100 Fun History GK Printable Quiz Questions and Answers

Fun history quiz questions and answers general knowledge is full of fun and learning. Those historical accounts might also help to motivate others to achieve greatness with fun history quiz questions and answers. Brilliant people and their courageous deeds that transformed the shape of nations are remembered throughout history. Learning about the inspirational experiences that have led us to where we now provide a great deal of motivation by dint of fun history quiz questions and answers.

It only takes one amazing story from history to ignite a learner’s imagination and inspire them to achieve greatness on the basis of fun history quiz questions and answers. If you learn history, you will be able to see when society is heading down dangerous paths and will be able to help get it back on track with the fun history quiz questions and answers.

“Those who are unable to recall the past are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana’s comment is one of the most widely quoted and repeated in academia, and it eloquently describes why everyone should study history with fun history quiz questions and answers. There have been several warning flags in the past. We must be able to reflect on the events that led up to them, learn from our mistakes, and reject and challenge similar patterns if we notice them arising spirit on the basis of fun history quiz questions and answers.

Fun history quiz questions and answers

1. Which 1st Dynasty Queen was the wife of King Djet in ancient Egypt?


2. Flatboat is an invention of which country in 1782?

The United States

3. The Federalist Era in American history ran during which years?

1788 to 1800

4. Musical Oud was one of the inventions in which century during the medieval Islamic world?

8th century

5. Which MLB player was better known as “The Bambino”?

Babe Ruth

6. Clinton Creek, Yukon – asbestos mine, abandoned 1970s is in which country?


7. Ploština is a former village in which country?

Czech Republic

8. From 1884 to 1915, which country was under the rule of the German Empire and was known as German South-West Africa?


9. Egersund, Norway gained its city status in which year?


10. When an Olympic athlete wins first place, what color medal do they get?


11. In what WW1 battle were tanks first used in 1916?


12. Which treaty in 713 establishes a dhimmi over the Christian inhabitants of Orihuela?

Treaty of Orihuela

13. What is the oldest continually inhabited city in Mexico?


14. Which Earl in the Peerage of England was created in 1551?

The Earl of Pembroke

15. Who is Britain’s oldest publisher dating from 1469?

Oxford University Press

16. Which treaty in 641 was held between Nubia and Egypt?

The Bakt

17. Z-O was a battle associated with which historic event?

World War I, (1918) United Kingdom — British raid on Zeebrugge

18. Which city in Norway gained its city status in 1795?


19. What is the name of a notable historical work by Stephen Baxter, set in Prehistory (c. 30,000 BC – 3000 BC)?

Mammoth Trilogy

20. Who was called The Scourge of God?

Attila the Hun

21. Operation Sharp Guard was a NATO operation in 1993-96 in which country?


22. Which Islamic dynasty ruled Mesopotamia and Levant (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine) during 1104–1154?

Burid dynasty

23. What was the name of operation by the Austro-Hungarian Army against Italy (Italian northern front) during WWI: the largest mountain battle ever fought?

Strafexpedition (Punitive Expedition) (1916) War flag of Austria-Hungary (1918).

24. Reitai Bridge in Japan was opened in which year?


25. Victor Barna was the world champion five times at what sport?

Table Tennis

26. Music album “Be Here Now” was released by Oasis, an English rock band from Manchester in which year?


27. Who makes the first prediction of a comet’s return in 1705?

Edmond Halley

28. In 1756, which Japanese bridge was opened in Ōtsuki?

Saruhashi Bridge

29. The Earl of Huntingdon, England was created in which year?


30. First public supply in Britain from river Wey in 1881 what?


31. In June 334 B.C., who held Ephesus (Turkey)?Ionia as a part of an expedition towards Asia?

Alexander the Great

32. In 1806, Roger & Gallet company produced which perfume?

Jean Marie Farina

33. Which treaty in 628 was held Between Muslims and the Quraish?

Treaty of Hudaybiyyah

34. Phobos, a moon of Mars was discovered in which year?


35. In what city was Handel’s Messiah first performed?


36. The Earl of Derby, England was created in which year?


37. What was the name of the NATO Air campaign held on 24 March 1999 – 10 June 1999 in Kosovo and Serbia?

Operation Allied Force

38. Central Florida Harvest and Peanut Festival was founded in which year?


39. Which flower was chosen as a symbol for the 2010 Tunisian Revolution?


40. Hans Lippershey made the world’s first practical what?


41. Which bird commemorates the Turkish Governor of Wadi Halfa in Sudan, Bey El-Arnaut Abdim?

Abdim’s stork

42. Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Quebec is an Association founded in which year?


