100 General Information Quiz Bee Questions and Answers

General information quiz bee questions and answers English printable is here. In fact, one thing leads to the next with general information quiz bee questions and answers. The main distinction is that learning is a process, whereas knowledge is a result of informal experience. Learning is a method of acquiring knowledge through a school, college, or other institution, or from a book. Practical life experiences may also be used to gain knowledge from general information quiz bee questions and answers.

What methods do learners use to acquire knowledge? Learners learn best in dynamic social classrooms where they negotiate learning via interaction and a variety of ways, by linking new information with knowledge and concepts they already know general information quiz bee questions and answers.

Is it true that the greatest way to learn is via experience? The best method to learn is by experience since otherwise, it would be those who had the experience who would learn, general information quiz bee questions and answers. Learning progresses and grows as a result of conquering challenges and barriers, as well as reflecting on and overcoming mistakes by solving general information quiz bee questions and answers repeatedly.

Why do I enjoy studying general information quiz bee questions and answers? Determining What It Means to Have a Passion for Learning People with the character strength of learning are driven to learn new skills and information or to improve on existing skills and knowledge. They like learning new things, even though they may grow irritated at times when the content is difficult for solving general information quiz bee questions and answers.

General information quiz bee questions and answers

1. Fort-Archambault → Sarh is a renamed place in which country?


2. NoLIta neighborhood is located in which city?

New York

3. Where is the La Rural convention center located?


4. Gymnastics is a what type of sport?


5. If you suffer from diplopia what have you got?

Double vision

6. The American Basketball Association was founded in which year?


7. Wi-Fi doesn’t actually stand for anything. True or false?


8. Bukit Jalil National Stadium is located in which city?

Kuala Lumpur

9. Bibliothèque nationale de France library in Paris has how many items?

40 million

10. In Jules Verne’s literature who lived at 7 Savile Row?

Phileas Fogg

11. Why is Summit Tunnels 6 & 7 and Summit Camp Site, Truckee, California significant?

On June 3, 2021, the National Trust announced it as one of the most endangered places

12. W. Somerset Maugham wrote which novel in 1908?

The Explorer

13. 735 caliber Faule Mette Bombard Cannon was originated in 1411 by whom?

City of Brunswick, Holy Roman Empire

14. A large cuckoo clock La Falda was originated in 1963 in which country?


15. What is the only Shakespeare play that mentions America?

The Comedy of Errors (Act Ill Scene ii)

16. Founded in 1914, which sportswear company in the UK has its Headquarters in Manchester, U.K.?


17. Which English county has its highest point Black Mountain?


18. Who was Claudius Aelianus?

Ancient Roman author

19. The Blind Man and the Lame is a story in which country’s Anthology?


20. What Shakespeare play Course true love never did run smooth?

Midsummer Nights Dream

21. What is the current name of Alexandria in Opiania?

Ghazni (Afghanistan)

22. The plant genus Acanthus has taken its name from which eponym?

Acantha, a Greek mythological character

23. Which English word is named after a weather phenomenon named after the Canadian province of Alberta, where it originates?

Alberta clipper

24. National Diet Library in Japan is located in which cities?

Tokyo and Kyoto

25. What did Aristotle claim as the most delicate of table meats?


26. Tatara Bridge, a long able-stayed bridge was built in which year in Ikuchi Island, Hiroshima – Ōmishima Island, Ehime, Japan?


27. What is the annual visitors of the New York Public Library?

18 million

28. Pigtown neighborhood is located in which city?

New York

29. What is the nave height of Milan Cathedral, Italy?

45 m (148 ft)

30. The Spink standard catalogue lists information about what?


31. Borg El Arab Stadium is located in which city?

Alexandria, Egypt

32. Sutong Yangtze River Bridge, a long cable-stayed bridge is located in which city?

Suzhou – Nantong, Jiangsu, China

33. Which convention center at Los Mochis, Mexico, was named for Benito Juárez (former president of Mexico)?

Auditoria Benito Juarez

34. In 149, Kihachiro Onitsuka founded which sports equipment company in Japan?


35. Which annual world championship is held at Coxheath Kent?

Custard Pie throwing

36. What is the GDP of British Columbia, Canada as of 2019?

309,059 CAD

37. Yasun, a cape of Turkey in the Anatolia peninsula in the Black Sea is located in which province?


38. What is the highest point of English county West Yorkshire?

Black Hill

39. Eerste River in Cape Metropole is located in which country?

South Africa

40. In which film did Cliff Richard sing Living Doll in 1959?

Serious Charge

41. Which Walt Disney Animation Studios film was released on August 13, 1942?


42. Peri ten Erythras thalasses (On the Erythraean Sea) in 5 books is a set of lost literary work of the Classical world writen by whom?


