111 Fish Trivia for People with Crazy Fishing Hobby

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There are so many varieties of fish, with so many desirable variations between species, you will be able to know many unknown facts about fish in the trivia. Check your data about fish and marine life with this fish quiz.

Attention-grabbing trivia about fish. … The largest fish on the planet is the large whale shark, which may develop to just about 60 feet or the size of two faculty buses, all included in this fish trivia.

Fish trivia quizzes in our Animals class. Over 100 Fish trivia inquiries to reply! Play our quiz video games to check your data from this fish trivia, printable fishing quiz.

How a lot have you learned? Check your fishing and outside data! We provide 111 trivia quizzes. Take one, take all of them, see the place you rank in comparison with your friends and household. Get busy.

Try our enjoyable fish facts and trivia for teenagers and be taught a variety of fishes. Check your data with superb and fascinating information, trivia, printable quizzes.

Beneath comprises Fish trivia questions and solutions. You’re presently within the Basic Data Query & Solutions quizzes part. The printable fish trivia additionally has many fishing associated questions and solutions.

Let’s solve this fish trivia below

1. Which fish has no daily bag limit in the Midwest?

Black Bullhead

2. What is the best bait for wild sunfish?


3. There are many types of cast you can use with a fly rod. There is the roll cast, flip cast, reach cast, drop a cast, forward cast, and many others. Which of these is another way to use your fly rod?


4. There is a large trout on the other side of a boulder in a river about 12 yards in front of you, and no way to get closer without spooking it. What cast should you use to fish for this trout?

Curve cast

5. When did the first fish with jaws appear?

In the Silurian period, after which many (such as sharks) became formidable marine predators rather than just the prey of arthropods.

6. If you’ve got a “bite,” what do you really have?

A fish on the hook

7. The traces attached to longlines are generally how long?

20 to 30 meters

8. Which piece of fishing tackle holds the hook at the desired depth?


9. Which lake complex in Cambridgeshire is the site of Kingfisher Lake, home to Benson for the last 14 years of her life?

Bluebell Lakes

10. What fish is at the bottom of the ocean?

Lanternfish, flashlight fish, cookiecutter shark, bristlemouths, anglerfish, viperfish, and some species of eelpout

11. The more, the merrier in the world of fish! Fish eggs are known as what?


12. When fishing for barracuda where would you go?


13. When trout flies are tied to match land insects (ants, grasshoppers, etc.), what are these patterns called?


14. Which is the largest snapper?

Cubera Snapper

15. One fly-fishing method is known as ‘Loch style’. What does this involve?

Fishing from a free-drifting boat

16. A not so important part of the fishing rod, the “butt” refers to what part of it?

The end of the rod’s handle

17. Much of the tuna caught by longlines in Australia is exported fresh to which Asian country?


18. What is the most unhealthy fish to eat?

Wild Caviar

19. For the first three years at Kingfisher Lake, Benson had a mate, but he was washed away in the ‘Great Flood’ on the River Nene in 1998, and never seen again. What was his name?


20. How big is the largest catfish ever caught in the U.S.?

111 pounds

21. Braided fishing line is stronger than monofilament line. True or false?


22. In which state was the world record largemouth bass caught?


23. According to the Yellow Pages advert, who wrote the book, ‘Fly Fishing’?

J R Hartley

24. Which is illegal to use in Northern New England? (freshwater)?

Lead weight

25. What term is used to describe an area that has been fished so much that there isn’t much left?


26. To an angler, what is a ‘boilie’?

A type of bait made by boiling in a pan

27. You’re out on the backwater trying to catch some fish. Where are you in more familiar terms?

Remote areas on the water

28. When fishing off a reef with a pinfish you get a sudden super hard jerk and your line is sliced. What’s the most common culprit?


29. Harbour channels and hazards are marked by a system of markers and buoys. You are steering a small motorboat on a dark night when suddenly your knowledge is tested. Which of the following statements is wrong?

Entering port, leave cone-shaped markers to port

30. Fish can communicate in their underwater environments through the use of what?

Acoustic communication.

31. Among Tuna, Southern Bluefin Tuna is by far the most valuable. T/F?


32. What is the hardiest freshwater fish?

Guppy, molly, swordtail and platy, most species of betta, zebra danios, and some tetras.

33. Catfish do not have scales. True or false?


34. Which type of fish is known for speeds up to 50 mph?


35. The Dark Hendrickson trout fly matches what sub-species of a mayfly?

Ephemerella Subvaria

36. Once you cast your fly line out straight, just before the line settles on the water, you put your rod tip to the side (usually upstream), what is this casting called?

Reach cast

37. What term is used for a fish caught by being hooked somewhere other than the mouth?


38. Which species of fish include varieties called: Diver, Sand, and King George?


39. An “affluent” is a place you might find yourself while fishing. What is it?

A stream that flows into a bigger body of water

40. Snapping turtles always avoid fishing lines. T/F?


41. The barracuda sometimes carry which poisoning?


42. Which of these fish is known for its high jumps?


43. An Australian record-sized Southern Bluefin Tuna weighed how much?

378 kgs

44. Which baits are the best to catch pickerel with?


45. The production of sounds as a means of communication among fish is most often used in the context of what?

Feeding, aggression, or courtship behavior.

