100 Good Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers for Adults

Do you enjoy some printable good trivia questions and answers for adults? Let’s find the ascent of Genghis Khan to power. Temüjin defeated the Merkit with the aid of strong friends and his own army, using a tactic he often used to snuff out any future uprisings. Years later, before approaching China, he would first make sure that no nomad commander survived to stab him in the back. He endeavored never to leave an adversary in his rear. He handled the Jürkin clan’s nobles similarly not long after the Merkit was destroyed. These princes, who claimed to be his supporters, had taken advantage of his absence to raid the Tatars and steal his belongings. Temüjin eliminated the clan aristocracy and adopted the populace as his own army and labor force.

Temüjin eliminated the clan aristocracy and adopted the populace as his own army and labor force. He initially overcame the tough Tatars in combat before killing everyone taller than a cart axle when his might had increased enough for him to chance a final clash with them. It is conceivable that the kids may grow up with no knowledge of their true identities and will become devoted Mongols. Temüjin divided the Kereit people among the Mongols as servants and troops when the Kermit alliance with Toghril finally fell apart and he had to remove this hindrance to absolute rule. This brutality went beyond simple wanton cruelty.

Temüjin wanted to ensure that none of the old, rival aristocrats who might serve as a focal point of resistance were still alive. He also wanted to arm himself with a fighting force and, most importantly, break down any sense of clan loyalty that might have encouraged fragmentation by bringing all the nomads together in personal obedience to his family. He was also ordered to allocate thousands of households to the care of his own family and friends in 1206, after being recognized as the emperor of all the steppe people. This replaced the previous pattern of tribes and clans with a system more akin to a feudal one.

Temüjin was striving for himself to rule the steppes at least since the Merkits were defeated. Jamuka and I only rekindled our friendship for about a year and a half. Then, one day when the two friends were marching, Jamuka made a mysterious comment regarding the campsite selection, which caused Temüjin’s wife Börte to tell him that it was time for the two friends to part ways. It’s hard to see what caused this occurrence.

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Good Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers for Adults

1. Bab Homar (monument) is located in which country?


2. Alexander Graham Bell was featured on a postage stamp of Canada in which year?


3. Who patented the “Electric Arc lamp” – 1886 February 9?

Nikola Tesla

4. Which animal can be regarded as personifying water, the moon, the Earth, time, immortality, and fertility?


5. What is the national emblem of the Central African Republic?


6. Who invented Printing Press in 1440?

Johannes Gutenberg (German)

7. Etemenanki was a ziggurat dedicated to Marduk in which ancient city?


8. Which Old World monkey species has its scientific name Erythrocebus baumstarki?

Southern patas monkey

9. Cockburn Historical Society is located in which Australian region?


10. Who was the artist of the “Abraham Lincoln bust” on the stamp of the United States appeared in 1870?

Thomas Dow Jones

11. Battle of Scalas Veteres took place in which year in history?


12. Which airport has its IATA code ADA?

Adana Şakirpaşa Airport (Turkey)

13. Khaki uniforms and military equipment demonstrates which camouflage methods?

Color matching

14. Which rising young star from the movie Rebel Without a Cause died in an automobile accident in 1955?

James Dean

15. Vostok program run by USSR began in which year?


16. What is sunn (Crotalaria juncea)?

A bast (plant) fiber

17. What is the ethnicity of Hinduism?


18. Eilmer of Malmesbury creates a wooden glider and, launched from a bell tower, flies 200 meters at approximately which time?

c. 1010

19. How many counties are there in North Carolina in the United States?


20. Who is the author of the literary work The Hobbit?

J. R. R. Tolkien

21. Where is the Swedish Solar Telescope (SST) located?

La Palma, Spain

22. Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco (Italian) invented what in the 18th century?


23. In 1953, the first Asian Socialist Conference opens in which country?

Burma (now, Myanmar)

24. Besides Donald, the best-known members of which fictional cartoon are Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Donald’s three triplet nephews?

The Duck family

25. In which year did Philadelphia carpenters conduct the first strike in the building trades in the United States?


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26. Who authored the fiction “Christine” in 1983?

Stephen King

27. Nobel laureate Ardem Patapoutian (Physiology or Medicine, 2021) was born in born in which country?


28. Which product did Proctor and Gamble launch in 1966 that revolutionized baby care?


29. Who was the Locus Award winner in 1985 for Best Fantasy Novel?

Robert A. Heinlein

30. Aegium is an ancient location mentioned in which literary work?


31. Typically, what four ingredients go into a cosmopolitan cocktail?

Fresh lime juice, vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec/cointreau/orange liqueur

32. What is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world was situated in Egypt?


33. Michael Morpurgo took the title of the book “Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea” from which source?

