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  • June 21, 2021
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Chess is called the game of people with higher intelligence. These chess trivia questions and answers are intended to provide the readers with a  thorough knowledge and understanding of mind-blowing facts about chess.

Chess facts are very interesting and we must say chess is not only a game for entertainment, but it is also psychological facts when people love to know about chess so intensively. Slove this chess trivia alone and with your friends.

Chess quiz questions and answers are the sources of learning that you will be able to share with others. Chess trivia is a great way to offer others in the form of fun and examination. Chess trivia gives you a better understanding of chess history facts as well as many other interesting facts about chess. These printable chess trivia questions and answers can be used for any competition.

We have put here many fun facts about chess that everyone must know. A smart and complete chess quiz like this reveals the facts about the chess game, with the rules, amazing facts about chess. chess facts for kids as well as for adult and chess boxing facts.

By learning these trivia general knowledge questions answers about chess, a reader will be able to harness many basic facts and terms about this game of intellectual.

Follow these chess trivia questions and answers to improve your knowledge. 

Chess trivia questions and answers start here!

1. What is the chess pieces’ valuation?

Knight = 3 pawns (3 points)
Bishop = knight (3 points)
Rook = knight plus 2 pawns (5 points)
queen = 2 rooks = 3 knights (10 or 9 points)
king = knight + pawn (4 points)

2. How many pieces are there in each set in chess?

16 pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights, and eight pawns.

3. How many types of movable objects are there in a chess piece or chessman?

Six different types

4. Who is credited for creating the longest Chess Problem, mate in 290 moves?

Blathy, Otto (1860-1939)

5. What is the weakest chess piece?


6. What is the number of possibilities of a Knight’s tour?

Over 122 million.

7. Should I sacrifice a bishop for a knight?

Bishops are better in open positions, and Knights are better in closed positions.

8. The shape of the chessboard blocks are


9. What did the longest official chess game last?

269 moves (I. Nikolic – Arsovic, Belgrade 1989) and ended in a draw.

10. Wherefrom the word “checkmate” comes from?

The Arabic word “shah mat” translates to “The king is dead” in English.

11. What is a bad bishop?

A “bad bishop” is a bishop that is on the same color as its own center pawns. An “inactive bishop” is one that is blocked by its own pawns.

12. How many squares are there on a chessboard?

64 squares

13. What is the Longest Game Possible

The longest game of chess that is possible is 5,949 moves.

14. The number of possible unique chess games is much greater than the number of electrons in the universe. True/ False?

True. The number of electrons is estimated to be about 10^79, while the number of unique chess games is 10^120.

15. Why chess board has 64 squares?

64 is a whole square so that it is as wide as it is long. It happens that it is also THE MOST suitable option for a chess game, because: It is big enough to allow multiple maneuvers and strategical possibilities. It is small enough to let general guidelines be formed.

16. As late as 1561, Castling was two moves. True/ False?

True. You had to play R-KB1 on one move and K-KN1 on the next move.

17. What is it called when you sacrifice your queen in chess?

In chess, a queen sacrifice is a move giving up a queen in return for tactical, positional, or other compensation.

18. What is the result of the Longest Game

The longest game lasted for 269 moves and ended in a draw.

19. How many blocks are there on a chessboard?

There are many more different-sized squares on the chessboard. Therefore, there are actually 64 + 49 + 36 + 25 + 16 + 9 + 4 + 1 squares on a chessboard! (in total 204). A worksheet with a large chessboard that children can use to investigate this problem can be found below.

20. When was the New Pawn Move introduced?

The new move where the pawn could move two steps instead of one was introduced in Spain in 1280.

21. From the starting position, how many ways to Mate in 2 and 3 moves respectively?

There are eight different ways to Mate in two moves and 355 different ways to Mate in three moves.

22. Who is the youngest World Chess Champion?

In 1985, the Soviet player Garry Kasparov became the youngest World Chess Champion ever at the age of 22 years and 210 days.

23. Why is the queen the most powerful piece in chess?

Because of her long range and ability to move in multiple directions, the queen is well equipped to execute forks.

24. Why is a rook called a rook in chess?

Each player starts with two rooks, one in each of the corners nearest his own side. The word rook comes from the Persian word rukh meaning chariot.

