest environmental organisation in the world?


66. In Japan what colour car is reserved for the royal family only?


67. Greek mythology which character was raised by centaur?

Chiron Jason – of Argonauts

68. Who played Commodious in the Oscar winning Gladiator?

Joaquin Phoenix

69. On which badge are Minerva, Clipper ship, Grizzly bear, Eureka?

California Highway Patrol – Chips

70. The initiated origin of life have led to a chain reaction of reproduction, adaptation and diversification that is still occurring to this day. T/F?


71. Roosevelt won the 1932 election – who lost it?

Herbert Hoover

72. Beverly Hillbillies Bank managers secretary – full name?

Jane Hathaway

73. Who was nicknamed The First Lady of Song?

Ella Fitzgerald

74. What was the Troggs most famous hit?

Wild Thing

75. In which game would you use the royal fork?

Chess knight threaten king queen

76. What was the first USA team to win the Stanley Cup?

Seattle Metropolitans

77. The acid _____ is strong enough to dissolve razor blades.

in your stomach

78. Which country has a city with funny name “Batman”?


79. Juan Zorrilla de San Martín is the national poet of which country?


80. Enterprise Alabama they erected a monument to which insect?

The Boll Weevil Monument

81. What is the first day of Lent Ash?


82. Illinois second largest city and a TV detective share what name?


83. In the Bible where was Jesus when he ascended into heaven?


84. Within three days after death, the enzymes that helped you digest, start what?

to eat you.

85. Aldeberan is the brightest star in which constellation?


86. Whose music featured in The Clockwork Orange?


87. “Bear” is a place, situated in where?

Delaware, USA

88. What actress said “I acted vulgar – Madonna is vulgar”?

Marlene Dietrich

89. What is the The City of Hundred Spires?


90. 20% more people die of a heart attack on what day of the week?


91. Six copies of what are stored under bell jars in Sevres France?

The Kilogram in platinum iridium

92. What is the name of the Paris stock exchange?


93. Pavol Országh Hviezdoslav is the national poet of which country?


94. Which metal gets its name from Swedish for heavy stone?


95. In Pennsylvania it is illegal to sell fireworks to who?

Pennsylvania residents

96. Which country is called the “Land of the Eagles”?


97. Who wrote The History of Mr Polly?

H G Wells

98. Who was Led Zeppelin’s original lead singer?

Robert Plant

99. Big Bear City is an unincorporated town in

San Bernardino County, California, United States

100. What is the most critical thing keeping bananas fresh transport?

Temperature not below 13 C 55F

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