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

34. By marrying the Roman political leader Octavian, Livia Drusilla, became the Roman empress in which year?

27 BC

35. In 1951, which musical was closed at Broadway Theater NYC after 100 performances?

“Pardon Our French”

36. Galileo (Italy) invented Telescope in which year?


37. Whose 1595 “homo volans” (Flying Man) design was inspired by a ship’s sail?

Fausto Veranzino

38. The invention of what in the late 10th century allowed for the earliest known latitude sailing?

A kamal often called simply khashaba

39. Who received her ordination of “Hazzan Minister” from the “Jewish Theological Seminary” in New York?

Linda Rich

40. What is Eridanus?

A crater constellation

41. André Viger (athlete) from Canada was awarded the Paralympic Hall of Fame in which year?


42. Who is a revered deity in the Sundarbans in India and Bangladesh who rules over beasts and demons?

Dakshin Ray

43. In which year did the Federal court bar former Little League Commissioner Carl Stotz from forming a rival group?


44. The first partition of Poland took place in which year during the reign of Frederick II?


45. Adnan Menderes Airport is located in which country?


46. Which English poet wrote the popular poem “A Dream of Fair Women”?

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

47. In 2012, which miners’ strike occurred in Asturias, Spain?

Asturian miners’ strike

48. Which legendary poet is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva of the temple at Madurai, known as ‘Aalavaai Sokkar’ or ‘Sokkanathar’?


49. In which year did KGNS TV channel 8 in Laredo, TX (NBC/ABC) begin broadcasting?


50. Marduk was a god from ancient Mesopotamia and the patron deity of which ancient city?


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51. The destruction of the Temple and city of Jerusalem was caused by a massive fire held in which year?

587 BC

52. What was the Hellenized kingdom of Fergana established by the Macedonian king Alexander the Great in 329 BC?


53. What is the second-largest metropolitan area in Kerala and the 19th-largest in India?


54. Gerd Schoenfelder (Germany) is one of the multiple Paralympic gold medalists in which sports?

Alpine skiing

55. Who helped England upset Australia 20-17 in overtime to win the 2003 Rugby World Cup?

Jonny Wilkinson

56. In 1810, who created the tin can for food preservation?

Peter Durand

57. What is the chemical symbol of Tin?


58. Which US state has the smallest area overall?

Rhode Island

59. What is ‘action potential’ in biology?

The fast depolarization of the membrane potential at a particular point along a cell’s membrane as happens when a nerve impulse is passed between neurons.

60. Who started China’s Cultural Revolution?

Chairman Mao

61. The Northernmost part of Brazil is closer to Canada than it is to the Southernmost part of Brazil. True or false?


62. James Naismith created what sport in 1891?


63. What is the name of Ireland’s capital?


64. What is the second subdivision of the Paleolithic or Old Stone Age as it is understood in Europe, Africa, and Asia?

The Middle Paleolithic

65. Which year—1945, 1947, or 1949—was the first Tonka vehicle produced?


66. When did Austronesians (Polynesians) colonize Easter Island and possibly made contact with South America?

About 1000

67. Which island in Oceania has an area of 13,570 square miles?

New Britain (Papua New Guinea)

68. What country generated the earliest computer animations?

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

69. What is the third largest state park in the United States?

Chugach State Park

70. When were the Austronesians colonize the Marianas Islands from the island of Luzonin the Philippines

About 1500 BC

71. How long does a dragonfly live?

24 hours

72. Aboriginal Australians formed the first human settlements in which cities today at 40,000–30,000 years ago?

Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne

73. Which continent is home to the biggest desert in the world?


74. How many times have the Patriots played in the Super Bowl championship game?


75. Which chemical has its atomic number 48?


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76. Which nation is the setting for the Leonardo DiCaprio movie “The Beach”?


77. What is the oldest known figurative art of a human figure as opposed to a zoomorphic figure (Venus of Hohle Fels)?

35,000 years ago

78. How many years would it take to transfer a regular human person if you could process a billion atoms every second?

200 billion years

79. When was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony, K. 19a composed?

1765 London

80. What was the occupation listed on Al Capone’s business card?

A used furniture salesman

81. How oldest known ritual cremation, the Mungo Lady, in Lake Mungo, Australia?

40,000–20,000 years ago

82. Which term is used as an equivalent or a synonym for the Middle Paleolithic in African archeology?

Middle Stone Age

83. What city represents New York’s state capital?


84. When was the Aurignacian culture begins in Europe?

40,000 years ago

85. The 14th seed, who unexpectedly upset Venus Williams in the championship match, took home Wimbledon 2017. She is who?

Garbiñe Muguruza

86. South Island is controlled by which country?

New Zealand

87. How much sodium chloride (salt) is there in a liter of ordinary seawater?


88. What is arachnid science, the scientific study of spiders, scorpions, pseudoscorpions, and harvestmen?


89. Who is Donald Duck’s girlfriend called?

Daisy Duck

90. With a length of 272 kilometers (169 miles), which river is far from being the longest or largest river in Europe?

Vjosa River

91. What is the size of an Olympic curling team?


92. How much water does each person on Earth consume?

210,000,000,000 liters of water per person

93. Where is the biggest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls?


94. Jessica Long, one of the multiple Paralympic gold medalists is hailed from which nation?

United States

95. What was the incident of Australian(s) died/being killed in London, Great Britain on 2017 Jun 3?

2017 London Bridge attack

96. What organic substance generated from adenine serves as the primary energy source for chemical processes within living cells?

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

97. Which Han dynasty diplomat explored Central Asia during the 2nd century BC?

Zhang Qian

98. What did Paul Hunn achieve a record for, measuring 118.1 decibels?

The loudest burp

99. Who was the last Welshman to win the World Championship in snooker as of 2020?

Mark Williams

100. Constantinople was burned how many times during the Fourth Crusade?


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