25. Who is the World Chess Champion for the longest time ever?

A German named Dr. Emanuel Lasker retained the Champion title for the most time: 26 years and 337 days!

26. What is the old name of chess?

Chess passed from Persia to the Arab world, where its name changed to Arabic shatranj.

27. When has the First Chess Board appeared?

The modern chessboard as we see it today appeared first in Europe in 1090.

28. What is Passant Chess?

En passant (French: [ɑ̃ paˈsɑ̃], lit. in passing) is a move in chess. It is a special pawn capture that can only occur immediately after a pawn makes a move of two squares from its starting square, and it could have been captured by an enemy pawn had it advanced only one square.

29. When was the first Chessboard with alternating light and dark squares appear in Europe?

in 1090

30. What is the best size chess board?

As an example, the World Chess Federation (FIDE) says that the square size for competitive play should be between 5 cm to 6 cm (1.97 inches to 2.36 inches), with a recommended king height of 9.5 cm (3.74 inches).

31. During World War II, who were some of the top Chess players as well as code breakers?

British masters Harry Golombek, Stuart Milner-Barry, and H. O’D. Alexander was on the team which broke the Nazi Enigma code.

32. Who was the first American to defeat a Soviet player in an international tournament in New York, 1924?

Frank Marshall (1877-1944). He resigned as U.S. Champion for 30 years, but only defended his title once when he defeated Ed Lasker (5-4) in 1923. He was the first master to play more than 100 games simultaneously.

33. Can you have two queens in chess?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to have multiple queens. One can either borrow a Queen from another set or turn a Rook upside down. I’ve also heard of players using two crisscrossed pawns, lying down to represent a Queen, but have never seen it done outside of a scholastic game or two.

34. When was Mechanical Clock introduced Over Sand Glass in chess?

The first mechanical clock to be used instead of sandglass was invented by Thomas Wilson in 1883. The modern push-button clock was introduced by Veenhoff in 1900.

35. What is the record number of consecutive Queen moves in a game?

There were 72 consecutive Queen moves in the Mason-Mackenzie game in London in 1882.

36. Who invented the chessboard?

The folding Chess board was invented in 1125 by a Chess-playing priest. Since the Church forbids priests to play Chess, he hid his Chessboard by making it look like two books lying together.

37. What are the players in their first year called?

Players in their first year are called “Rookies”. This name came up from the last pieces of chess to move into action called “Rooks”.

38. What is Blindfold chess?

Blindfold chess is an impressive skill that many stronger chess players possess. It certainly requires a keen ability to see the board clearly, which can get difficult after many moves.

The record was set in 1960 in Budapest by Hungarian Janos Flesch, who played 52 opponents simultaneously while blindfolded – he won 31 of those games.

39. Albert Einstein was a fan of chess throughout his life. True/ False?

False, he used to play chess in the latter part of his life

40. What was chess also called before?

“Game of Kings” since for a very long time in the past, it was just played by the Nobel and Kings.

41. How many different openings, including variations within larger openings/defenses that one can learn in chess?

Over 1,000 different openings

42. What was the second book printed in English was about?

The second book to be ever printed in the English language was about Chess.

43. Who invented the first computer program in the computer?

Alan Turing

44. What is the shortest number of moves to achieve a checkmate?

It’s just two moves! One sequence is called “Fool’s mate runs” Thus, 1. g4 e5 and 2. f4 Qh4 checkmate.

45. Who is the chess master to have won the World Championship in all three formats (knockout, tournament, and match)

Vishwanathan Anand (India)

46. What is the longest time recorded for a Chess player to make a move?

It goes to the International Grand Master Trois from Brazil with 2 hours and 20 minutes on the 7th move.

47. What is the number of possible ways of playing the first four moves per side in a game of Chess?


48. The first chess game between space and earth was in

June 1970 by the Soyez-9 crew. Though the game ended in a draw, it sure did make headlines.

49. What was the name of the computer became the first of its kind to beat an international maestro in November 1988, Long Beach, California?

Deep Thought

50. What is the number of possible ways of playing the first four moves for both sides in a game of chess?


51. What is the record of moves without capture?

It is of 100 moves during the Match between Thorton and M. Walker in 1992.

