100 Random Knowledge Trivia Questions and Answers Quiz

Random knowledge trivia questions and answers general knowledge free online GK practice quiz test in English. There is nothing like most important general knowledge questions in English because the GK pattern has no end and different perspectives and situations consider different general knowledge interesting and important. The best way to prepare yourself with as many types of random knowledge trivia questions and answers as you can in order to find a common pattern for the most important random knowledge trivia questions and answers general knowledge in English. Who practices GK regularly will definitely find his own selection of the most important general knowledge questions in English to carry through.

Let’s solve these random knowledge trivia questions and answers general knowledge quiz in English and prepare yourself with many other similar questions and answer as you find on the internet.

Random knowledge trivia questions and answers

1. What is the Book of Job?

The Book of Job is a book of the Hebrew Bible

2. Acupuncture in Medicine is a peer-reviewed medical journal published in what intervals?


3. What is the other name of the Four-centred arch?

Tudor arch

4. Where is the Deseado Massif Plateaus located?


5. What was the last European nation to accept the potato?


6. Gold Nuggets are recovered by what process?

Placer mining

7. What links Werner Arber, Karl Ernst von Baer, David Baltimore, and George Beadle?

Famous biologists

8. What is a gold nugget?

A gold nugget is a naturally occurring piece of native gold.

9. What is a vertical curved structure that spans an elevated space and may or may not support the weight above it?

An arch

10. Albert De Salvo was better Known as who?

The Boston Strangler

11. Who made the Trojan horse virus?

Ken Thompson

12. Who is the first scientist of science?


13. Who wrote the film story for Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

Steven Spielberg

14. The vast majority of mountains are located on the edge of which plate?

The Indian and Eurasian plate

15. Freyr was the Norse god of what?


16. What is the name of a desert in present-day Namibia meaning “Vast Place”?

Namib Desert

17. Where is DNA Found?


18. What is Cool Whip?


19. What is the depth of Lake Assal, the lowest land in Africa?

−153 m (−502 ft)

20. About which game has most books been written?


21. Camberwell town is located in which country?


22. Hyperthreading is a term related to what?

Computers (Intel’s)

23. What is Ulugh Muztagh or Ulugh Muztag and Muztag Feng?

Ulugh Muztagh or Ulugh Muztag and Muztag Feng is an extremely remote mountain group on the northern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.

24. What is Canada’s oldest national park?

Banff National Park

25. What is the more popular name for Londonderry?

Air Danny Boy

26. What was the world’s fastest-spreading computer worm to date, surpassing Sobig, and the ILOVEYOU computer worms?


27. What is the pH of an endosome?

6.5 to 4.5

28. How many US presidents were previously lawyers?


29. What is the richest country in the world in GDP Per Capita (2020)?

Qatar ($138.9K)

30. Peniaphobia fear of what?

Being Penniless

31. Who is the longest tree in the world?

Sequoia sempervirens

32. Lysosome cells are found in plant cells. T/F?

False, in animal cells

33. Which US president created the most national parks?

Theodore Roosevelt

34. Sir Edward Burnett Tylor was an English anthropologist and the founder of what?

Founder of cultural anthropology

35. Alfred White was a famous author under which name?

James Herriot

36. Who served as a U.S. representative after being president?

John Quincy Adam

37. Where do you find the Golgi complex?

Golgi is an organelle found in most eukaryotic cells

38. Minden city is located in which country?


39. What is the correct form of the common misspellings people frequently make: abbriviation?


40. Melvin R Bissell invented what in 1876 in the USA?

Carpet Sweeper

41. The purpose of anthropology is to make the world safe for human differences. – who said this?

Ruth Benedict, American anthropologist

42. How many types of brain cells are there?


43. What links Coming of Age in Samoa, Growing Up in New Guinea, and Male and Female?

Books by American cultural anthropologist, Margaret Mead

44. What country has the most national parks?


45. In Greek mythology who rowed the dead across the river?

Styx Charon

46. How did American cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead die?


47. How many cells die a day?

10 to the power 11

48. What links Proto-industrialization, First Industrial Revolution, Standardization, Second Industrial Revolution, Machine Age, Atomic Age, Jet Age, and Space Age?

Modern history

49. What is the second goal in the 17 SDGs by the UN?

(2) Zero Hunger

50. Where are you most likely to have a serious accident?

In your home

51. What is the theme of World Tourism Day in 2020?

“Tourism and Rural Development”

52. What Colour is dried blood?

Glossy reddish-brown

53. What has the mission statement “A blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all people and the world by 2030”?

Sustainable Development Goals

54. What is Terra Amata?

Terra Amata (Italian for “Beloved Land”) is an archaeological site in open-air located on the slopes of Mount Boron in Nice, at a level 26 meters (85 ft) above the current sea level of the Mediterranea

55. John Richie became famous under what name?

Sid Vicious

56. What are the graïle, the bombard, and the piston?

Variants of the oboe musical instruments

57. Which particle makes blood appears dark blue, green, or black?


58. Civilians may use ASDIC for what purpose?


59. Interesting children’s book Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls was written by whom?

Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

60. What type of birds (Hugin + Munin) sits on the shoulders of?

Odin Ravens

61. Afghanistan Times Daily was first published in which year?


62. Having more than 450,000 platelets is a condition called what?


63. What is the correct form of the common misspellings people frequently make: abcess?


64. 50/50 burger was originated in which state?

California, United States

65. Who ordered John the Baptist’s execution?

King Herod

66. Some individuals are especially sensitive to MSG. T/F?


67. Which part of the body produces about 95% of the body’s blood cells?

Bone marrow

68. Contested by how many clubs, English Premier League operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the English Football League (EFL)?


69. What is the Dynastic place of origin for the House of Windsor?

Thuringia and Bavaria

70. Dr. C W Long was the first to use what (anesthetic) in 1842?


71. Narmer (possibly Menes) was the last king of what?

Upper Egypt and first Pharaoh of Unified Egypt

72. Plasma constitutes what percent of total blood volume?


73. Since which year, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has celebrated World Tourism Day?

Since 1980

74. The oldest library in the world Al-Qarawiyyin library is in which present country?


75. Who reputedly first said – if in doubt tell the truth?

Mark Twain

76. International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions was founded in which city?

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

77. What organ recognizes and removes old, malformed, or damaged red blood cells?


78. Who destroyed the library of Alexandria?

Julius Caesar

79. What is The European Library?

A virtual service/ library

80. Jamie Farr played what role in MASH?

Corporal Clinger

81. Library of Congress was founded in which year?


82. What is the life span of blood?

Around 120 days

83. Where is the Headquarters of the Bank of Mongolia?


84. In which year was World Tourism Organization founded?


85. What was Walt Disney’s first cartoon character?

Oswald the Rabbit

86. Which country has the most libraries?


87. Where was the microscope invented?


88. What is the most visited country in the world, after France and Spain?

United States

89. What city in the world has the most libraries?


90. Hey Big Spender comes from what musical?

Sweet Charity

91. In 2016 Luxembourgian passport ranked what in the world, tied with countries such as Canada and Switzerland?


92. Who discovered Golgi?

Camillo Golgi

93. What is the oldest national park?

Yellowstone National Park

94. Bungo is a city in which country?


95. Who owned the newspaper in Lou Grant – Nancy Marchand?

Mrs. Pyncheron

96. What is the least visited national park?

Gates of the Arctic

97. Wild marjoram is also known as what?


98. In golf, Harry Vardon Trophy if initiated in which year?


99. Universidade Católica de Angola is located in which city?


100. Horse brasses – on dreyhorses – originally wnat purpose?

Charms – ward off evil

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