50 Trivia Quizzes with Answers Free General Knowledge Test

Trivia quizzes with answers are a good source of learning some top-level general knowledge. Education is a key to success, and this phrase is accurate since knowledge may lead to a prosperous existence. Trivia quizzes with answers, like all physical entities, will never dwindle. Indeed, the rise in human knowledge base has aided the progress of civilization in our society like trivia quizzes with answers. The development of logical thinking via the application of knowledge has enabled progress in the medical area. The most powerful instrument for empowerment is trivia quizzes with answers. It is the key to life’s success. Men are distinguished from animals by their knowledge, as well as their ability to think and analyze trivia quizzes with answers. We learn to be modest and empathetic as a result of our education like trivia quizzes with answers.

On the strength of their knowledge and competence on trivia quizzes with answers, people from extremely humble origins have risen to power and prosperity. Only in this way can societal peace be maintained. Since the dawn of time, knowledge of trivia quizzes with answers has been a source of power. It has drastically altered people’s lives and offered them enormous joy and happiness with trivia quizzes with answers. It becomes a curse for humanity when it is utilized to develop weapons of mass devastation. The true power of knowledge is the knowledge about trivia quizzes with answers that alleviates pain and suffering while also bringing wealth and happiness to humanity.

Trivia quizzes with answers

1. Acme siren is a percussion instrument that originated in which country?


2. What is ADOMAH?

periodic table

3. Berisha tribe is found in which European country?


4. On 26 January, Australia celebrates what day?

Australia Day

5. Semiotics is the study of what?

Signs or symbols

6. What is the genre of the novel Who? written in 1959 by Algis Budrys?

Science Fiction

7. How many colors does a Calico cat has?

Tri color

8. Brant bird, Branta bernicla is a native to which country?


9. Which country is named after Simón Bolívar?


10. The Bank of Italy changed its name to what?

The Bank of America

11. Which railway station in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan is named after Yasuda Zenjirō?


12. American Hot Rod Association was a professional league for which sport?

Auto racing

13. Who wrote a popular alternate history fiction, If It Had Happened Otherwise in 1931?

Edited by J. C. Squire

14. Jets is a New York City-based club for which sport?


15. The Aztecs reckoned it was the food of the gods what was it?


16. What is an informal fallacy of emphasis in which outcomes are asserted to have been caused by the hidden misconduct or wrongdoing by decision-makers?

The furtive fallacy

17. Aparecida city is located in which country?


18. Choco tinamou, Crypturellus kerriae is a what in North America?


19. Which Japanese businessman founded Sapporo Breweries, Toa Construction Corporation, Oki Electric Industry, JFE Group, and Taiheiyo Cement?

Asano Sōichirō

20. Oil can Henry is the enemy of which cartoon character?

Mighty Mouse

21. Arena Lacrosse League is popular in which country?


22. Diridon is a what in San Jose, California, USA, named after Rod Diridon Sr.?

Railway station

23. Rod Diridon Sr. is an American politician known for his leadership in which sector?

Mass transportation

24. Who was the eldest son of Emperor Paul I and Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg?

Alexander I

25. Fragrant Harbour is the translation of which city’s name?

Hong Kong

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Fragrant Harbour, Hong Kong

26. What is the genre of the popular novel Napoleon and the Conquest of the World (1836) by Louis Geoffroy?

Alternate history fiction

27. Galkayo city is located in which country?


28. Cobo Hall is located in which city in Michigan, United States?


29. Which island in Greece is named after Saint Eustratius?

Agios Efstratios

30. If you were given a sitooterie what would you do with it?

Sit out in its gazebo/summerhouse

31. Abdul Rachman Saleh Airport, Malang, Indonesia is named after whom?

Abdul Rahman Saleh, National Hero of Indonesia

32. How many martyrs of the liberation war received the Bir Sreshtho (The Most Valiant Hero), the highest military award of Bangladesh?


33. According to Murray–Blessing 1982 survey, which US president was ranked 2 by liberals?

Franklin D. Roosevelt

34. Dire Dawa city is located in which country?


35. Geniophobia is the fear of what?


36. The Princess Aline by Richard Harding Davis was one of the bestselling novels in the United States in which year?


37. On April 4, 2020, which song of The Weeknd reached number one of the Billboard Hot 100?

“Blinding Lights”

38. Mathematical constant “Two” was first used in which period?


39. What is an Italian comedy movie released on April 7, 1966, written by the famous duo Age & Scarpelli and directed by Mario Monicelli?

L’armata Brancaleone

40. Eric Claudin is better Known by which eponymous title?

The Phantom of the Opera

41. St. Hubert church and graveyard in Amel is a protected heritage site in which country?


42. Beaver Wars took place in which continent?

North America

43. Give an example of an eponymous adjective in English with Abbas.

Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib (as in Abbasid Dynasty)

44. Queensland is named in honor of which dignitary?

Queen Victoria

45. African American Garrett A Morgan invented what?

The Traffic Signal

46. Who was the presenter of “The 100 Greatest TV Ads”, the TV strand on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom aired on 29 April 2000?

Graham Norton

47. In the Time 100 (often stylized as TIME 100), an annual listicle of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine, who appeared the most 12 times as of 2021?

Xi Jinping

48. According to Murray–Blessing 1982 survey, what was the rank of US president Andrew Jackson by liberals?


49. Which Brazilian martial artist has the record 32–5 in Featherweight?

Patricio Pitbull

50. What creature can be Indian, white, or broad lipped?


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