50 Fun Trivia Questions with Answers General Knowledge Quiz

Fun trivia questions with answers is a collection of general knowledge, free online quizzes in English in printable format for avid learners. General Knowledge Is Something That May Truly Help Us Improve, Both Personally and Academically. It Narrows Our Perception of the Universe, Helps Us Grasp, and Evaluates Circumstances Better Than We Could Without fun trivia questions with answers.

No doubt, fun trivia questions with answers, Are a Vital Part of Our Daily Lives. You Must Connect With Your Country’s Past Discoveries, as well as the Country’s Past About War, Kings, and Independence, While Gk Expands Your Knowledge and Capacity on the basis of fun trivia questions with answers.

Actually, general information, particularly current events, may improve your knowledge by solving more and more fun trivia questions with answers. If you are writing an essay, attending an interview, or simply speaking with folks informally, you can improve your marks or your personality by applying your current events knowledge like fun trivia questions with answers.

General knowledge is something that may truly help us improve, both personally and academically from many sources like these fun trivia questions with answers. It narrows our perception of the world, helps us grasp and evaluate circumstances better than we would if we didn’t have the right information and fun trivia questions with answers.

Fun trivia questions with answers

1. “Abuse Me” is a popular song recorded by which band?


2. What is the name of the tower in Dubai, set to be completed in 2021, and will become the tallest structure in the world at a rumored height of at least 1,300 meters (4,625 feet)?

Dubai Creek Tower

3. In radio and audio drama, who played Mycroft Holmes in The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – “The Great Gandolfo”, and “The Tell-Tale Pigeon Feathers” in 1945, 1946?

Rex Evans

4. What is the name of Romano-British pottery that originated in the 3rd to 4th centuries AD in East Anglia?

Oxfordshire color coated ware

5. What are or were Tester, Royal, Mark, and Noble?

Old English coins

6. Anthology of Planudes was created in which country?


7. Which popular nursery rhyme was first recorded in England in c. 1730?

As I was going to St Ive’s

8. Who is The Second Doctor?

an incarnation of Doctor Who, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television series

9. Who received the Academy Award for Best Director 1927/28 for the film 7th Heaven?

Frank Borzage (Dramatic Picture)

10. Collective nouns – A Congregation of what?


11. Ta kata ten Asian (Affairs in Asia) in 10 books is a set of lost literary works of the Classical world writen by whom?


12. What is Fileja, originated in Vibo Valentia (Calabria), Avellino (Campania)?


13. What is the administrative center of the Cacadu District Municipality, itself in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality?

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

14. Adrianus was a sophist in which ancient city?


15. International car registration letters what country is RA?


16. In 2015, which tallest building in China and the second-tallest building in the world, gets completed, Charles Correa dies?

Shanghai Tower in Shanghai

17. Who was the host of the 6th primetime Emmy Awards ceremony for the year 1953, held at Hollywood Palladium?

Ed Sullivan

18. Who played the First Doctor in An Unearthly Child episode in the British science fiction television series Doctor Who?

William Hartnell

19. Banquet of Chestnuts – known more properly as the “Ballet of Chestnuts”, refers to a fête in which city?


20. Of what are Bristol, Rockingham, Chelsea, and Minton types Pottery?

Porcelain, China

21. Who was a U.S. Air Force test pilot, and the first man to attain speeds faster than Mach 3?

Milburn Grant “Mel” Apt

22. How many oil and gas fields of all sizes are there in the world?

more than 65,000

23. Who is Colm Byrne (born 1971)?

An Irish playwright

24. What is SM-65A Atlas (1957 – 1958)?

a rocket of the United States

25. Who is known as The father of English poetry – 1340 – 1400?

Geoffrey Chaucer

general knowledge trivia questions and answers pdf general knowledge quiz questions with answers easy general knowledge questions and answers easy trivia questions and answers general knowledge general trivia questions and answers pdf general knowledge quiz questions and answers 2022 general trivia questions and answers 2023
Geoffrey Chaucer was a poet and author from England. He is well known for The Canterbury Tales, and is often regarded as the finest English poet of the Middle Ages. He has been referred to as the “Father of English Literature” or “Father of English Poetry.”

26. What was the name of the corporation Charlie Chaplin co-founded with Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D. W. Griffith?

United Artists

27. Who wrote his first novel “Liza of Lambeth” in 1897?

W. Somerset Maugham

28. Which American pilot is best known as the co-inventor of the treap data structure, a type of binary search tree that orders nodes by adding a priority as well as a key to each node?

Cecilia Rodriguez Aragon

29. Where is the Hanna-Barbera character Col. Crumb from?


30. According to the traditional rhyme what’s the fate of Wed. child?

Full of Woe

31. The 11th primetime Emmy Awards ceremony (1958–59) hosted by Raymond Burr was held at which venue?

Moulin Rogue Nightclub

32. What is the country of origin of the Little Caesars pizza chai?


33. W. Somerset Maugham wrote which novel in 1904?

The Merry-Go-Round

34. Busiate (or busiati) pasta was originated in which location?

Sicily (particularly Trapani) Sardinia

35. What is the central part of a backgammon board called?

The Bar

36. Samuel Beckett (1906–1989) was a writer from which country?


37. Black-burnished ware Romano-British pottery in 2nd to 4th centuries CE was originated in which location?

Dorset area and Thames Estuary

38. Nursery rhyme “A Was an Apple Pie” was first recorded in which year in England?


39. Who was an aviation pioneer, Chief of the Air Corps (1938–1941), commanding general of the United States Army Air Forces?

Henry Harley Arnold

40. What sports name translates as Little Game of War?


41. Agua frescas drink is quite popular in which country?


42. Brownie Chocolate Drink is popular in which country?


43. Who was the author of the Sirah Rasul Allah (The Life of the Apostle of God)?

Ibn Ishaq (d. 761), a historian of the formative period

44. What type of lime juice is used in traditional medicine consumed and also used topically?

Kaffir lime juice

45. What are Claymore, Thistle, and Piper?

North Sea Oil Fields

46. Who is Avner the Eccentric?

American clown

47. Could Not Even Star – song was composed by which band?


48. Which rare literary work of Sulpicius Alexander in the Classical world has been lost?


49. Who is the artist of the song “Million Dollar Loan”?

Death Cab For Cutie

50. What color tranquilizers work best?


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