100 GK Questions in English for Class 6 General Knowledge Quiz

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GK Questions in English for class 6

1. How many players are on a rugby team?

15 players

2. What is Gwyllion?

mountain spirits resembling hags in Welsh mythology

3. Richard Martin Willstätter received the Nobel Prize in 1915 in which category?


4. What first appeared in New York World on 21st December 1913?


5. How many stars are there on the flag of New Zealand?

Four stars

6. What is Hyperborea?

A land to the north in Greek mythology

7. When did the UK adopt the Union Jack flag?


8. The Golden Snitch is worth 150 points in which sports?


9. The “S” in US President Harry S Truman stands what?


10. Who is known as the Father of Geometry?


11. Mention a word with all vowels in order.


12. What is labneh?

Lebanese cuisine

13. What does the Roman Emperor’s title Sarmaticus mean?

“victorious in Sarmatia”

14. What is a Colorpoint Shorthair?


15. Greenland is part of which European nation?


16. What is the south wind in the Absheron Peninsula of the Azerbaijan Republic?


17. What is Éwé?

Spoken language in Ghana, Togo

18. When you celebrate the 18 year anniversary, what would you name it?


19. Rabat city is located in which country?


20. Samsung is the company of which country?

South Korea

21. What does kongetsu mean in the Japanese language?

this month

22. How to say good morning in French?


23. Giraffes use what to take their food?

their long necks and tongue

24. What is Marble Molly?


25. How many players are on a volleyball team?


26. What is a Miniature Dachshund?


27. Earth’s highest underwater waterfall Denmark Strait cataract is found in which ocean?

Atlantic Ocean

28. What is Independence Day in Laos?

October 22

29. Ancient Greek times what is also known as the Hellespont?

Dardanelles (Strait)

30. Name the largest ocean in the world.


31. What gas is weakly attracted to a magnetic field, but doesn’t retain permanent magnetism?


32. What are the seven metals that were known to Ancient people?

Gold, copper, silver, mercury, lead, tin, and iron.

33. What is the average gestation period for the Asian Elephant?

617 days

34. Which is older Mayan or Egyptian?

Egyptian civilization

35. What is the name of the artist who sung the 2010 song Firework?

Katy Perry

36. Where is Havasu Falls located?

Grand Canyon, USA

37. What of the oxygen we breathe actually comes from marine plants in the oceans?

Some 70%

38. What is the internet domain TLD for Kyrgyzstan?


39. There are more hydrogen atoms in your body than oxygen atoms. True/False?


40. A Place where dead bodies are kept is called what


41. What is the most abundant element in the Earth’s atmosphere, crust, and oceans?


42. The tallest free-standing structures in the world are made of what?

Metals, primarily the alloy steel

43. Sphinx is in which city?

Giza, Egypt

44. Who named the computer?

Charles Babbage

45. How many athletic events does a decathlon contain?


46. What were humans called in the Stone Age?

Paleolithic humans

47. Rarest naturally occurring element in the Earth’s crust maybe what?


48. Strait of Dover is located between which two countries?

England and France

49. Who invented the laptop?

Alan Kay

50. How many sides are there in Hexagon?


51. When was the Precambrian era?

4,600 million years ago – 541 (+/- 1) million years ago

52. The Great Wall is in which country?


53. Who was the first person to die in ww2?

Captain Robert Moffat Losey

54. Which country has the highest median age?


55. How many degrees are there in a circle?


56. Which is the most historical country in the world?


57. Although it is corrosive, hydrofluoric acid is considered to be a weak acid. True/ False?


58. A native from Iceland is called what?


59. Which civilization is the oldest in Pakistan?

Indus Valley Civilization

60. 2021 Olympic Games to be scheduled in which city?

Tokyo, Japan

61. Which country founded its first all-female political party in 1983?


62. Which civilization is older Greek or Egyptian?


63. One bucket full of what compound contains more atoms than there are buckets of that compound in the Atlantic ocean?


64. What is Citrus clementina?

clementine orange

65. What type of creature is a frog?


66. The fish swam ____ the ship.


67. Which country has the lowest birthrate?


68. Why do Helium balloons float?

because helium is lighter than air

69. An Irishman speaks which language?

Irish / English

70. Young one of a cow is called what?


71. Barnes district is located in which country?


72. Which hormone controls calcium levels in bones and blood?

Parathyroid hormone

73. Bee stings are acidic, while wasp stings are what?


74. Astronomers believe that at some point, a colliding celestial body tilted Venus so far off its original position that it is now what?

Upside down

75. How many stars are there on the flag of the USA?


76. What country was First to Recognise the Independence of the Baltic States?


77. Hot peppers get their heat from a molecule called what?


78. the first records of Egyptian civilization date back how many years?

some 6000 years

79. What is Dirt track racing?

Car racing

80. Name the 46th president of the USA.

Joe Biden

81. What is the youngest country in the world?

Niger (almost 50% of the population is below the age of 15)

82. What is the national flower in New Zealand?


83. It’s possible to die from drinking too much water. True/False?


84. What is the Z1?

The Z1 was a motor-driven mechanical computer designed by Konrad Zuse from 1936 to 1937

85. What are the Earth’s eras in order?

The Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic Eras

86. Dry ice is the solid form of what?

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

87. Who was the first person in the Stone Age?

Homo habilis

88. Which planet spins clockwise on its axis?


89. The Information Age began around which decade?

The 1970s

90. How many players are there on the handball team?


91. Which came first Ice Age or Stone Age?

Stone Age

92. What is the national flower in San Marino?

Cyclamen (Cyclamen)

93. Which form of air has a bluish tint, similar to water?

Liquid air

94. He was born ____ Saturday _____ December.

on, in

95. What is the mean temperature of Venus?


96. Who invented math?


97. You can’t freeze which element simply by cooling it to absolute zero?


98. By the time you feel thirsty, you’ve already lost about what percent of your body’s water?


99. What Pyramid is the oldest?

The Great Pyramid of Giza

100. Where does a lion live?


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