100 Printable Trivia Questions and Answers Multiple Choice

  • April 10, 2021
  • GK
printable trivia questions and answers multiple choice multiple choice sports trivia questions and answers printable

Who asks Questions has a spirit and thirst to learn. There is no way to learn without asking. Printable trivia questions and answers multiple choice are here to let you know 100 interesting, evergreen questions and answers. MCQs are the best totally your confidence and you must be one of the best answerings all of these printable trivia questions and answers multiple choice.

Each one of these MCQ quiz questions has been lovingly as well as and painstakingly researched from many reliable sources, and this contest contains 100 questions, with multiple choice answers, that all of you should answer.

Free Printable quiz questions and answers with General Knowledge can be answered very easily and the answer sheet is put in the below for your verification. SOlve the quiz from quick, easy, and multiple-choice quizzes on your own.

Who can solve MCQ in the shortest possible time? Since there are numerous hard brainteasers out there, sometimes it’s challenging to just have some easy trivia questions and answers. Intelligent learners consider the best part about easy trivia in continuous practice.

Here is a set of printable trivia questions with multiple choice answers about many common and popular trends, topics, cultures, and general knowledge.

Multiple choice printable trivia questions and answers are thrilling when they include questions with answers, trivia, quizzes with answers as well as multiple-choice quizzes with answers in the form of MCQs.

There are fun free printable trivia quizzes for you on the internet – keep learning the trivia quiz questions on various topics such as history, sports, presidents, geography, music, math, US States, American nationalities, hobbies, International, vegetable, food, that are great for students, examine, and the general reader.

Since you love to play trivia games and solve quizzes, this quiz is appropriate for you. The multiple-choice quizzes mostly consist of general knowledge, as well as contains for any competitive exam.

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Printable trivia questions and answers multiple choice

1. Famous artist Pablo Picasso belongs to which country?

a) Spain
b) Italy
c) Franch
d) Portugal

2. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the leading artists of the High Renaissance, from which country?

a) Spain
b) Ireland
c) Portugal
d) Italy

3. Which animal is treated the cleanest?

a) Whale
b) Pigs
c) Giraffe
d) Zebra

4. What is the rarest bug in the world?

a) Panda ant
b) Title Beetle
c) Land/ Tree lobster
d) Karner butterfly

5. What is the hardest sport in the world?

a) Karate
b) Water Polo
c) Weight Lifting
d) Archery

6. What is the oldest sport?

a) Wrestling
b) Kabadi
c) Bull Fight
d) Cockfight

7. What animal is lazy?

a) Tree weta
b) The panda ant
c) Red-fanged funnel spider
d) Sloths

8. What is the world’s heaviest insect?

a) Stresemann’s Bristlefront
b) Dryococelus australis
c) Land lobster
d) Tree weta

9. Which footballer has won the most trophies?

a) Vitor Bala
b) Ryan Giggs
c) Dani Alves
d) Wael Gomaa

10. Which player has the most Champions League?

a) Paolo Maldini (AC Milan)
b) Francisco Gento (Real Madrid)
c) Alessandro Costacurta (AC Milan)
d) Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United, Real Madrid)

11. What is the biggest comeback in soccer history?

a) Liverpool over Barcelona
b) Spurs match Liverpool’s magic.
c) Blackpool wins the FA Cup over Bolton
d) Sweden’s stages comeback on Germany.

12. Which team in England has more trophies?

a) Cardiff City
b) Fulham F.C.
c) Aston Villa
d) Man Utd

13. Which club is the richest in the world?

a) Manchester United
b) Real Madrid
c) Barcelona
d) Liverpool

14. Which planet rotates the fastest?

a) Jupiter
b) Mars
c) Uranus
d) Saturn

15. Who is the biggest soccer club in the world?

a) Bayern Munich
b) Barcelona – Spain
c) Manchester United
d) Real Madrid

16. Who is the best soccer player of all time?

a) Maradona
b) Ronaldo
c) Messi
d) Pele

17. Which NBL team has won the most championships?

a) Melbourne United
b) Cairns Taipans
c) Perth Wildcats
d) Sydney Kings

18. What is the best ranked country in hockey?

a) Pakistan
b) Russia
c) Canada
d) Finland

19. Which country has the most grandmasters

a) Germany
b) Ukraine
c) United States
d) Russia

20. Which country has the most rivers?

a) Bangladesh
b) Brazil
c) India
d) China

21. An estimated 50-80% of all life on earth is found under the ocean surface and the oceans contain what percentage of the living space on the planet?