52. The pieces can be broken down into how many groups?

Three groups, major pieces (queen and rook), minor pieces (bishop and knight), and the king

53.  Which is the strongest piece in chess?


54. Which Chinese Emperor executed two foreign Chess Players after learning that one of the pieces was called ‘Emperor.’?

Chinese Emperor Wen-ti. He was upset that his title of Emperor could be associated with a mere game and forbade the game.

55. What is the first Computer awarded the title of U.S. Chess Master, in 1983?

BELLE won the 1980 World Computer Championship in Linz, running on a PDP 11/23. BELLE was created by Ken Thompson and Joe Condon.

56. What is the reason that traditional chess pieces don’t look like actual soldiers, bishops, and kings?

It is because before the game reached Europe, it passed through the Islamic world. Islam forbids making statues of animals or people, so chess pieces became vague-looking. When the game spread to Christian Europe, the pieces didn’t change much.

57. Who was the first world champion to win the title without playing a Chess match?

Anatoly Karpov. He got the title in 1975 when Fischer refused to defend his title. Anatoly became a Candidate Master at the age of 11, a Master at 15, an International Grandmaster at 19, and World Champion at 24.

58. In Shatranj, the predecessor to chess, the Queen was a _________, and still is in many languages.

Minister or vizier

59. What is FIDE stand for?

Fédération Internationale des Échecs, which literally translates into World Chess Federation.

60. What is the oldest recorded chess game in history?

It is from the 900s, between a historian from Baghdad and his student.

61. What is the last move in chess called?


62. Where were the oldest surviving complete chess sets found?

On the Isle of Lewis, in northern Scotland, and dates to the 12th century. They were probably made in Iceland or Norway, and their appearance was used in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the wizard chess pieces.

63. How many people know how to play chess worldwide?

About 600,000,000 (Six hundred million)

64. In many languages, what is meant by the Pawn?

A foot soldier, or a peasant or farmer

65. During which empire chess begin in India?

During the Gupta Empire, spreading to the Persian Sassanid Empire, and then to the Middle East after Muslims conquered Persia. From there, it spread to Europe and Russia.

66. Initially, the Queen could only move one square at a time, diagonally. Later, she could move two squares at a time, diagonally. It wasn’t until Reconquista Spain, with its powerful queen ______, that the Queen became the strongest piece on the board.


67. What is the record number of consecutive checks?

In the match between Britton and Crouch in 1984, the Black player did check his opponent forty-three consecutive times!

68. What is the record of moves without capture?

Its 100 moves during the Match between Thorton and M. Walker in 1992.

69. What is the first mention of Chess in America?

It occurred in the year 1641 in Esther Singleton’s history of Dutch settlers. The first American chess tournament was held in New York in 1843.

70. The first Computer program that played proper Chess was written at MIT by Alex Bernstein in


71. The first Chess tournament in which the only players were Computer programs were held in

New York in 1970

72. What is the shortest chess game ever?

The 21st match game in the World Chess Championship 1963 between Mikhail Botvinnik and Tigran Petrosian.

73. Which country has the most chess grandmasters?


74. Who has a record of not consecutive loss in chess?

World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik – 13 Non-Consecutive Years from 1948 to 1963. He had a string of 95 tournament games without a loss (46 wins and 49 draws).

75. Chess is the national game of which country


76. Who defeated Viswanathan Anand, the first grandmaster?

Magnus Carlsen

77. What is the most recognized chess tournaments for the individual competition include?

Linares chess tournament (now defunct) and the Tata Steel chess tournament.

78. What is the largest chess tournament for the team?

Chess Olympiad

79. Who was the first child prodigy of Chess?

Paul Morphy. He learned the moves at the age of 8 and beat the strongest players in New Orleans at 11.

80. Is there a 16 move rule in chess?


81. Is there a 13 move rule in chess?


82. Until which year the title of world champion was unofficial?


83. What is the 50 move rule in chess?

The fifty-move rule in chess states that a player can claim a draw if no capture has been made and no pawn has been moved in the last fifty moves

84. What is the record for the longest chess game in history?

Nikolić–Arsović, Belgrade 1989, which lasted for 269 moves and took 20 hours and 15 minutes to complete a drawn game.

