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  • April 10, 2021
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funny trivia questions and answers printable funny trivia questions and answers

Its free, fun and dumb, funny trivia questions and answers printable on several interesting topics, which are picked from really silly and stupid things like as many interesting idiotic laws, bizarre food, dumb things people say, interesting animals, crazy things people do, and our society.

Funny printable trivia quiz questions with the answers will open up the window of fun and happiness, Silly, laughing and dumb trivia questions and answers are free and printable for any competition or family moment, These funny trivia questions for everyone who intends to find joy, fun, and prank.

Here you are going to find 100+ funny, silly, prank, and dumb Trivia Questions With Answers. Find the best funny trivia questions and answers printable from here about many interesting and dumb things.

Solve the funny trivia questions and answers printable if you really need to have a fun trivia moment.

There are people who prefer to justify their knowledge and believe the trivia questions are fun for everyone. Here are many of funny trivia questions and answers printable that can be used during the holidays to play with your friend, family, and anyone else.

Here are many fun, free funny trivia questions and answers printable which are appropriate for all age groups, as well as can be used as pub quizzes, parties, social clubs, schools, or universities.

Let’s begin the funny trivia questions and answers printable below

1. The Apollo astronauts’ footprints on the Moon could stay there for how many years?

100 million years

2. McDonald’s McRib sandwiches contain how many ingredients in it?


3. Which Queen celebrates her two birthdays every year?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

4. How does the earth hit with more energy from the sun each hour than the planet uses in a year?

Approximately 430 quintillion Joules of energy hits the Earth from the sun every hour, whereas the entire world population only uses 410 quintillion Joules each year through Solar panels.

5. In Virginia it’s against the law for people to bribe anyone except who?

Political Candidates

6. You run into someone and you go to introduce them to whoever you’re with and you can’t remember their name. What you would tell then in Scottish?

“Pardon my tartle!”

7. What percentage of the Amazon River Dolphin’s brain capacity than humans’?

40 percent larger

8. When President Carter pardoned draft dodgers in 1977, during the Vietnam War, what percentage of the soldiers return America?

50% of the draft dodgers

9. What is the name of the town in Nebraska with a population of one.?


10. Three eagles were found co-parenting three eaglets in which state?


11. Who once said, “China is a big country inhabited by many Chinese”?

Charles de Gaulle

12. Red spot of which planet is getting taller and smaller at the same time?


13. Which state has more bourbon than people?


14. The word “MacGyvered” is in the Oxford English Dictionary, meaning

adapted or improvised in an ingenious or expedient way

15. Eating offspring in certain fish, reptiles, and amphibians may be a sign of good parenting in some species. How?

to help their other offspring survive when overcrowding becomes a problem

16. The Sundance Kid took his nickname from

The town of Sundance, Wyoming

17. What were Tornados used to be called in the 18th century?

“twirlblasts” and “twirlwinds”

18. Who was it that said: “Too many of our imports are from abroad”?

George Bush

19. Which two countries almost went to war over a pig in 1859?

The U.S. and Canada

20. What is occasionally used to enhance vanilla flavorings?

Beaver bum goo

21. Who is exposed to the same amount of radiation as 150 to 6,000 chest x-rays?

Astronauts in space

22. Standard Condoms can keep for up to how long if stored in a cool dark place?

Four years

23. Scientists have partially revived disembodied what animal’s brains for 10 hours or more after the animal’s death for an experiment on cellular functions?


24. In which state some residents are taxed for the rain from 2012?


25. You can learn the High Valyrian language from which online game?

Game of Thrones

26. What are the 2 big reasons there’s a hole in your pen caps?

Avoiding leaking Hazzard of the pen as well as choking Hazard in children

27. Allergy season is getting longer and more intense each year because of

Climate change

28. In New York by law the death penalty is required for what act?

Jumping off a building

29. What is the oldest toy in the world?

A stick

30. Who is the one-armed player who scored the winning goal in the first World Cup 1930?

Héctor Castro (Uruguay)

31. The Pope can’t be an organ donor. Why?

The organ donor card issued in 1970 was invalid when he ascended to the papacy in 2005

32. Where are Albert Einstein’s eyeballs now?

New York City

33. Adult cats are lactose intolerant. Why?

Adult cats don’t have enough of the lactase enzyme to digest lactose from milk

34.Where is it illegal to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a Hotel room?


35. Martin Luther King Jr. got a C on which topic?

Public speaking

36. Pregnancy tests date back to which period?

1350 BCE

37. In Texas criminals must give their victims what?

24 hours advance written notice

38. While shooting an epic battle scene in the film “Troy”, what caused Brad Pitt to put back two for months?

Ironically hurt his Achilles tendon

39. Which European electrical engineer hated pearls?

Nikola Tesla

40. What animal Edison filmed with for experimenting with moving images with his Kinetograph invention in 1892?


41. Until 1961, there were laws in Ireland that banned bars to be open on

March 17, on St. Patrick’s Day

42. A dog was arrested in Seville in 1983 for what?

Handbag Snatching

43. Wimbledon tennis balls are kept at what temperature?

68 degrees Fahrenheit

44. Which insects can make colored honey?


45. Which fruits glow blue under black lights?


46. In the state of Washington a concealed weapon must be what?

Under 6 feet long

47. what is the longest book title that contains 1,809 words?

