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Questioning for those who’re good at freshwater or deep-sea water fishing in the form of a competitive quiz to puzzle anyone and demonstrate how efficient you are? Are you educated sufficiently on one of the best practices of freshwater fishing? Take this quick quiz to search out your competence.

Discover out now by taking this fishing quiz! You can take this fishing quiz as well as can refer to others. Bass Fishing Quiz. Angling is a technique of fishing via an angle principally utilized by bass fishers.

There are a lot of extra black bass species that can be mentioned in many fishing quiz competitions. A complete database of fishing quizzes online, take a look at your data with fishing quiz questions.

Our on-line fishing trivia quizzes will be tailored to go well within all atmosphere.

As you make your approach by way of, every right reply will reveal our high selections for locations within the fish-filled waters of Northern Ontario.

Check and see how a lot you understand about this international marine world with this fishing quiz. A quiz questions about fish on your specialized quizzes.

Check your fishy data with our 30 enjoyable free trivia questions and answers all about fishes.

Primary fly fishing quizzes on fly casting abilities, catching trout, bass, and panfish, salmon, and steelhead, in addition to saltwater fish species.

Let’s start the fishing quiz here!

1. When a Southern black bream grows in excess of around a kilogram(40 cm), what distinct characteristic does it get that the little ones don’t have?

Dark blue nose

2. Which term describes the gear an angler uses to catch fish?


3. Who of the following is not a manufacturer of tip-ups in the U.S?

Wind Tracker

4. Anglers say “good luck” to one another in which of the following ways?

Tight lines

5. Over 97% of all known fish are oviparous which means what?

It means that the eggs develop outside the mother’s body.

6. What kind of fish is dory?

Royal blue tang

7. When tied correctly, which very attractive looking knot proves ideal for joining two lines of different diameters such as running line to shock leader?

Slim beauty

8. If you are night fishing in mid-summer on a calm pond, with an overcast sky, which of the following lures is more likely to draw a hit from a largemouth bass?

Black Jitterbug

9. Which of these places is the best place for catching speckled trout?

Saltwater grass flats in Florida

10. Once you have purchased a rod, you will need to buy a reel to go with it. Which type of reel is the easiest for most beginners to start out with?

A close face spin-cast reel

11. Dipsy divers are used for

Trolling in open water

12. You’re fishing in 5ft grass flats. What are you most likely to catch?


13. Although they lacked a true spine, they possessed notochords which allowed them to be what?

More agile than their invertebrate counterparts.

14. What is the longest fish in the world?

Giant oarfish

15. If there were four baits lined up, which would be most likely used for whiting?


16. Which fish is the best bait for catching barracuda?


17. Fly rods use three types of guides, the tip guide is at the top of the rod, the stripping guide is at the bottom, what are all the middle guides called?

Snake guides

18. If you saw a few fishermen fishing the Barwon River at midnight in small aluminum boats or kayaks (canoes), what would they most likely be fishing for?


19. There are lures to attract a stray swimmer’s attention. A few of them have a special tail that can spin. These lures have types including ‘safety pin’ or ‘in-line’ styles. What is this dizzying lure?


20. What is the world’s largest fish?

Whale Shark

21. Poppers are sometimes used instead of more traditional flies and lures when fishing for bass. What sets them apart from other lures and flies?

They make a popping noise when they are tugged after hitting the surface

22. Which fish is the odd one out of these?


23. I am fishing the Jersey surf, using a big wad of clams for bait. My rod doubles over, and I set the hook. Which of the following is NOT at the end of my line?


24. Of the following terms, which one is used to describing the act of putting young fish back into the water?


25. March browns, gray fox, light Cahill, quill Gordon, blue dun, and green drakes are all patterns of what?


26. What is usually used as bait on a tip-up?

Live minnow

27. The first thing you will need of course is a fishing rod. Which of these is a type of fishing rod?

Ugly stick

28. Australia’s biggest lake is Lake Eyre in the north of the state. What would you need to fish on Lake Eyre?

A Miracle, Lake Eyre is a saltpan

29. When trolling for barracuda you use this lure with a strip of fish on its hook.

Feather jig

30. Which of the following fishing hook sizes is the largest?

Size 1

31. What kind of animal is called a razorshell?

A mollusk.

32. What is the name for the monofilament line that attaches a leader to a fly when fly-fishing?


33. The rod is made entirely of bamboo and its origins go back to Japan. This style of fishing in English means ‘From Heaven’, what is this gentle form?

Tenkara Fishing

34. This knot, popular with tuna fisherman from a far western US state, is recommended for use with specialty fluorocarbon lines?

Reverse clinch or San Diego jam

35. Snagging salmon using weighted treble hooks has always been against the law on the Salmon River in New York. T/F?


36. What rod building material was used by rod makers after bamboo, but before graphite?


37. What is the item on the hook more commonly called?


38. What is Artificial bait?

The bait that is crafted

39. What fish requires the most amount of dissolved oxygen in the water during the summertime?

Northern Pike

40. Why would you use a PVA bag when fishing?

To present your groundbait

41. Is a seahorse a fish?

Seahorses are fish

42. How many more gill slits does a seven-gill shark have than a normal shark?


43. A mayfly pattern has two up-right wings, how are the wings of the caddis and stonefly fixed on the hook?

Laying flat on top of the body

44. Which of these fish can grow the largest(heaviest) in size?


45. Coral and algae have what kind of relationship?


46. What trout is native to some Midwestern waters?

Brook Trout

47. Fly fishing is when you are aiming to catch flies. T/F?


48. Fish typically have quite small brains relative to body size compared with what?

Other vertebrates, typically one-fifteenth the brain mass of a similarly sized bird or mammal.