85. Chess Olympiad is held every ___ years.

Two years

86. Organized by FIDE, the Chess Olympiad was first held in


87. Who is the number 1 chess player in the world?

Magnus Carlsen

88. At what age, Magnus Carlsen was the Grandmaster?

At the age of 13

89. Can a chess game go on forever?

Chess games cannot continue infinitely unless BOTH the players want to continue infinitely. There is a rule for the draw which states that if there is no capture or pawn movement for 50 consecutive moves, then the game is drawn. Therefore, no chess game can exceed 6350 moves.

90. Is chess a game in the Olympics?

Yes, since 1999

91. Is stalemate a win?

Stalemate is a situation in the game of chess where the player whose turn it is to move is not in check but has no legal move. The rules of chess provide that when a stalemate occurs, the game ends as a draw.

92. Which country has won the most Olympic gold medals?

Soviet Union

93. What is the highest title a chess player can attain?


94. Can a king check a king?


95. How do you become a grandmaster?

In order to get the Grandmaster title, a player usually needs to get 3 GM-norms (with some exceptions again). On top of that, your FIDE rating has to have passed 2500 at some point in order to become a Grandmaster.

96. Who won all 34 of his games at the aforementioned Berlin 1865 tournament?

Gustav Neumann

97. At the Linköping 1969 tournament, who lost all 13 games by exceeding the time control?

Friedrich Sämisch

98. Who is the youngest Master

Jordy Mont-Reynaud at 10 years, 7 months (1994).

99. What is a tie called in chess?


100. Who is the oldest player to become a Chess Master?

Oscar Shapiro, at age 74.

101. Can you have 3 queens in chess?


102. Can a pawn kill a queen?


103. What is a threefold repetition in chess?

In chess and some other abstract strategy games, the threefold repetition rule (also known as the repetition of position) states that a player can claim a draw if the same position occurs three times, or will occur after their next move, with the same player to move.

104. Which country invented chess?


105. What is FM chess?

FIDE Master (abbreviated as FM). The usual way for a player to qualify for the FIDE Master title is by achieving a FIDE Rating of 2300 or more

106. Who is the greatest chess player of all time?

Garry Kasparov

107. When did a computer first beat a strong human player in chess?

On February 10, 1996, Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov in the first game of a six-game match—the first time a computer had ever beat a human in a formal chess game.

108. What is an illegal move in chess?

A piece moves to a vacant square except when capturing an opponent’s piece. Except for any move of the knight and castling, pieces cannot jump over other pieces.

109. Who has the highest FIDE rating?

Magnus Carlsen (2882)

110. What is the oldest recorded chess game?

A 10th-century game played between a historian from Baghdad and a pupil.

111. What rating is grandmaster?

2400–2500 most International Masters (IM) and some Grandmasters (GM)
2300–2400 FIDE Masters (FM)
2200–2300 FIDE Candidate Masters (CM), most national masters
2000–2200 candidate masters, experts (USA)

112. How long is blitz chess?

For the FIDE World Blitz Championship, each player has 3 minutes plus 2 additional seconds per move, starting from move 1. The USCF defines blitz chess as time controls between 5 and 10 minutes per player.

113. How many moves is a stalemate?


114. What is Elo chess?

The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in zero-sum games such as chess.

115. What is a rapid game in chess?

Rapid (FIDE) or quick (USCF)
In a game where time increments are used, a player can automatically gain, for instance, ten more seconds on the clock after each move. In a case where time increments are used, the total time per player for a 60-move game must be more than 10 minutes but less than 60 minutes.

116. Is it possible to win chess with only a king?


117. What do you say when you win chess?


118. Can you move two pawns at once?

No, Castling is the only time in chess in which you can move two pieces at once.

119. What is it called when you sacrifice your queen in chess?

A queen sacrifice is a move giving up a queen in return for tactical, positional, or other compensation

120. Who is the father of chess?

Wilhelm Steinitz

121. How do you become a grandmaster in chess?

At least 33% of the player’s opponents must be Grandmasters. At least 50% of the player’s opponents must hold a FIDE title. The player’s opponents must have an average rating of at least 2380. The player’s opponents must come from at least 3 different chess federations, which can include the player’s own federation.

122. The word tabiya used to refer to

the initial position, however, over the years it has come to describe critical points during play at which players decide the future course of the game.

Which country has the most grandmasters after Russia?


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