50 Fun Quiz Rounds and Answers General Knowledge Trivia

Fun quiz rounds and answers general knowledge free online trivia and interesting fun facts for Gk practice. Make Use of Your Experience Take action by applying what you’ve learned to your daily life with fun quiz rounds and answers. Incorporate a notion you’ve learned into your day-to-day activities. At work, put something new into practice. Make a new regimen for yourself at home with fun quiz rounds and answers.

How can you broaden your practical knowledge? You should attend technical training in order to gain practical skills by dint of fun quiz rounds and answers. Such experiences will aid you in honing your teamwork abilities, developing creative thinking, and becoming a problem solver, among other things. Attending just workshops and courses related to your engineering specialty is not required fun quiz rounds and answers.

How do you put what you’ve learned into practice, for example, fun quiz rounds and answers?

Because information is pointless if it is not put into practice.

6 Pointers to Help You Put What You’ve Learned Into Practice:
Make a debriefing and a diary entry about it.
Make a to-do list and put it on your calendar.
Concentrate on just one item at a time.
Allow yourself to be patient.
Allow oneself the freedom to simply…be.
Take action, most crucially.

How do you educate learners on how to apply what they’ve learned, such as fun quiz rounds and answers?

Consider the following strategies to ensure that learners demonstrate their ability to apply what they’ve learned:

Make your application clear.
Concentrate on the most important ideas.
Subskills should be identified.
Allow pupils to practice.
Make it collaborative and social.
Students should be involved in the process.

Fun quiz rounds and answers

1. The Billboard Hot 100 is the music industry standard record chart in the United States for which item, published weekly by Billboard magazine?


2. What does AP means in Accounting?

Accounts Payable

3. Which country has been named after John Marshall?

Marshall Islands

4. Akutan city is located in which US state?


5. What kind of material is guipure?


6. Concelho → Caconda (1975) is a renamed place in which country?


7. BoCoCa neighborhood is located in which city?

New York

8. What is the current name of Alexandria on the Oxus?

Ai-Khanoum (Afghanistan)

9. What is a person (real or fictitious) called from whom something is said to take its name?

An eponym

10. Name a quadruped beginning with the letter N?

Newt – Nutria — Nagli

11. Lusail Iconic Stadium is located in which city?

Lusail, Qatar

12. Achaemenid dynasty has taken its name from which eponym?

Achaemenes, Persian king

13. Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa has how many items?

54 million

14. Why is Georgia B. Williams Nursing Home, Camilla, Georgia significant?

On June 3, 2021, the National Trust announced it as one of the most endangered places

15. Starting highest write the Roman Numerals in descending order?

MDCLXVI or 1966

16. What is the scientific name of Marine iguana?

Amblyrhynchus cristatus

17. Which country has the length of its railroad network 36,966 km?


18. Which Cypress wood has its scientific name (Chamaecyparis obtusa)?

Hinoki cypress

19. What is a 1499 work by Italian Renaissance historian and political scientist Niccolò Machiavelli about the history of Pisa?

Discourse on Pisa

20. Who sang the original version of Blue Suede Shoes?

Carl Perkins

21. What is the safety of Wax in wood finishing?

Safe when solvents in paste wax evaporate

22. Who was the most aged ICC T20 World Cup cricket player of the tournament?

Chris Gayle, WI

23. Viennese waltz is a what?

a ballroom dance

24. the Dominican Republic is named after whom?

Saint Dominic

25. Unusual (for him) role Bogart plays in The Return of Doctor X 1939?

A Vampire

26. What does IWW mean?

Industrial Workers of the World

27. What does the Wobbly lingo, technical language, or jargon “Beanmaster” mean?


28. Fort-Foureau → Kousséri is a renamed place in which country?


29. Murray Hill is located in which city?

New York

free quiz questions and answers general knowledge easy general knowledge quiz with answers general knowledge quiz multiple choice general knowledge quiz and answers
Murray Hill Neighborhood in New York City, New York

30. The longest recorded one lasted 51.5 minutes – what?

Tennis rally1029 strokes

31. National Diet Library, Japan has how many items?

44.1 million

32. What does ASAP mean in business?

“As soon as possible”

33. Which English word is named after Achates, the ancient Greek name for the river Dirillo on the Italian island of Sicily?


34. Salt Lake Stadium is located in which city in India?


35. Who was the first British Royal to become a motorist?

Prince of Wales, Edward VII

36. Stonecutters Bridge, a long cable-stayed bridge is located in which city?

Tsing Yi – Stonecutters Island, Hong Kong

37. Santa Chiara church is located in which city in Italy?


38. What is the annual visitors of the British Library?

1.75 million

39. Pont de Normandie, a long able-stayed bridge was built in which year in Le Havre, Seine-Maritime – Honfleur, Calvados, France?


40. Ford Prefect came from a star in which constellation?

Orion (Betelgeuse)

41. What is the name of 381.92 m (1,253 ft) long oil tanker that was in service in 1978–2001?

Nai Superba, Nai Genova

42. Which animal has its scientific name Alces americanus?

American moose

43. Where is the Córdoba Civic and Convention Center located?


44. High kick is a what type of sport?


45. What makes Argon, Neon, and Helium unique in chemistry?

No compounds

46. Which country is storming ahead as the fastest country in the world, with an average Internet speed of 26.7Mbps?

South Korea

47. Which convention center in Colombo, Sri Lanka, was named for Solomon Ridgeway Dias Bandaranaike?

Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall

48. Little Italy neighborhood is located in which city?

New York

49. What does the Wobbly lingo, technical language, or jargon “Big O” mean?

A train conductor

50. In the Bible who put Daniel in the lion’s den?

King Darius

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