100 Random Trivia Questions and Answers GK Quiz Printable

Random trivia questions and answers printable quiz in English free online GK quiz is precise for every general knowledge learner. People get smarter and furnished on the basis of learning storage and the capacity they have. Every learning needs application. Theoretical learning in life must reflect practically, where random trivia questions and answers printable gives an enriched knowledge base and confidence to discuss, debate, or take right decisions on many occasions.

Random trivia questions and answers printable GK quizzes are accumulated carefully on various topics in order to make this general knowledge quiz online free the best one for all. Wherever you are, you can easily have a look at these random trivia questions and answers printable to pass 60 minutes in your life and ponder over these random trivia questions and answers printable facts, again and again.

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Random trivia questions and answers printable

1. What is the practice of fortune-telling through the study of the palm?

Chiromancy, Palmistry, or chirology

2. Acupuncture in Medicine journal was first published in which year?


3. Who found the virus?

Dmitri Ivanovsky

4. Who is the father of the computer virus?

Von Neumann

5. Which playing card is called the Curse of Scotland?

Nine of Diamonds

6. Which award in golf is also known as the Jack Nicklaus Trophy?

PGA Tour Player of the Year

7. What is the first cell that may have arisen more than 3.5 billion years ago?


8. The SDGs were set up in which year?


9. How many mountains are there on Earth with elevations greater than 7,200 meters (23,622 ft) above sea level?

At least 109

10. In the movie Narnia, Aslan was the name of what?

The Lion name was Aslan

11. What is a mountain in the Khumbu region of the Mahalangur Himal, in the Nepalese Himalayas?

Nuptse or Nubtse

12. What is the structure inside the cell called that helps it survive?


13. Which is the oldest library in Asia?

Nayakas of Thanjavur

14. Where is the oldest library in America?

Darby Free Library (1743)

15. If you had variola what disease have you got?


16. What was the longest-used tool of human history?

Acheulean (Stone tool)

17. Which is the smallest unit of matter?


18. Sainte-Chapelle de Vincennes was founded at which time?


19. Where is the Puna de Atacama Plateaus located?


20. How many days are there in the month of October?


21. What is the desert covering much of Botswana and parts of Namibia and South Africa?

Kalahari Desert

22. What organelle makes proteins?


23. What is Lancet?

Architecturally built long windows

24. What is the lowest land in Africa?

Lake Assal

25. A fellmonger deals in what items?

Animal skins

26. What does Cherrybrook Kitchen produce?


27. Which cell organelle is involved in apoptosis?


28. Who wrote the film story for Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies?

Steven Spielberg

29. What is the basic form of an arch?

Pure compression form

30. Vermeil, China, Green, Yellow these are the name of the room of which famous buildings?

White house

31. What was the weight of the Welcome Stranger, the biggest alluvial gold nugget found?

97.14 kilograms (3,123 ozt)

32. Which enzyme is known as the suicidal enzyme?


33. What links Melissa, Mydoom, Sobig, and ILOVEYOU?

Computer viruses

34. What is Oboe?

The oboe or hautbois is a type of double reed woodwind instrument

35. An unkindness is a group of what birds?


36. Ojos del Salado has the greatest rise on Earth: 13,420 m (44,029 ft) vertically to the summit from the bottom of what?

The Atacama Trench

37. What is the pH of the lysosome?

Between 4.5 and 5.0

38. What is the biggest library in the Philippines?

National Library of the Philippines

39. Gothic art was invented in the mid-12th century in which country?


40. Silica is another name of what?


41. Where was the first public library in the world?

Peterborough Town Library

42. What is the brain of cells?

Neurons (Brain Cells)

43. Luanda is a port in which country?


44. What is the theme of World Tourism Day in 2019?

“Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all”

45. An Albert chain is usually attached to what?


46. What is the original purpose of the ASDIC?

Submarine detection

47. Why is the Colour of blood red?


48. What is the tallest mountain in Peru?


49. How many US presidents had previous military experience?


50. Maui Island exists where?

In Hawaiian

51. Interesting children’s book Harriet the Spy was written by whom?

Louise Fitzhugh

52. Which blood cells have no Nucleus?


53. Bank of Mongolia was founded in which year?


54. What is the fourth goal in the 17 SDGs by the UN?

(4) Quality Education

55. What is Steganography?

Invisible ink writing

56. Which city served on the United Nations Security Council for the years 2013 and 2014, for the first time in the country’s history?


57. Which blood component has the shortest lifespan?


58. How many US presidents previously served as U.S. representatives?


59. Universidade Lusíada is a Portuguese-backed university with campuses in Luanda, Benguela what other city in Angola?


60. Do you know how many sections pig hearts have?

4 parts

61. What is the “correct form” of the common misspellings people frequently make: abberant?


62. Which blood cell has the longest lifespan?


63. Which is the only floating national park in the world?

Loktak Lake

64. Which Federal institution has this address: 101 Independence Ave SE, Washington, DC 20540, United States?

Library of Congress

65. What was the name of Sancho Panza’s donkey?


66. What does IFLA mean?

International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

67. Who made the first microscope?

Zacharias Janssen

68. Who was the first Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization?

Robert Lonati

69. Who was the last King of Upper Egypt and the first Pharaoh of Unified Egypt?

Narmer (possibly Menes)

70. What happens when someone has type 1 diabetes?

Insulin production stopped

71. What is the most underrated state?


72. Who was the first discovered bacteria?

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek

73. What is the tallest tree in the United States?

Coast redwood

74. Daily Outlook Afghanistan was first published in which year?


75. Alfred Hitchcock admitted to being terrified of what?


76. What is the “correct form” of the common misspellings people frequently make: abberation?


77. What is the smallest unit of life?


78. What is the fattest tree in the world?

General Sherman

79. Where is the Headquarters of the World Tourism Organization?

Madrid, Spain

80. What is the function of Ribosomes in cells?

It stores protein

81. Searing does not seal moisture in meat; in fact, it causes it to what?

Lose some moisture

82. Who is the father of cell biology?

George Emil Palade

83. What links China, Italy, Turney, Mexico, Thailand, Germany, and the UK?

Some of the most visited countries in the world

84. What is Chinese restaurant syndrome?

Chinese food and soups contain monosodium glutamate (MSG) as the main addictive ingredient. A sensitive individual may suffer from headaches, etc.

85. Where was/is the original Penthouse?

In a Real Tennis Court

86. A variety of what is half kangaroo meat and half bacon?


87. Which is known as cell skeleton?


88. What is the most visited country in the world, after France?


89. Which US president often called “the conservation president”?

Theodore Roosevelt

90. Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus are the name of who’s a son?

Son of Cronus

91. The Premier League, often referred to exonymously as what?

The English Premier League or the EPL

92. What was the name of Ross’s monkey in Friends?


93. How many US states have national parks?

Thirty states have national parks

94. What is the least visited state?


95. What place is called Rapa-nui by its native inhabitants?

Easter Island

96. As of 2021, who is the Reigning monarch for the House of Windsor dynasty?

Queen Elizabeth II

97. Which country grew the first Orange?


98. What is the smallest national park in the United States?

The Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial

99. In Golf, Vardon Trophy is given by the PGA of America to a leader in adjusted scoring average with a minimum of how many rounds played?

60 rounds

100. Why did H Ford create line production?

To increase productivity

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