The Title of the book goes The historical development of the Brain i.e. from its formation from Annelida: Earthworm, Lugworm, Ragworm, Amphitrite, Freshwater worm, Marine worm, Tubifex, Leech. etc, Arthropoda: Housefly, Butterfly, Honey bee, Fairy shrimp, Horseshoe crab, Tick, Bluebottle, Froghopper, Yellow crazy ant…,” and continues to list pretty much every insect, fish, and mammal you can think of, including humans.

48. What is the Twitter bird’s official name?


49. Which only American state borders just one other state?


50. What is the physical problem Hitler had?

A flatulence problem

51. during the 16th century, which animals were once sacrificed wearing earrings and necklaces and wrapped like sushi?

Guinea pigs

52. The term “hipster” that is used these days to describe someone who tries to be stylish and trendy was originated in which decade?

The 1930s

53. In which family in Italy that feels almost no pain?

Members of the Marsili family

54. In Denmark there is a 20 Kroner fine for not reporting what?

Your own, or anyone else’s death

55. Over a lifetime, the average person grows how much nose hair?

7 feet

56. Earth won’t always have the same North Star. Now its Polaris, and by the year 13,000 A.D., which star will take its place?


57. What is the name of the textbook written entirely by an AI author?

Lithium-Ion Batteries: A Machine-Generated Summary of Current Research

58. Which fair holds quirky competitions like a beard-growing contest and a husband-calling contest?

The Iowa State Fair

58. What is the name of the device that creates energy from snowfall?

Snow-based Triboelectric Nanogenerator (Snow-TENG)

59. Who are attracted to the scent of Good & Plenty licorice candy and cucumber?


60. People are either “left-brained” or “right-brained.” T/F?


61. It never caught on, but in 1901 Dr. Dausand demonstrated what?

Silent Cinema – for the blind

62. The world’s busiest MacDonald’s is located in what city?


63. Which animals were used to be used to deliver mail in Belgium.


64. Which actor uses a 1-800 number instead of an agent or manager?

Bill Murray

65. How fast a baby blue whales grow per day?

200 pounds

66. By law in China you must be what to go to school?


67. 14% of Americans could not identify which country on a map?


68. America accidentally dropped an atom bomb on South Carolina in which year?


69. What is the name of the immortal jellyfish?

Turritopsis dohrnii

70. Every time you shuffle a deck of cards, you get a combination that’s never existed. T/F


71. By law every citizen of Kentucky must do what annually?

Take a bath

72. What gorilla species can lift almost a literal ton?


73. We walk an Earth that has seen the extinction of what percentage of all of the species who’ve ever lived on it?


74. Dr. Seuss, the popular children’s book author was born with the name Theodor Seuss Geisel, with Seuss, her mother name, that pronounces


75. In ancient Egypt men and women when peeing did what that is opposite to today?

Peeing – men sat women stood

76. In which state undercover cops in a drug ring once fought another group of undercover cops?


77. Why do we now have so many mineral coal and fossils of trees?

Trees weren’t always biodegradable by bacteria and fungi

78. Instead of apples what do Adams family members bob for?


79. Sharks existed before trees. T/F?


80. Which country uncovers 2,000 tons of unexploded bombs every year?


81. America’s first bank robber deposited the money back into

the same bank

82. Which restaurant in New York employs grandmas as chefs?

Enoteca Maria in Staten Island

83. What large animals other than members of the cat family purr when they are happy?

Brahma Bulls

84. Who has donated nearly half his fortune to encourage the Giving Pledge?

Bill Gates

85. Formerly captured what animals/ birds are completely able to remember the face of their abductor even years after the incident?


86. Which insects have a built-in FitBit?


87. Gabriel Fallopius is credited with inventing what useful stuff?


88. Whose hair was sold in 2004 for $3,000?

Neil Armstrong’s

89. Who could still hear after going deaf?

Beethoven, by the process ‘bone conduction’

90. How many active serial killers may be there in the U.S. right now?


91. In a survey 32% of wives would change their husbands what?


92. Who holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of hair from historical celebrities?

John Reznikoff

93. The MGM lion roar sound is trademarked of which company?


94. 170-year-old bottles of champagne were found at the bottom of the sea?

The Baltic Sea

95. What is the “birthday” of blue jeans, that baby boomers began calling them jeans since 1960?

May 20, 1873

96. The first stroller was pulled by which animal?

A goat

97. What was first called “mold juice”?


98. By-Law – Nebraska Barbers can’t do what between 7 am 7 pm?

Eat Onions

99. South American what animals talk in their eggs

River turtles

100. The British Empire was the largest empire in world history with ruling over what percent of the population in the 1920s?


101. Most people break upon which day of the week?


102. Who was once constipated for nearly two months?

Angus Barbieri

103. Who founded Atari also started Chuck E. Cheese?

Nolan Bushnell

104. Why do dogs like squeaky toys?

The sound a squeaky toy makes is very similar to the sound a small animal makes when being hunted

105. A 70-year-old woman once completed seven marathons in seven days, across all seven continents. Who was she?

Chau Smith

106. What is the Danish Protest Pig?

In the early 20th century, those who resided in North Frisia under Prussian rule were not allowed to raise the Danish flag. But some crafty North Frisians took action by breeding a pig.

107. Your liver can regrow itself in how many days?

3 weeks

108. The majority of Americans choose what pet over love?

Dogs. 54 percent of dog owners are willing to end a relationship if their pup doesn’t like their partner

109. What country has the most 12 time zones?


110. Which tigers can’t roar?


111. Dogs can’t hunt big game mammals in which state?


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