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General knowledge quiz questions for games are a free way to grab some interesting gk facts. When we meet (adult) people, we assume they have our “general knowledge”: where light switches are likely to be found and how to operate them, quiz questions for games, basic pedestrian rules of the road, how to count money and make purchases in stores, how the measurement system (feet and inches? meters and centimeters?) works, what game we mean when we say “football,” the day of the week, and so on — everything we “take for granted.” It’s the common thread that runs across all of our interactions by learning some quiz questions for games.

But what happens if you travel to another area of the nation or if someone from another country visits you without quiz questions for games? There are a lot of misconceptions and confusion. If I get lost in my hometown, for example, I know that “avenues” go north and south and “streets” run east and west. And I’m aware that as I walk farther from the city center, the number of street addresses increases. But such restrictions don’t apply if I cross the river to the town next door! (For example, building numbers rise from the “beginning” of the street – wherever that is!), with interesting quiz questions for games.

General Knowledge Quiz questions for games

1. Most people have how many ribs?

12 ribs

2. Rosendal (1849) is a historic house in which country?


3. What was Yeonggang in Korea?


4. Which King initiated the Thái Bình era in Vietnam in 970–980 CE?

Đinh Bộ Lĩnh

5. What is the record for red cards given in a single soccer game?


6. Luxury objects in metal-work, gem engraving, ivory carvings, and glass are sometimes considered to be minor forms of which ancient art?

Roman art

7. What is the religion of the Acholi ethnic people, live in Acholiland (Uganda, South Sudan)?


8. What is the name of fiction by Jay Scotland, a swashbuckler about a disgraced legion, set in Hannibal’s time?

Traitors’ Legion (Ace G-532,1963)

9. In the Medieval art genre, the art of which period persisted in 400–1066?


10. What shape is canestrelli pasta?

Little Baskets

11. Who was the main ancestor of the Abbasid dynasty, was the wife of Muhammad al-Imam, and the mother of Abdallah?

Sallamah Umm Abdallah

12. Chiyoda is a special ward located in which city in Japan?


13. Which river runs between the cities of Zárate, Buenos Aires Province, and Brazo Largo, Entre Ríos Province, Argentina?

Paraná River

14. What is the other name of Concussion plaques in music?

Plaque clappers

15. What team has the most NBA titles?

Boston Celtics

16. What is an archaeological site, situated in the steppe of the Southern Ural, near village of Alexandrovsky in the Chelyabinsk Oblast of Russia?


17. Anna Clarén (born 1972), photographer and educator, born in which country?


18. Where do the Dushmani tribe live?


19. Where do Abazins ethnic people live?

Abazinia (Russia)

20. What is the very center of a target called archery or darts?


21. What is Nilo-Saharan → Nilotic → Luo → Acholi?


22. Opened in 1888, Nijūbashi Bridge is located in which country?


23. What is the chemical symbol of the inorganic compound Aluminium antimonide?


24. What is a mountainous region in northern Albania, east of Shkodra and north of the Drin?

Dukagjin highlands

25. Who was the first UK solo artist to have a US number 1 hit?

Acker Bilk, Stranger on the Shore

26. Who is considered the Father of Collectible Card Game?

Richard Garfield

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Richard Garfield, Father of Collectible Card Game

27. Who developed bit vector notation and program control-flow graphs in 1970, 1989?

Frances E. Allen

28. What is the surgical removal of a tooth’s root tip?


29. Which term refers collectively to a small drum and paiban (clapper), which are played simultaneously, by a single player, in traditional Chinese music?


30. Who was the first character to speak in Star Wars?


31. What is the name of a pouch at the start of the large intestine?

The appendix

32. What was an independent unified Korean state proclaimed in October 1897 by Emperor Gojong of the Joseon Dynasty?

The Korean Empire

33. Who was a famous Muslim Volga Bulgarian poet. His most famous poem is Qíssa-i Yosıf, written in the Old Tatar language?

Qol Ghali or Qul Ali

34. The Hedgehog and the Fox essay was written by which British philosopher?

Isaiah Berlin

35. Collective nouns – a pace of what creatures?


36. Which Civil engineer is responsible for the construction of many roads and bridges, including the Whitehurst Freeway, the Tidal Basin Bridge, and an extension to the Baltimore-Washington Parkway?

Archie Alexander (1888–1958)

37. What is H, R-12B1, Bromochlorodifluoromethane, CBrClF2 or CF2ClBr?

A refrigerant

38. Who, born Temüjin, was the founder and first Great Khan (Emperor) of the Mongol Empire?

Genghis Khan

39. What is a procedure that ensures there is an open airway between a patients lung/s and the outside world?


40. What was the first city to host the Olympics twice?


41. Battle of Bun’ei was a part of which war?

Mongol invasions of Japan – 1274, 1281

42. What is computer scientist John Ousterhout’s categorization that high-level programming languages tend to fall into two groups?

Ousterhout’s dichotomy

43. Which veins are veins that directly connect superficial veins to deep veins?

Communicating veins

44. In which historic crusade, Louis’ Christian army was defeated by the Ayyubid army, led by Fakhr ad-Din ibn as-Shaikh, and its allies, the Bahriyya?

The Seventh Crusade

45. In 1939 in the US what was the first patented plant?

New Dawn Rose

46. What is a false dichotomy?

A false dilemma is an informal fallacy based on a premise that erroneously limits what options are available.

47. Who was the 8th Earl of Arundel, a title of nobility in England?

Richard Fitzalan

48. Who was Aidar, 815-865?

a Volga Bulgaria king

49. In which fiction, you find Duke Aymon, The Duke of Dordone, the son of Doon de Mayence, and the father of Renaud de Montauban?

Matter of France

50. What team does LeBron James play for?

Los Angeles Lakers

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