100 General Knowledge Quiz for 15 Year Olds with Answers

General knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers is a free online trivia in English for students and learners from all levels. The importance of general knowledge in human existence cannot be overstated. You may come across as ignorant if you are unaware of what is going on around you, which may prevent you from participating in certain beneficial debates with a general knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers. As a result, a lack of broad knowledge might limit your social interactions by dint of general knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers.

A basic understanding of a variety of topics may considerably assist you in starting a conversation with others by identifying a topic on which they have some level of competence through a general knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers. At the end of the day, each of you will have learned something new general knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers. Aside from that, knowing what’s going on in the world might help you make better decisions about a general knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers.

For example, because you don’t know what’s going on in the business or company, you can invest in it even though there are no obvious gains to be made of the general knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers.

Here’s why having a strong general knowledge base is a vital aspect of your personality that can help you win at practically everything in life and a general knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers.

  • Improve your marks in school, college, and competitive tests by increasing your general knowledge.
  • Having a broad understanding of the world helps you make better judgments in life.
  • Impressing someone with a broad understanding of the world is a given.
  • Interact well with people from various cultural backgrounds
  • Having a broad understanding of current events allows you to stay on top of the newest developments.

General knowledge quiz for 15-year-olds with answers

1. The National Quiz Bee is the longest-running national academic quiz competition in which country?

The Philippines

2. Wembley Stadium is located in which city in England?


3. Royal Library, Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark has how many items?

42.5 million

4. Why is Trujillo Adobe, Riverside, California significant?

On June 3, 2021, the National Trust announced it as one of the most endangered places

5. All the pictures of which king are always shown in profile?

King of Diamonds

6. What is the name of the 414.22 m (1,359 ft) long oil tanker that was in service in 1976–2003?

Batillus class (4 ships)

7. In the Industrial Age, artillery was again revolutionized by the introduction of explosive shells, beginning with which guns?

Paixhans guns

8. Which English county has its highest point Whernside?

North Yorkshire

9. What is the capital of the surrounding Cundinamarca Department, while constituting its own capital district, Colombia?


10. Pernell Roberts played which character in a TV western series?

Adam Cartwright

11. Where is the Hanna-Barbera character Eugene the Jeep from?


12. National Diet Library is located in which country?


13. In 1914, Cook & Hurst Ltd. founded which company in the UK?


14. What is the GDP of Alberta, Canada as of 2019?


15. What are Unaone, Soxisix, and Novenine?

International phonetic numbers 169

16. A large cuckoo clock La Cumbrecita was originated in 2011 in which country?


17. What is the longest film in the USA?

O.J.: Made in America (2016)

18. Which popular nursery rhyme was first recorded in England in c. 1744?

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

19. 745 caliber Basilic Bombard Cannon was originated in 1453 by whom?

Ottoman Empire

20. If something is caseous what is it like?


21. In radio and audio drama, who played Mycroft Holmes in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – “The Bruce-Partington Plans” in 1954?

Val Gielgud

22. Çam, a cape of Turkey in the Anatolia peninsula in the Black Sea is located in which province?


23. Tequila is a liquor distilled from the blue agave plant in which country?


24. What is the highest point of English county, Devon?

High Willhays

25. William Herschel astronomer was a musician what instrument?


26. Which Walt Disney Animation Studios film was released on October 23, 1941?


27. Durbanville in Cape Metropole is located in which country?

South Africa

28. Who was the host of the 7th primetime Emmy Awards ceremony for the year 1954, held at Moulin Rogue Nightclub?

Steve Allen & Dave Garroway

29. Quebec, Canada entered the country’s confederation on what date?

July 1, 1867

30. In Islington in London it’s a £50 fine for sleeping where?

The Public Library

31. Who received the Academy Award for Best Director 1927/28 for the film Two Arabian Knights?

Lewis Milestone (Comedy Picture)

32. Who played the Second Doctor in The Power of the Daleks episode in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who?

Patrick Troughton

33. What is a breakfast function organized by the National Rugby League on the week of the NRL Grand Final?

NRL Grand Final Breakfast

34. Crambeck Ware Romano-British pottery in 4th century AD was originated in which location?

Crambeck, Yorkshire

35. Dr. Deidrich Knickerbocker invented which famous character?

Rip Van Winkle

36. “Broken Flag”, a song about Algiers city is sung by whom?

Patti Smith

37. Which American pilot was one of the “Men of Mach 1” and was considered the father of Systems Engineering at Wright Field?

