100 Simple General Knowledge Questions and Answers Quiz

Simple general knowledge questions and answers are required to operate at the appropriate moment and with the appropriate language. Everything would have gone easily if you had known everything beforehand. We barely learned about you decades ago, but you were unstoppable with simple general knowledge questions and answers. Who knows whether you have additional projects like solving simple general knowledge questions and answers. Don’t mislead and fool others with the purpose of bringing them down for no reason, with terrible intentions that end up backfiring without simple general knowledge questions and answers.

Facts, experience, education, and what you learn from your environment are all examples of knowledge that you may gain and improve. There are various ways to use simple general knowledge questions and answers, and there are two ways to think about what knowledge is used for, you use your simple general knowledge questions and answers to help yourself as an individual and gain a better understanding of good intentions, family, community, and development of your surroundings, help people benefit from your knowledge and makes you view life differently and strongly) you use and understand simple general knowledge questions and answers as power.

Simple General Knowledge Questions and Answers

1. Adam Gilchrist (Australia) holds joint records for the most dismissals in an individual tournament along with whom?

Tom Latham (New Zealand)

2. What is ricotta in Italy?

a cheese

3. Heisman Trophy was first given in 1935 to which college football player?

Jay Berwanger

4. Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art venue is located in which Canadian city?

Vancouver, British Columbia

5. In 1985, Rupert Holmes’ musical “Mystery of Edwin Drood” premieres in NYC at which venue for 608 performances?

Imperial Theater NYC

6. Who said, “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”?

Karl Marx

7. Concepts and Categories: Philosophical Essays book was written in 1978 by which British philosopher?

Isaiah Berlin

8. Aromat is a food seasoning, first introduced in which year, and marketed internationally under the brand name Knorr, owned by the Unilever group?


9. What is the use of Smilax glyciphylla – sweet sarsaparilla

Root beer, a sweet North American soft drink

10. In 1988 which channel airs its 10,000th edition of ‘Sports Center’, making it the most televised cable program in history?


11. What is a landscape architect?

A person who is educated in the field of landscape architecture

12. Why are Buxton National Historic Site and Elgin settlement – Chatham, Ontario popular?

an Underground Railroad site for former slaves in 19th century North America

13. Okazaki Higashi Park Zoo is located in which city in Japan?

Okazaki, Aichi

14. The Hall of Fame for Great Americans is an outdoor sculpture gallery located in which college in Bronx, New York City>

Bronx Community College

15. Space shuttle STS-61 (Endeavour 5) was launched in which year’s December?


16. Parque Ambue Ari is a what in Bolivia?

Animal sanctuary, Santa Cruz Department Run with help from volunteers by Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi

17. Theresienwiese is an open space in which borough of Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt?


18. What are the “Seven Species”?

Aeven agricultural products – two grains and five fruits – which are listed in the Hebrew Bible

19. What is Guns of the Magnificent Seven?

a 1969 western film

20. In 1985, NFL quarterback legends Dan Marino and who face each other for the first time, a 30-26 win for Marino’s Miami Dolphins?

John Elway (Denver Broncos)

21. Birmingham Zoo, Birmingham is under which US state?


22. Patriarchate of Peć (1235), a Serbian Orthodox monastery is located in which present-day city?


23. Heldenberg Memorial is located in which country?


24. What is Almezmar, Mezmar or mizmar in Saudi Arabia?

A traditional group performance and stick song-dance

25. In which year, “Cobb” a film about baseball player Ty Cobb, starring Tommy Lee Jones premiered?


26. Who was a mechanical engineer famous for polymath, inventor of the screw pump?

Archimedes (c. 287–212 BC)

27. Who was the first prime minister of Siam (Thailand)?

Phraya Manopakorn Nititada

28. Walter Burley Griffin is a 19th-century landscape architect in which continent?


29. Aguascalientes state was named after its capital city, Aguascalientes City in which country?


30. In 1989, who won the 55th Heisman Trophy Award?

Andre Ware, Houston (QB)

31. Who is the person executed in the United States on January 16, 2021?

Dustin John Higgs

32. Tokyo Aqua is a what is Japan?

Road tunnel

33. Euclid, Greek Eukleides, (flourished c. 300 BCE, Alexandria, Egypt), the most prominent mathematician of Greco-Roman antiquity, best known for what?

his treatise on geometry, the Elements

34. As of 2020, how many people visited the Vatican Museums?


35. In 1985, Chicago Bears’ head coach Mike Ditka and defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan almost come to blows at halftime in a 38-24 loss to which team?

Miami Dolphins

36. Neerlandia hamlet is located in which country?


37. In the Polish language, July is called what?


38. Which political party in the UK was founded in 1834?

Conservative and Unionist Party

39. The Young People’s Symphony Orchestra in Berkeley, California was founded in which year?


40. In which year, KHJ-TV in Los Angeles CA changes call letters to KCAL-TV?


41. What is Maccheroncini di Campofilone?


42. Elio Alvarez, who debuted in 1970, was a men’s national tennis team representative of which country?


43. What is an Indian ice cream brand owned by Hatsun Agro Product, Tamil Nadu?

Arun Icecreams

44. The Province of Upper Canada was a part of British Canada established in which year by the Kingdom of Great Britain?


45. In 1994, which cruise liner sank off the coast of Somalia?

Achille Lauro (Willem Ruys)

46. Who discovered Cholera Bacteria?

Robert Koch

47. Most runestones were erected during which period, and then they were mostly raised in Sweden, and to a lesser degree in Denmark and Norway?