a) 99%
b) 95%
c) 79%
d) 89%

22. What is the smallest whale?

a) Killer whales
b) Blue whale
c) Dwarf sperm whale
d) Humpback whale

23. What percent of shark species grow to less than 1.6 m and are unable to hurt people or rarely encounter people? About

a) 80%
b) 70%
c) 60%
d) 90%

24. What is the Earth’s lowest land point with an elevation of 396 m below sea level?

a) Devis sea
b) Mediterranean sea
c) Arctic Ocean
d) The Dead Sea

25. What is the slowest sea animal?

a) Blobfish
b) Sloths
c) Starfish
d) Snail

26. What are the three species of sharks which have been identified repeatedly in fatal bites?

a) Great whites
b) Tigers
c) Nurse Sharks
d) Bull sharks

27. Less than 10% of that space has been explored by humans. 85% of the area and 90% of the volume constitute the dark, cold environment we call the

a) Surface sea
b) Deep-sea
c) Underground see
d) Unfathomable sea

28. How many shark species are there?

a) 200 or more
b) 300 or more
c) 400 or more
d) 500 or more

29. What animals Cannot feel pain?

a) Most of Chordates
b) Most of insects
c) Most of vertebrates
d) Most of invertebrates

30. What year was Wimbledon boycotted by the Association of Tennis Professionals ?

a) 1971
b) 1973
c) 1975
d) 1977

31. Who was the only player that won Wimbledon after entering with a Wildcard ?

a) Goran Ivanisevic
b) Novak Djokovic
c) Roger Federer
d) Ivan Lendl

32. Who was the only male player to achieve a Grand Slam (winning all four majors in a calendar year) twice during his career ?

a) Pete Sampras
b) Bjorn Borg
c) Rod Laver
d) Jimmy Connors

33. Who was the youngest tennis player to ever be ranked number 1 in the world?

a) Martina Hingis
b) Lleyton Hewitt
c) Roger Federer
d) Cori “Coco” Gauff

34. When were yellow tennis balls first used at Wimbledon ?

a) 1781
b) 1999
c) 1882
d) 1986

35. Who is the youngest tennis player?

a) Andre Agassi
b) Rafael Nadal
c) Steffi Graf
d) Cori “Coco” Gauff

36. What is the least aggressive shark?

a) Caribbean Reef Shark
b) Nurse Shark
c) Leopard Shark
d) Angel Shark

37. What is the rarest bird?

a) Orange-Bellied Parrot
b) ew Caledonian Owlet-Nightjar
c) Stresemann’s Bristlefront
d) Forest Owlet

38. Most of the solar system’s mass is in the Sun itself, the mass is

a) Between 99.8 and 99.9 percent
b) Between 89.8 and 89.9 percent
c) Between 79.8 and 79.9 percent
d) Between 90 and 95 percent

39. Which planet rotates the slowest?

a) Earth
b) Venus
c) Mars
d) Mercury

40. which planet rotates in clockwise direction

a) Saturn
b) Mercury
c) Venus
d) Mars

41. Lunar libration lets us see more than ____ of the moon.

a) 50%
b) 80%
c) 100%
d) 20%

42. Which side of the moon do we see?

a) No side, just an image
b) All sides
c) Two sides
d) One side

43. We have the same amount of hair on our bodies as a-

a) Lion
b) Alien
c) Chimpanzee
d) Bear

44. What is the most amount of chemical in our body?

a) Blood
b) Water
c) Oxygen
d) Nitrogen

45. Chemical name of Caustic Potash is

a) Green Vitriol
b) Potassium Hydroxide
c) Potassium Silicet
d) Potassium Aluminum Sulphate