Fred J. Ascani

38. Most of the world’s largest oilfields are located in which location?

Middle East

39. What is the country of origin of the Papa John’s Pizza chain?


40. What occupation would use a dibber?

Gardener – to make planting holes

41. What is the largest oil field in UAE, discovered in 1963?

Upper Zakum oil field

42. What is Linguine?


43. What percent of known oil is concentrated in fewer than 1500 giant and major fields?


44. Mount Wilhelm (4,509 m or 14,793 ft) is the tallest summit of which continent (Political)?


45. Miss Lemon is what detectives confidential secretary?

Hercule Poirot

46. What is the moral of Aesops’ Fable “The Ass in Lion’s Skin”?

Fine clothes may disguise, but silly words will disclose a fool

47. Formed in 1992, which country has its International vehicle registration code “AM”?


48. Who was the director of the Walt Disney Animation Studios film “Bambi” (1942)?

David Hand

49. Allen Edmonds company sells what product?


50. Name Alice’s pet cat?


51. What is the highest point of Cyprus?

Mount Olympus, 1,951 m (6,401 ft)

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Mount Olympus

52. What is the name of Romano-British pottery that originated in the 2nd to 5th centuries AD in the Isle of Wight?

Vectis ware

53. Who was William F. Assmann?

a record-setting balloonist

54. Hutong Yangtze River Bridge, a long cable-stayed bridge is located in which city?

Nantong – Suzhou, Jiangsu, China

55. UK snooker players call it doubling what do US pool players say?


56. Walter Pyramid building is built in 1994 in which city?

Long Beach, California

57. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, which actor was accused of being a Communist sympathizer, which he denied?

Charlie Chaplin

58. Estadio Azteca stadium is located in which city?

Mexico City

59. Who wrote the novel “The Making of a Saint” in 1898?

W. Somerset Maugham

60. In MASH what was the character Radars full name?

Walter O’Reilly

61. Crystal Cavern cave is located in which US state?


62. Capellini pasta was originated in which location?


63. During the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368), under the auspices of Kublai Khan which city (known as Khanbaliq in Mongolian or Dadu in Chinese), was rebuilt on a grander scale?


64. Kangchenjunga, 8,586 m (28,169 ft) is the highest point of which country?


65. Whose only novel was The Cardinals Mistress?

Benito Mussolini

66. Cacolac chocolate drink is popular in which country?


67. The Bird-catcher and the Blackbird is a story in which country’s Anthology?


68. Horchata drink is quite popular in which country?


69. What is Lemonade?

a sweetened lemon-flavored beverage

70. Whose original backup group was The Blue Moon Boys?

Elvis Presley

71. What is the number of items in the Shanghai Library?

56 million

72. Jiayu Yangtze River Bridge, a long able-stayed bridge was built in which year in Jiayu County, Hubei, China?


73. What is the nave height of Florence Cathedral, Italy?

45 m (148 ft)

74. In July 2020, which American was awarded two Guinness World Records for being the oldest active pilot and active flight instructor?

Robina Fedora Asti

75. Britannia female embodiment of Britain who is the French?


76. Manitou Cave in Alabama, USA is located side of which mountain?

Lookout Mountain

77. Aelianus Tacticus was a military writer in which country?


78. Ta kata ten Europen (Affairs in Europe) in 49 books is a set of lost literary works of the Classical world writen by whom?


79. Death Cab For Cutie musical band was formed in which year in Washington, USA?


80. Who wrote the line East is East and West is West?

Rudyard Kipling

81. Who was Bill Ballantine (1910–1999)?

an American writer and illustrator of circus subjects

82. Which rare literary work of Anaxagoras in the Classical world has been lost?

Book of Philosophy. Only fragments of the first part have survived.

83. Mora (drink) is made of what?


84. “365” song was composed by which band?


85. Atlanta burned in Gone With the Wind was what old film set?

King Kong, it needed clearing

86. Hisham ibn al-Kalbi (d. 819) was a historian in which era of the formative period?

Third era: 800-860

87. Brendan Behan (1923–1964) was a writer from which country?


88. The 12th primetime Emmy Awards ceremony (1959–60) hosted by Fred Astaire was held at which venue?

NBC Studios

89. In 2014, which trade center opens in New York City?

One World Trade Center

90. Which American city used to be called Yerba Buena?

San Francisco

91. City Palace reconstruction in Berlin projected for completion in which year?


92. What is Vanguard (1957-1959)?

a rocket of the United States

93. “Amaze Us” is a popular song recorded by which band?


94. Nursery rhyme “Apples and Bananas” was first recorded in which year in North America?


95. What’s the capital of The People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen?


96. Which Kenyan mountain has its height of 5199m?

Mount Kenya (Batian)

97. Who is Úna-Minh Caomhánach (born 1991)?

Irish travel writer and journalist

98. W. Somerset Maugham wrote which novel in 1906?

The Bishop’s Apron

99. Who is the artist of the song “Can’t You Tell?”?

Aimee Mann

100. Who played Louis Armstrong in the 1954 film The Glenn Miller Story?

He played himself

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