43. Which popular nursery rhyme was first recorded in South Korea in 2007?

Baby Shark

44. Nova Scotia, Canada entered the country’s confederation on what date?

July 1, 1867

45. Which Lombardy town is famed for its cheese?


46. Margarita drink is quite popular in which country?


47. What is the highest point of East Timor?

Tatamailau, 2,963 m (9,721 ft)

48. Mount Kosciuszko (2,228 m or 7,310 ft) is the tallest summit of which continent (mainland)?


49. Formed in 1957, which country has its International vehicle registration code “AND”?


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Andorra vehicle registration code “AND”

50. What exactly are chitterlings?

Fried animals bird small intestines

51. What is the moral of Aesops’ Fable “The Ass the Fox and the Lion”?

Never trust your enemy

52. Allbirds company sells what product?


53. Which rare literary work of Apollodorus of Athens in the Classical world has been lost?

Chronicle (Χρονικά), a Greek history in verse

54. What links James Algar, Samuel Armstrong, Ford Beebe, Norm Ferguson, David Hand, Jim Handley, T. Hee, Wilfred Jackson?

Directors of the Walt Disney Animation Studios film “Fantasia” (1940)

55. Santa Cruz airport serves which city?


56. Which dynasty in Beijing includes traditional Liao-style multi-eaved pagodas, such as the twin pagodas of Qingshou Temple (demolished in 1954)?

Yuan dynasty

57. Puncak Jaya, 4,884 m (16,024 ft) is the highest point of which country?


58. DeSoto Caverns cave is located in which US state?


59. Who is the artist of the song “With Love From Russia”?

Bhi Bhiman

60. Silver hallmarks – what object is stamped on Birmingham items?


61. Nursery rhyme “A Wise Old Owl” was first recorded in which year in the USA?


62. Who was the host of the 8th primetime Emmy Awards ceremony for the year 1955, held at Pan-Pacific Auditorium?

Art Linkletter & Danny Thomas

63. In radio and audio drama, who played Mycroft Holmes in Sherlock Holmes – “The Bruce-Partington Plans”, “The Final Problem” in 1954, 1956?

Malcolm Graeme

64. What is a breakfast function organized by the North Melbourne Football Club on the morning of the AFL Grand Final?

North Melbourne Grand Final Breakfast

65. Graham Hill won the 1968 world championship in which make of car?


66. Who played the Third Doctor in Spearhead from Space episode in British science fiction television series Doctor Who?

Jon Pertwee

67. Rickwood Caverns in Alabama, USA is located in which city?


68. “Again & Again” song was composed by which band?


69. Who was the author of the Kitab al-Tarikh wa’l-Maghazi (Book of History and Battles)?

Al-Waqidi (d. 823), a historian of the formative period

70. Opaque 2 is a modern variety of which cereal crop?


71. Carnation chocolate drink is popular in which country?

United States (Nestlé)

72. What is Limeade?

Fruit drink

73. What is a cocktail that consists of Cola and Fernet on ice?

Fernet con Cola

74. Who was The Banana Man?

a vaudeville (clown) character

75. What are padmasana sirsasana and savasana?

Yoga Positions

76. Which American was a pioneer aviator and a founder of the first movie stunt pilots’ union?

Florence Lowe “Pancho” Barnes

77. “Amethyst” is a popular song recorded by which band?


78. In which year, The Wuhan Greenland Center in Wuhan was set to be completed and to be the tallest building in China when completed at 636 meters (2087 feet)?


79. Who received the Academy Award for Best Director 1928/29 for the film The Divine Lady?

Frank Lloyd

80. What is strange about the Golden Queen holly?

It is male Golden King is female

81. What is Juno I (1958)?

a rocket of the United States

82. George A. Birmingham (1865–1950) was a writer from which country?


83. The 13th primetime Emmy Awards ceremony (1960–61) hosted by Joey Bishop & Dick Powell was held at which venue?

Moulin Rogue Nightclub

84. Which actor remained a British subject and, while traveling to England in 1952 to attend the premiere of his film Limelight, his American re-entry permit was rescinded?

Charlie Chaplin

85. Where was Richard Sheridan from?

Dublin, Ireland

86. Which capital seats of Fall River County, the USA whose administration is under contract from neighboring Oglala Lakota County to also perform the latter’s administrative functions?

Hot Springs, South Dakota, United States

87. Who wrote the novel “Orientations” in 1899?

W. Somerset Maugham

88. In 2013, which architecture is completed in Santiago?

Gran Torre Santiago

89. What is Lagane?


90. What does the epilogue of The Rivals address?

the place of love in life

91. Which Kenyan mountain has its height of 5188m?

Mount Kenya (Nelion)

92. What is the name of the 406.57 m (1,334 ft) long oil tanker that was in service in 1977–2002?

Esso Atlantic, Esso Pacific

93. Where is the Hanna-Barbera character Olive Oyl from?


94. Who is Marina Carr (born 1964)?

Irish playwright

95. Who did Jules Verne marry?

Honorine Anne Hébée Morel

96. What is the first color film of the USA?

Joan the Woman (1916)

97. Which capital seat of Middlesex County, itself an independent city?

London, Ontario, Canada

98. Which American pilot set long-distance flying records and delivered the first delivery of airmail in New England?

Harry Nelson Atwood

99. Fedelini pasta was originated in which location?

Naples, Genoa, and Liguria

100. Who is the protagonist in The Rivals written by Sheridan?

Lydia Languish

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