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Fish quizzes are a great source of learning. We have accumulated 99 very basic fish quizzes and answers. Check and see how a lot you understand about this overseas marine world with this quiz about fish. There are such a lot of forms of fish, with so many desirable variations between species.

Check your data about fish and marine life with this quiz. Do these superb fish quizzes which have been tried 126 occasions by avid quiz takers printable.

Check your data of underwater animals with the fantastic fish quizzes! Can you notice the solutions and get 100%?

Questions about fish quizzes to your specialized quizzes. Check your fishy data with our 30 enjoyable free trivia questions all about fishes.

These enjoyable online fish quizzes are an effective way to evaluation the most typical fish of a space. Check your expertise with these printable Fish Assessments & Fish Quizzes for from worldwide on diversified fishes and fishing.

Under accommodates Fish quizzes, trivia, questions, and solutions. You might be presently within the Basic Data Query & Solutions quizzes part.

Take a fast take a look at the fish quizzes on the ideas of fishes and fishing, traits, anatomy & varieties or print the worksheet to observe offline.

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1. This isn’t math class, but what does it mean to “angle?”

Fish with a line and rod

2. Which item would you not typically use for ice fishing?


3. All fishing knots must be drawn extremely tightly to be effective. Most anglers use water or saliva to lubricate the knots as they tighten them but which of the following is the best lubricant?

Cooking oil

4. In relation to recreational snapper fishing in the Hauraki Gulf, do you know how many one fishers can take, and how long must they be?

9 fish of more than 27cm from nose to the v of the tail

5. Which of these fish likes to take your bait then wrap your line around rocks?


6. You tried fishing every day for two weeks and never even got a nibble. You looked down in the water and you actually saw a fish that could walk. Which of these fish can walk?

Spotted handfish

7. What is the rarest fish in the world?

Devils Hole pupfish

8. What form was the Egyptian god Sobek?


9. What do New Englanders call the building that they set on the ice and fish from?

Ice shanty

10. Which item would be used for ice fishing?

Jigging rod

11. The action of a fishing rod refers to which characteristic?


12. Where does the bait go in a lobster trap?

The Pocket

13. Which animals are the only other animals, other than humans, that get pleasure out of sex?


14. What is the most famous fish in the world?


15. Which type of Shark is not usually caught on reel and line?

Great White Shark

16. What kind of animal is a mud puppy?


17. You have headed away from the freshwater lake shore so that you could begin fishing out on the lake in your boat. What type of fish could you expect to catch in a freshwater lake?


18. Which of these ocean-dwelling creatures doesn’t have any support for its body but its muscles?


19. Which is the most appropriate knot for joining two lines of very similar or the same diameters?

Blood knot

20. This is a Durham Ranger, a fly usually used when fishing for Salmo Salar. What is the more familiar name for this (usually) ocean-dwelling fish which returns to the freshwater site where it was born to breed?

Atlantic Salmon

21. Ice should not be considered safe to walk on until it has reached what depth?

Four inches

22. Which of the following is NOT a common bait used when ice fishing northeastern lakes?


23. Which type of hook is widely used for tip-up fishing?

Treble hook

24. What is the state fish of Maryland?


25. “Wow, that’s a big chuck,” is something you might hear if you do which of the following?

Make a large cast

26. Which is not a live bait typically used for ice fishing?


27. What is the largest freshwater US catfish?

Blue catfish

28. Do reptiles, fish, or mammals have the most teeth?


29. When a fish comes to the surface of the water to feed, what is it called?


30. Which of these fish eat coral?


31. Which organ in most fish provides buoyancy?

Swim Bladder

32. The arbor knot, also known as the Canadian jam knot, is used to attach the backing or mainline to which important component of the fisherman’s tackle set-up?


33. Which is the largest freshwater fish in the world?

Beluga sturgeon

34. “Balsa” is most often used for which of the following pieces of fishing gear?


35. Which knot is often used to connect the main running line to the shock leader?


36. Some fish are dangerous to touch, so you should remove the hook with a hook-remover or a pair of pliers and you should also wear fishing gloves. Which of these fish has poisonous spines?


37. What is the oldest fish alive?

Greenland shark

38. What is a rig set inside a hole in the ice with a small flag and a spool of the line called?


39. This fly is designed to catch bonefish, a shallow-feeding saltwater sport fish, by imitating one of their favorite foods. Which of the following might be featured at a bonefish dinner party?


40. When tip-up fishing, you would most likely use a steel leader for which species?

Northern Pike

41. Which is the most common species of carp in British waters?


42. Which of these fish is very jumpy and will rarely take a bait?


43. What kind of animal can be minke, grey, or bowhead?


44. This technique is called Noodling, and this way of catching catfish is used in the southern United States. Which piece of equipment is used to grab these massive critters from their caves in this technique?

Bare Hands

45. What does the cross-section of a “standard” bamboo fly rod look like?


46. What are the fish?

Fish are gill-bearing aquatic craniate animals that lack limbs with digits.