46. Collosium was made by

a) Aztecs
b) Greek
c) Romans
d) Byzantiums

47. The average of the highest and lowest temperatures during a 24-hour period is called?

a) Mean Daily Temperature
b) Medium Daily Temperature
c) Average Daily Temperature
d) Optimum Daily Temperature

48. How much snow a single snowstorm can drop?

a) 4 million tons
b) 20 million tons
c) 12 million tons
d) 40 million tons

49. Permanent snow and ice cover about what percentage of the Earth’s land surface?

a) 12%
b) 6%
c) 21%
d) 24%

50. What is cumulonimbus?

a) Largest ice
b) Biggest underwater volcano
c) Biggest clouds
d) Biggest asterids

51. Energy created by a single snowstorm is equivalent to

a) 12 atom bombs
b) 120 atom bombs
c) 20 atom bombs
d) 1 atom bombs

52. What percent of the world’s fresh water is locked up as ice or snow.

a) 60%
b) 80%
c) 70%
d) 95%

53. How much tiem does it takes for the Light to travel from the sun takes to reach the earth?

a) 8 minutes
b) 1 minute
c) 7 minutes
d) 12 minutes

54. At any particular time, how many thunderstorms are approximately occurring in the Earth’s atmosphere?

a) 2,200
b) 800
c) 1,800
d) 200

55. What is kelp?

a) Silica
b) Astoroid
c) Fern
d) Algae

56. Brazil is named after a

a) Tree
b) Goddess
c) Grass
d) RIver

57. What is Dendrochronology?

a) Study of of calculating the chonology of civilization
b) Science of calculating a tree’s age by its rings.
c) Science of calculating dndruff in the hair
d) Research of calculating the age of the earth

58. What serves the function of a pesticide in a coffee plan?

a) Caffeine
b) Xelotin
c) Genin
d) Tayasinin

59. Apple is ___ air, that is why it floats on water.

a) 10%
b) 5%
c) 25%
d) 50%

60. Cricket bats are made of a tree called

a) Sequoia
b) Redwoods
c) Rhododendron
d) Willow

61. Baseball bats are made out of the wood which tree?

a) Llangernyw Yew
b) Willow
c) Hickory
d) Oak

62. What is the name of the oldest tree in the world?

a) Pando
b) Methuselah
c) Old Tjikko
d) Great Basin Bristlecone Pine

63. What is the longest tree in the world?

a) Kauri
b) Giant sequoia
c) Coast redwood
d) Jurupa Oak

64. During lifetime, we produce enough _____ to fill two olympic sized swimming pools.

a) Urine
b) Sweat
c) Blood
d) Saliva

65. The brain is much more active at night than during the day. True/ False?

a) True
b) False

66. Our nose can remember how many types of different scents?

a) 5,000
b) 50,000
c) 5,00,000
d) 1,000

67. Women’s hearts beat _____ than men’s.

a) double
b) equal
c) slower
d) faster

68. Relative to size, the strongest muscle in body is the

a) Tongue
b) Jaw
c) Arm
d) Thigh

69. How many muscles it takes to smile?

a) 29
b) 55
c) 17
d) 2

70. How many muscles it takes to frown?

a) 22
b) 57
c) 43
d) 11

71. How many muscles it takes to punch someone?

a) 7
b) 3
c) 41
d) 17

72. Which organ has the same size during birth and death?

a) Lungs
b) Ears
c) Nose
d) Eyes

73. Which body parts never stop growing?

a) nose and ears
b) eyes and teeth
c) hearts and lungs
d) ears and eyes

74. Which of the following part of the body cant self heal?

a) Eyes
b) Teeth
c) Hearts
d) Intestines

75. Which body part itself cannot feel pain?

a) Tissue
b) Teeth
c) Brain
d) Muscles

76. The largest internal organ is the

a) Heart
b) Large intestine
c) Liver
d) Small intestine

77. _______ regularly exceed 100 mph & nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles per hour.