950-1100 CE

48. What is a Colorado-based pizza delivery chain founded in 1983 by a former Domino’s Pizza employee, Vince Schmuhl?

Blackjack Pizza

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Blackjack Pizza

49. Which great British philosopher died in 1679?

Thomas Hobbes

50. In 1987, Jennifer Steele, 17, of Colorado became what of America?

Miss Teen of America

51. Who were a North Germanic ethnolinguistic group of the Early Middle Ages, during which they spoke the Old Norse language?

The Norsemen

52. Milan Kučan was the President of Slovenia for how many times?

3 (1990, 1992, 1997)

53. Anchieta factory plant is opened in 1959 in Brazil, South America by which company?

The German Volkswagen Group

54. What is Jowaan in Bangladesh?

Ajwain, a spice

55. In 1994, Jury finds who was guilty of running a call-girl ring?

Heidi Fleiss

56. What is ‘Accolade’ cultivar?

Hibiscus cultivar

57. Belle Île island is located in which country?


58. Led by Ed Davey, Liberal Democrats is an active political party in which country?

United Kingdom

59. In 1967, what was performed in South Africa by Dr. Christiaan Barnard on Louis Washkansky?

1st human heart transplant

60. In which year, V. P. Singh was sworn in as the 8th Prime Minister of India?


61. Yves Allegro, who debuted in 2004, is a men’s national tennis team representative of which country?


62. The Social Democrats (SD) is a center-left and pro-European social-democratic political party in Slovenia led by whom?

Tanja Fajon

63. Which band began the final UK concert tour in Glasgow, Scotland in 1965?

The Beatles

64. In Instagram, what is the second most-followed brand account, with over 193 million followers?

National Geographic

65. In 1987, which club forms as 334 brave Devil fans journey through 20″ of snow to attend New Jersey Devils 7-5 NHL victory over Calgary at Meadowlands


66. What is Stargazer?

a fish species

67. Scorpion, Toad, Cat, Rabbit, Lion, Wasp are insects and animals, but what else?


68. Bacalhau à Zé do Pipo is a what type of dish?


69. What is the Latin name of the city Ljubljana, Slovenia?


70. In 1987, Chicago City Council elects whom as the Acting Mayor?

Eugene Sawyer

71. Facebook is blocked in mainland China since which year?

2009, July (or earlier) to present

72. What is the name of the Parliament of Bahrain?

National Assembly

73. From 2005 until 2014, who is an American comedian, writer, producer, political analyst, actor, and television presenter best known for anchoring the satirical Comedy Central show The Colbert Report?

Stephen Tyrone Colbert

74. What MLB team is the oldest?

Atlanta Braves

75. In 1988, which movie based on TV’s “Police Squad” premiered?

Naked Gun

76. AS Excelsior is a football club on which island?


77. According to different sources, what percent of all English words have a French origin?


78. As of October 1, 2021, what is the most visited website in the world after Google Search and YouTube?


79. Justin Winsor Prize is given for contribution in which area?

Library science

80. In which year, the first parliamentary election in newly reunified Germany held?


81. Which Canadian city is named for Noel Edgell Brooks, a Canadian Pacific Railway Divisional Engineer from Calgary?


82. What is the ‘focus’ of the social networking service “8tracks.com”?

Streaming user-curated playlists

83. What is the “Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year” 2004?

blog (noun): Online journal where the writer presents a record of activities, thoughts, or beliefs

84. The Ignatz Awards recognize outstanding achievements in which areas?

in comics and cartooning by small press creators or creator-owned projects published by larger publishers.

85. In 2001, Enron files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the Southern District of which US state?

New York

86. Blaenavon Ironworks is an industrial archaeological site in which country?

UK (Wales)

87. Amberley Museum & Heritage Centre is an industrial archaeological site in which country?


88. Started in 2009, which social media platform is owned by Meta company?


89. In 2014, who, an aide to a Republican congressman resigns after her online criticism of President Barack Obama’s teenage daughters?

Elizabeth Lauten

90. In which year, First time 12 people in space at the same time?


91. As of 2019, which country has the most Facebook users after India and USA?


92. Who casts Jenny in the second season of the American crime-comedy-drama television series Castle?

Juliana Dever

93. What is a street in Northbridge, Western Australia that runs from Lord Street in the east to the Mitchell Freeway in the west?

Aberdeen Street

94. The Denumerability of the Rational Numbers was proposed in 1867 by whom?

Georg Cantor

95. In 1995, who had won the 17th ACE Cable Awards?

TLC wins the Golden CableACE for “KnowTV: Changing What, Why and How You Watch”

96. Who were the Prime Ministers of the 3rd Parliament of the United Kingdom started in 1806 under the rule of George III?

The Lord Grenville

97. Approximately what percent of London Underground’s current network is above ground?


98. Himara is an ancient Greek archaeological site in which country?


99. Henry Addington was the Prime Minister of the UK in 1802 from which party?


100. In which year, STS-27 Atlantis, the Secret military mission was launched?


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