46. Is a jellyfish a fish?

Jellyfish are not really fish

47. Which type of fishing hook is designed for easier catch-and-release fishing?

Circle Hook

48. Which of the following is not a variety of fish?


49. What fish has no bones


50. Which pound line test is ideal for chinook salmon fishing?

Twenty Pound Test

51. Mayflies are not the only aquatic insect that trout eat, what other hatches do they key in on?


52. Freshly caught shark is a very good food for you. T/F?


53. If you’re trying to hook a fish, you might do


54. What is the best lure for fishing in lily pads?

Rubber frog

55. This marine animal can be found in 20 ft reefs but is more commonly found in 100s of feet. It has no bones and has a taste for chopped pinfish. Which one is it?


56. Which pound line test is ideal for chinook salmon fishing?

Twenty Pound Test

57. What is one disadvantage of braided fishing line?

Does not stretch

58. M.A.F. is one of the regulatory bodies that specifically enforce fishing laws and regulations in New Zealand. What do the initials M.A.F. stand for?

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

59. Early fish from the fossil record are represented by a group of small, jawless, armored fish known as what?


60. In what kind of fish are alevin and parr stage in the development?


61. When fishing fast-moving water, you will still want your fly to float naturally on the water (without drag). When you cast to a fish in current, you must keep adjusting the line by flipping the fly line upstream to get a drag-free float. What is this adjusting called?


62. What fish has the most bones?


63. The Barramundi, a native fish to Australia and Papua New Guinea, is a close relative to which African Fish?

Nile Perch

64. Which fish is known for its sucking?


65. When caught by longlines, the fish are placed carefully on the deck and on to a foam mattress. Why?

So as not to bruise the flesh

66. You can’t catch a fish without it! To make a “cast” is to do what?

Throw the line out into the water

67. Which organ(s) allow fish to breathe oxygen?


68. What fish is known as the silver king?


69. Which of these is also known as horn pout?


70. What knot is used to tie the fly line to the leader?

Nail knot

71. Which is one of the most famous fly fishing casters?

Lefty Kreh

72. The muskellunge is a member of which family?


73. What is the most expensive fish per pound?


74. Which is not an actual kind of fish?

Seaweed Bass

75. You hold this important tool in your hand while fishing. What is it?

A rod

76. Which best describes a barracuda’s fighting skills?

They are strong but tire out quickly

77. You are fishing on a saltwater bridge. Which fish are you not going to catch?

Common carp

78. Where is the beak on the southern sea garfish located?

Below the mouth

79. When casting to a recent rise, you should place your dry fly at


80. Caught primarily off of Piers and Jetties, what is the common name of Hyporhamphus?


81. What kind of fish is a sardine also known as?

A young Pilchard

82. A white sturgeon was the largest freshwater fish ever caught with a rod and reel. How much did it weigh?

468 pounds (212 kilograms)

83. What type of creature has the most teeth at one time?


84. What breaking strain monofilament is used to make the traces?

400 Pounds

85. What is the name of the small estuarine fish found all over Australia that can walk on land and to some extent climb trees?


86. The false cast allows you to cast more line and be in control of where you are casting to. T/F?


87. Which fish has the sharpest teeth?


88. What is the most toxic fish?


89. The bigger the fly, the bigger the fish. T/F?


90. The name of the device similar to a rod, but without eyes is known as what?

A pole

91. In the Bay of Islands on the northeast coast of New Zealand, warm tropical currents bring a number of tropical species to visit. One such visitor is a slow-moving fish of up to 3m long, 3m tall yet only 40cm wide. It has a large dorsal fin a small mouth and cute eyes. Can you name this fish?

Ocean Sunfish

92. What will you find if you try and leave the Port Albert entrance?

A sandbar

93. What will you not find in a fly fisherman’s vest?

Brass swivels

94. Which type of bait/lure would you use to catch Carp?


95. What fish’s “run” has made Fraser Island, on the Queensland coast, a favorite spot for anglers for many years?


96. What is it called when you keep the fly line in the air by casting?

False casting

97. When the fly line is being picked up off the water and whizzing behind you loading the rod for your power stroke (forward cast), what is this part of the cast called?


98. What is the most commonly fished freshwater gamefish in the US?

Largemouth bass

99. Do fishes sleep?

While fish do not sleep in the same way that land mammals sleep, most fish do rest.

100. Fish are warm-blooded creatures. True or false?


101. The common European has another name, what is it?

Dover sole

102. Where would you find the Silver King?

Tropical Areas

103. If I went to Patterson River, Carrum Downs, what fish would I be targeting?


104. When fishing for barracuda with 50+ lines, which is the greatest necessity?

Strong circle hooks

105. What is the most popular freshwater game fish in the U.S.?

Black Bass

106. This is one of the most recognized trout fly patterns of all time. It has brown hackles with a white wing, green peacock body separated by a band of red floss, and a golden pheasant tippet tail. What is this pattern?

Royal Coachman

107. Sometimes the fly must have dragged on it to look right in the water. If you are fishing a minnow pattern, you would want it to look alive. What do you do to the fly line to make minnow patterns seem real?


108. To have a piece of Shark cooked for you at the local Fish and Chip Shop in Australia, what must you ask for?


109. Fish exhibit greater species diversity than any other group of vertebrates, with how many described species?


110. You need to catch a sunfish. When is the worst time to do so?


111. When mayflies hatch, they hatch in the millions. Trout will key in on these mayflies and eat only the ones that fit a pattern. If you were to fish these hatches, you will need to copy the insects the trout are eating. What is this called?

Matching the hatch

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