60 Horse Trivia Facts Evergreen Equine Quiz Questions Answers

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Horse Trivia Facts Evergreen Equine Quiz Questions Answers

Let’s find these interesting horse trivia facts in the form of questions answering printable!

1. Which joint is the part of the leg between the fetlock and the top of the horse’s hoof?

Pastern joint

2. What is the second gait of the horse?


3. What coat color always has red (or occasionally flax) manes and tails?


4. There are approximately how many horses in the world according to American Horse Council?

58 million

5. Which country uses the term AQPS (“Autre Que Pur-Sang”), which means “Other Than Thoroughbred” (rather than “Other Than Pure-Blood”).


6. Hanoverian horse breed is originated in which country?


7. Top three horse racing venues by capacity are located in Japan – true or false?


8. According to records, which horse breed existed up to 5000 years ago in the Middle East?


9. The mane and tail of a brown horse are always of what color?


10. Western Dressage is a what type of discipline?

Western Style Riding Discipline

11. What is the name of the horse in the popular literary work Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians series?


12. Which coat color is caused by the presence of a cream gene dilution in horses?

Palomino color

13. Horse racing venue Hipódromo de San Isidro is located in which country?


14. What is the name of the historic first and second winner of the Melbourne Cup?


15. What is the name of horses in the popular literary work Animal Farm by George Orwell?

Boxer, Mollie, and Clover

16. What is accomplished when an energetic hind leg moves forward into a constant, elastic rein contact?


17. What is meant by “One-Horse Town” in English?

A tiny, nondescript town that is bland or uninteresting

18. Your horse who raises its head while being ridden maybe for what reason?

in pain

19. As like the trot, all four feet of the horse are suspended in the air after each stride in which gait?


20. Which horse breed has historically been utilized for draft work and transportation, hauling everything from stagecoaches to farm equipment?


21. What is the name of the historic French Arc winner and first filly to win a million dollars?

Allez France

22. Polo is a what type of horse riding discipline?

Team discipline

23. Qatgani horse breed was originated in which country?


24. Horse breed Auvergne horse is originated in which country?


25. What is the annual economic effect of the US horse industry on just nine million American horses?

Over $39 billion

26. What is meant by “Dark Horse” in English?

Someone who rises to fame unexpectedly or wins a race or competition; someone having a previously undiscovered ability for something

27. On which track Pegasus World Cup Turf race is held?

Gulfstream Park

28. When a horse is mad, what you can see?

Whites of horse’s eyes may be visible as well as teeth showing

29. What is the first recorded cloned horse in Italy in 2003?

Haflinger mare

30. Who is the Breeder of the famous horse Hockey Dad according to Del Mar Derby Presented by Caesars Sport?

Reddam Racing, LLC

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American Pharoah

31. What is the name of the horse that was ridden by Robert E. Lee during the American Civil War?

Brown Roan, which is also named as “The Roan”

32. A horse can see better than a human at night — true or false?


33. Horse racing venue Armidale Jockey Club is located in which country?


34. Nakayama Racecourse is located in which location in Japan?


35. Horseball is a what type of horse riding discipline?

Team discipline

36. The AJC Derby is held in which country?


37. Horse racing venue Albury Racing club is located in which country?


38. What is the other name of Gran Premio Polla de Potrancas?

Argentine 1000 Guineas

39. What is the only Olympic sport in which animals compete with humans?


40. What is meant by “Hobby Horse” in English?

Someone who regularly discusses or complains about a subject, issue, or topic

41. What is the weakest part of a horse’s back?


42. What is the largest horse show in the world that showcases the Connemara pony breed?

The Clifden Show (Ireland)

43. Skijoring is a what type of horse riding discipline?

Racing discipline

44. What is an equestrian competition held every first Sunday of August since 1715 in the Croatian town of Sinj?

The Sinjska Alka

45. The Dublin Horse Show has how many classes?

Over 130 classes

46. Dreamer film revolves around the rescue and recovery of the horse named what?


47. The destrier is the best-known warhorse of which era of history?

Medieval era

48. Who is the breeder of the famous horse Barraza according to Del Mar Derby Presented by Caesars Sport?

Spendthrift Farm, LLC

49. How many wins did one of the leading Thoroughbred racehorses, Ormonde had foaled in 1883?

16 wins

50. What is the name of the horse ridden by Sterling Price during the American Civil War?


51. What is the tallest horse ever measured?

Sampson, born in 1846 in Bedfordshire, England (21.25 hh (2.20m))

52. Which horse breed was introduced in Scotland in the 1700s?


53. Which famous horse played the character for the show’s entire 5-year run of the TV show, Mister Ed?

Bamboo Harvester

54. What is the name of traditional style horse riding on the island of Menorca?

Doma menorquina

55. What was the country of origin of one of the leading Thoroughbred racehorses, Prestige (1903)?


56. What is the art or practice of horse riding or horsemanship?


57. The International Federation for Equestrian Sports was founded in which year?


58. As of 2021, which international event included 2,129 equestrian competitors from 69 nations, including 1,751 men and 378 women, 564 of them earned a medal?

The Summer Olympics

59. Which horse breed has a historical implication in the mid-1700s when the King of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm I?


60. Where is the HQ of The International Federation for Equestrian Sports?

Lausanne, Switzerland

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