49. A “barb” is part of what piece of tackle that can be a little dangerous if you’re not careful?

A hook

50. Which type of bait uses a technique where you have to pull it so that it goes underneath the water?

Jerk bait

51. Developed in the southern hemisphere, which of the following possesses great strength and is considered to be one of the most reliable of the higher breaking strain knots?

Australian braid

52. Which is not a standard type of reel seat used on fly rods?

Spring lock

53. When fishing with ballyhoo for barracuda, which rig should you use?


54. The box has a ‘kitchen’ space for a certain crustacean, as its name states. This is often seen around the New England regions of the US. Have a guess at what this is?

Lobster Pot

55. Sewin is highly sought after fish in Wales. How is Sewin better known in the rest of the UK?

Sea Trout

56. What is the most colorful fish in the ocean?


57. Which of the following species would you NOT want to lip grab if you caught one?

Slippery bass

58. What large fish is Mallacoota famous for producing?


59. What did many fish of the Paleozoic develop that protected them from predators?

External armor

60. Hamsterfish is not a real fish. T/F


61. Which of these is not normally used as bait when fishing?


62. How many points does a treble hook have?


63. Fish feed depending on movement, sight, and smell. What fish feeds mainly depending on smell?

Channel Catfish

64. Which of these fish prefers to feed in grass flats that are 1.5 ft deep?


65. When you’re out fishing. you might find that you’re catching fingerlings. What is that?

A young fish

66. Nymphs and Streamers are

Types of fishing fly

67. Longlines are a continuous line made of rope or monofilament. These lines are generally how long?

More than 30 kilometers

68. The red drum is what type of fish?


69. You are in a small motorboat. You arrive at a popular coastal fishing spot. A nearby boat has a child’s balloon 20 or so meters behind it. What would you do?

Stay clear, they are probably live bait fishing for Kingfish

70. What was the weight of the heaviest barracuda caught in the twentieth century?

103 lbs

71. What are the two main types of water called (one for rivers and lakes, and the other mainly for seas)?

Freshwater and saltwater

72. The dorsal fin, important to balance, is located on which area of the fish?


73. How can you identify a fish is a walleye?

The caudal fin has a white tip

74. What is the purpose of double hauling?

Increasing line speed and tighter loops or wind control

75. If you are lucky enough to catch a sturgeon in British waters, what should you do with it?

Give it to the Queen

76. Let’s say you have a fly line that is WF-5-F. The “5” is the line’s weight, the second “F” stands for floating. What does the “WF” stand for?

Weight Forward

77. There is a technique of fishing that uses dynamite or some form of explosives. T/F?


78. Being quiet helps to not scare the fish away. T/F?


79. In the fishing vocabulary, what is a leader?

A short length of fishing line

80. Given longlines, fish come close to the surface, and they need to be held up by something. What is the common term used by fishermen?


81. What fish has the following nicknames of Sheepshead, White Perch, Gou, Silver Bass, and Grunter?

Freshwater Drum

82. What fish has the most mercury?

King mackerel, marlin, orange roughy, shark, swordfish, tilefish, ahi tuna, and bigeye tuna all contain high levels of mercury.

83. What word is used for the string that brings the fish in as well as holds the lures and bait?


85. Cracking-the-whip is the worst way to cast the fly rod. T/F


86. If a fly rod is made to use a 5-weight line, it could cast a 4 and 6 weight line too? T/F?


87. Bowfishing is becoming more and more popular each year. Which of the following fish cannot be taken with a bow?

Lake Sturgeon

88. What is the largest freshwater fish in the Midwest?

Lake Sturgeon

89. Where is one place that the bait can be placed while fishing?

On a hook

90. Which of these is a phrase commonly used in fishing?

Reeling it in

91. What is the common term used for a caught species that are not targeted?


92. When fishing the weed beds of Port Phillip bay or Westernport, which of these is usually a pest?


93. What is the most venomous fish in the world?


94. With which type of fishing does the weight of the line carry the hook through the air?

Fly fishing

95. Three of the following choices are deep-sea fish found in New Zealand coastal waters, and one is not. Which of the choices are not a deep-sea fish found in New Zealand coastal waters?

Finnan Haddock

96. Why are wet flies called, “wet flies”?

They are only fished below the surface of the water.

97. When fishing a weighted fly, sometimes the leader will not straighten out. When a standard tapered leader will not do, what should you use to help turn over those heavy flies?

Compound leader

98. There are four types of tuna Southern Bluefin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, and Albacore Tuna that are targeted by longlines on the East Coast of Australia. T/F?


99. How many humans have been documented as killed by barracuda during the 20th century?


100. Which fish are you most likely to catch using a tube jig?

Smallmouth Bass

101. This fish likes the bottom of lakes, can have bright red eyes and is sometimes known as the ‘Doctor Fish’. What is it?


102. What is the daily bag limit for paddlefish on the Mississippi River?


103. A “bobber” is a helpful tool when fishing for certain species. It is used to do which of the following?

Hold bait at a certain depth

104. Which types of objects do barracuda like?

Flashy objects

105. When someone refers to the “action” on a rod while fishing, what are they talking about?

The flexibility of a rod

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