47. What is the most beautiful fish in the world?

Bicolour Parrotfish

48. Northern pike is also referred to as slough sharks. T/F?


49. You are ready to go fishing. You have decided to fish for trout. Which of these is not a type of trout?


50. Which of these would you use for a fishing lure?


51. Which of the following is another name for crappie?

Sac au lait

52. A lobster can be termed as a “hard shell” or a “soft shell”. What would a Maine lobsterman refer to a “soft shell” as?


53. Next on display is the net section. There are many forms, and this one is quite a snag. This type of net is designed to trap fish by their gills, preventing any form of struggle, and is commonly set vertically. What is this type of net called?


54. Which Northeast Lake does not freeze all the way?


55. You’ve just had a “crack off.” What does this mean?

Your line broke while casting

56. What rig is most commonly used to catch smelt?

A jig with two small hooks baited with smelt

57. This trout fly is nothing more than a small ball of orange or red yarn on a hook. What is this fly called?

Egg fly

58. Come along to the next part of my fishing quiz. We are going to be talking about bow fishing. This technique requires good aim and eyesight. Since I said that, can you guess which of the following you need to do some bow fishing?

Bow and Arrow

59. The earliest organisms that can be classified as fish were what?

Soft-bodied chordates that first appeared during the Cambrian period.

60. Which fish has sharp teeth, lives around reefs, can reach 50 lbs and is a ferocious fighter, but tires out somewhat quickly?


61. How many types of fishing rod actions are most commonly available?


62. Which device will indicate how deep the water is, and the depth of the fish if they are present?


63. When your rod, reel, and line are assembled, you will want to put a lure on the line and start fishing. Do you know which of these is not a type of lure?


64. Most fish exchange gases using what?

Gills on either side of the pharynx.

65. Which introduced species has ruined most of the seabed of Port Phillip bay?

Northern-pacific sea stars

66. What is the coolest fish?


67. Which is not a standard fly rod handle?

Pistol Grip

68. Which ocean-dwelling creature squirts toxic ink?


69. This one involves rings along the bottom to ‘purse’ your school of fish within. This is known as a purse seine net, but it also has another name that sounds like an old TV show. What is it also known as?


70. The term used for pulling, then leaving slack on the line while reeling in a fish is known as what?


71. This is a knot tied into the line and perfectly suited for attaching terminal tackle items such as paternosters. This knot is called a ____ loop.


72. You are fishing in a shipping channel with shrimp and you get a monster fish on and you see a red flash before your 20-pound line snaps. What fish is it?

Red Grouper

73. What is live smelt most often used as bait to catch?

Stout and salmon

74. Important to the function of your rod, what does the “anti-reverse” do for you?

It locks the reel from spinning backward.

75. This item here gets a lot of people taking photos. The trident is one of the most iconic fishing spears out there, and the great god Poseidon loves it to bits. It is used in this technique that needs you to spear your fish with a trident. What is this technique called?


76. Gills consist of what?

Threadlike structures called filaments.

77. Which shark is flat like a stingray?

Pacific angel shark

78. The Duncan knot is also known by another name which alludes to the fact that it can be used in the place of virtually any other knot?


79. With rod and reel in hand, you will need some fishing line. There are so many to choose from. Which of these is not one of the important factors when choosing a fishing line?

Brand name

80. What’s the hardest fish to catch?

Goliath tigerfish

81. Which of these companies manufactured flashers?


82. Which fish under 50 pounds can, pound for pound, pull better than a bass?


83. Fish decoys are used as a common practice to catch pike in Northeastern lakes. T/F?


84. Each filament contains a capillary network that provides what?

A large surface area for exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide.

85. An increasingly popular and productive method of fly-fishing is known as ‘nymphing’. But what is a nymph?

A water-dwelling insect larva

86. This net is pretty similar to the gillnet, but it is much safer compared to its illegal cousin. It also goes by another name, and that name tells of how the fish are caught, which is to tangle at the jaw. What is this net also known as?

Tooth Net

87. If you have a pattern of a mickey Finn, golden darter, grizzly king, gray ghost, yellow matuka, and maribou muddlers, what would you have?


88. What is the line called that connects the fly line to the reel?


89. You want to catch a huge bass from shore. What time is the best time to do so?


90. Gummy Sharks have short pointy teeth. T/F?


91. The archerfish have a special way of catching their prey (insects, spiders, etc.). How does it do it?

Spits water at them

92. Which of these fish can you catch in grass flats, it takes little bites out of your shrimp; and is called a bait stealer?


93. By lifting the rod tip high and slightly behind you, then snapping it forward and down, the fly line will unwind across the top of the water. What is this kind of casting called?

Roll cast

94. NZ rivers, lakes, and streams are well stocked with trout. NZ is world-famous for trout fishing. Can you say which of the following list is not the name of a common fishing fly used to catch trout?

Scotch Fetch

95. Which fish has the largest teath?

Great White Sharks

96. When tooth size is compared to head size, Which fish has the largest teath?

Sloane’s viperfish

97. What fish has the largest brain?


98. Which fish is most intelligent?


99. What fish has the largest eyes?


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