a) Sneezes
b) Blood
c) Carbon dioxide
d) Signals

78. The Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences has been awarded 51 times to how many Laureates between 1969 and 2019?

a) 65
b) 51
c) 84
d) 52

79. The colder the room you sleep in, the better the chances are that you’ll have a

a) Sound sleep
b) Bad dream
c) Good dream
d) Smooth digestion

80. What colors appear in the middle of the Bangladesh flag?

a) White triangle
b) Green Star
c) Blue stripe
d) Red circle

81. You burn ____ calories while sleeping than you do when watching television.

a) Equal
b) Zero
c) Less
d) More

82. ________less than 7 hours each night reduces your life expectancy.

a) Sleeping
b) Working
c) Walking
d) Thinking

83. What color appears in the middle of the Rwandan flag?

a) Cyan
b) Yellow
c) Green
d) White

84. Freetown the capital of

a) Congo
b) Cabo Verde
c) Ethiopia
d) Sierra Leone

85. Which popular gardener created Barnsdale Gardens and was the author of many books such as The Ornamental Kitchen Garden?

a) Alan Titchmarsh
b) Bob Flowerdew
c) Geoff Hamilton
d) Monty Don

86. Americans on the average eat what volume of pizza every day?

a) 55 acres
b) 1 acre
c) 18 acres
d) 8 acres

87. About what percent of ultra-violet rays from the sun can get through the cloud and cause sunburn even on cloudy days.

a) 20%
b) 80%
c) 70%
d) 50%

88. Within three days of the death, the enzymes that once digested your dinner begin

a) to burn you
b) to scare you
c) to eat you
d) to leave you

89. About 10,000 human cells can fit on

a) the head of a pen
b) the head of an ant
c) the head of a wasp
d) the head of a pin

90. You have no sense of smell when you’re

a) Underwater
b) Eating
c) Sleeping
d) Underground

91. Astronauts cannot burp in space because there is no

a) Pressure
b) Gravity
c) Air
d) Oxygen

92. There are more cells in your body than stars in the galaxy. T/F?

a) True
b) False

93. Around what percent of the cells that make humans aren’t human in origin. We’re mostly fungi and bacteria.

a) 50%
b) 99%
c) 90%
d) 70%

94. Approximately 75% of human waste is made of

a) Dust
b) Sweat
c) Air
d) Water

95. Babies start dreaming ____ they’re born.

a) after
b) before
c) during
d) never

96. What are molecules or polyatomic ions with identical molecular formulas?

a) isomers
b) isotopes
c) radioisotope
d) isogen

97. Cyanobacteria brought what particle in the year around 2.4 billion years ago?

a) Oxygen
b) Light
c) Nitrogen
d) Water

98. Which country has the most unique animals?

a) Madagaskar
b) Colombia
c) Brazil
d) Mozambique

99. Where do the highest tides in the world occur?

a) Bothnian Bay
b) Bay of Biscay
c) Bay of Fundy
d) Cam Ranh Bay

100. How many types pf kelp (algie) are there in the ocean water

a) 30
b) 60
c) 90
d) more than 100

Answers sheet

1. A
2. D
3. B
4. C
5. B
6. A
7. D
8. C
9. C
10. B
11. A
12. D
13. C
14. A
15. D
16. D
17. C
18. C
19. D
20. A
21. B
22. C
23. A
24. D
25. B
26. C
27. B
28. D
29. D
30. B
31. A
32. C
33. B
34. D
35. D
36. A
37. C
38. A
39. B
40. C
41. A
42. D
43. C
44. B
45. B
46. C
47. A
48. D
49. A
50. C
51. B
52. B
53. A
54. C
55. D
56. A
57. B
58. A
59. C
60. D
61. C
62. A
63. B
64. D
65. A
66. B
67. D
68. A
69. C
70. C
71. B
72. D
73. A
74. B
75. C
76. D
77. A
78. C
79. B
80. C
81. D
82. A
83. B
84. D
85. A
86. C
87. B
88. A
89. D
90. C
91. B
92. A
93. C
94. D
95. B
96. A
97. D
98. B
99. C
100. A

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