43. Who is known as The father of Poetry?


44. Battle of the Admin Box held in which year in World War II?


45. Interpol was founded in 1923 in what city?


46. Tallest bridge in France, Millau Viaduct was opened in which year?


47. Benny Andrews (1930–2006) was a what by profession?


48. What was Freshman, produced in 1815 by Truefitt & Hill?

A perfume

49. Which earldom in England was created in 1442?

The Earl of Shrewsbury

50. Roger Bannister ran the first sub-4-minute mile who ran 2nd?

John Landie of New Zealand

51. Cambodia formally adopted what as its national flower in the year 2005 by a royal decree?


history general knowledge questions general knowledge about world history history general knowledge quiz gk questions related to history
Rumduol flower

52. National Basketball League (NBL) was launched in which year?


53. The Jin capital in China was destroyed by whom in 1215?

Mongols, under Genghis Khan

54. Australia has its International vehicle registration code “AUS” from which year?


55. The opera Aida was commissioned in 1869 to mark what event?

Opening Suez canal

56. Which treaty in 587 was held between Frankish rulers Guntram and Brunhilda; Guntram adopts Brunhilda’s son Childebert II?

Treaty of Andelot

57. Les Plus Beaux Villages de France is an Association founded in which year?


58. Which Chinese city was promoted to be the principal capital of the Jurchen Jin dynasty (1115–1234) in 1153?


59. Alden Shoe Company was founded in England in which year?


60. Who built The Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas?

Bugsy Siegel

61. In 1974, which Alaskan city was incorporated to Kodiak Island?


62. Amboim → Cabela → Gabela is a renamed place in which country?


63. Luxor Pyramid building is built in 1993 in which city?

Paradise, Nevada

64. The ABA-NBA merger took place in which year?


65. Where is the world’s oldest university?

Fez Morocco — founded 859

66. 890 caliber Tsar Bombard Cannon was originated in 1586 by whom?

Tsardom of Russia

67. A large cuckoo clock Gramado was originated in which country?


68. Adidas company was founded on 18 August 1949 in Germany by whom?

Adolf Dassler

69. Which Walt Disney Animation Studios film was released on February 7, 1940?


70. Ancient Carthage is in what modern country?


71. What was the name of Arab–Byzantine wars that took place in 740?

Battle of Akroinon

72. What is a genre of dance and a musical genre originating in Angola in 1984?


73. Qingshan Yangtze River Bridge, a long able-stayed bridge was built in which year in Wuhan, Hubei, China?


74. First commercial passenger flight held in which year that covered 34 kilometers (21 mi; 18 nmi)?


75. To whom was the Eroica, Beethoven’s third symphony dedicated?

Napoleon Bonaparte

76.  In China, which dynasty lasted During 1271–1368?

Yuan dynasty

77. Which treaty in 562 ended a 20-year war over the Kingdom of Lazica?

The Fifty-Year Peace

78. Jazz dance originated in the USA during which time?

Mid 20th Century

79. El Salvador is named after whom?

“The Saviour”, Jesus

80. What killed 23 people in Rostov Russia in July 1923?

Giant Hailstones

81. Nemuro Peninsula Chashi Site in Nemuro, Japan was founded by whom?

Ainu people

82. What is the current name of Bactra?

Balkh (Afghanistan)

83. The Most Beautiful Villages in Russia is an Association founded in which year?


84. Fort-Lamy → N’Djamena (1973) is a renamed place in which country?


85. In 1961 Anton Geesink was the first non-Japanese to do what?

Win a Judo title

86. Historic Dumbo neighborhood is located in which city?

New York

87. The first professional basketball leagues emerged in which decade in the United States?

The 1920s

88. Which convention center in Kansas City, Missouri, United States, was named for Harold Roe Bartle?

Bartle Hall Convention Center

89. Cannon of the extraordinary bore, which fired stone balls, was first introduced during which century in Western Europe?

14th to 15th century

90. What happened to Catherine Eddowes on 30th September 1888?

Met Jack the Ripper

91. Peace of Acilisene (treaty) in 387 divided the Kingdom of Armenia between the two?

the East Roman Empire under Theodosius I and the Sassanid Empire under Shapur III

92. The Billboard Global 200 is a weekly record chart published by which publication since 2020?

Billboard magazine

93. Who was the 21st Sultan of Johor?

Sultan Abu Bakar

94. Adak city in Alaska was incorporated to Aleutians West (CA) in which year?


95. In WW I, what were Lucifers?


96. On what date, the first scheduled commercial transpacific flight was operated by Pan American Airways on a Martin M-130 Flying Boat with 7 paying passengers on board?

October 21, 1936

97. Which castle in Japan was founded in Yamagata in 1356 by Shiba Kaneyori?

Yamagata Castle

98. American Basketball League was formed in which year?


99. Which country has been named after Maurice of Nassau?


100. Who stole the English Crown Jewels, then was pardoned by Charles II?

Colonel Blood

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