50 Misc General Knowledge Trivia Questions and Answers Fun

Misc trivia questions and answers is a general knowledge collection with many interesting facts and trivia. We need to know who we are and what our strengths and shortcomings are. We must master the art of living with misc trivia questions and answers. We must learn the skills of adjusting and adapting to changes in our environment and living conditions. To get things done in our favor, we need to work well with others and convince them successfully with misc trivia questions and answers. We must make the best decisions we can and choose the finest course of action that will allow us to go forward effectively. We must protect ourselves from risks and maintain our equilibrium and strength in the face of obstacles and adversity by solving many more misc trivia questions and answers. We must be able to voice our own opinions while also allowing others to express theirs.

In 1933, Philadelphia A’s owner Connie Mack transfers catcher Mickey Cochrane to Detroit for $100,000 as part of a legendary MLB fire sale of players; Cochrane is immediately elected Tigers manager as the misc trivia questions and answers.

Derrick Henry of the Tennessee Titans breaks the team record with 238 yards and four touchdowns in a 30-9 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars in Nashville; his 99-yard touchdown run ties, Tony Dorsett of the Dallas Cowboys, for the longest run in NFL histories like misc trivia questions and answers.

In front of 52,360 spectators at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in 1948, Australian cricket legend Don Bradman gets 123 for the Bradman XI in his own testimonial match against Lindsay Hassett’s XI, mentioned in the misc trivia questions and answers.

Misc General Knowledge Trivia Questions and Answers for Fun

1. What is Landscape architecture?

the design of outdoor areas, landmarks, and structures to achieve environmental, social-behavioral, or aesthetic outcomes

2. What is Mafalde?


3. Harmony Park Safari, Huntsville is under which US state?


4. What is the “Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year” 2005?

integrity (noun): Adherence to moral or ethic principles; incorruptibility

5. In 1934, KYW-AM in Chicago Ill moves to which city in Pennsylvania?


6. What is a 7-dimensional space?

In mathematics, a sequence of n real numbers can be understood as a location in n-dimensional space. When n = 7, the set of all such locations is called 7-dimensional space.

7. What was an ancient Celtic language that was spoken in parts of Continental Europe before and during the period of the Roman Empire?


8. Parque Jacj Cuisi, La Paz is a what in Bolivia?

Animal sanctuary

9. Australian Homemade is a franchise formula for confectionery stores owned by Australian Homemade, based in which city in the Netherlands?


10. The Supreme Allied War Council, meeting at Versailles to define war aim, fails to reach an agreement in which year?


11. Who were the Prime Ministers of the 4th Parliament of the United Kingdom started in 1807 under the rule of George III?

The Duke of Portland, Spencer Perceval, and The Earl of Liverpool

12. which youth orchestra in the United States describes itself as the second oldest independent youth symphony in the country?

Young People’s Symphony Orchestra (1935)

13. Which political party in the UK was founded in 1900?

Labour Party

14. Between 1992 and 2004 which was the largest party in Slovenia?

Liberal Democracy of Slovenia

15. In 1934, Italian colonial Tripoli & Cyrenaica were annexed to which country?


16. What is a Pasadena, California-based chain, founded in 2011 by Elise and Rick Wetzel of Wetzel’s Pretzels?

Blaze Pizza

17. Started in 2011, which social media platform is owned by Meta company?


18. Who was a mechanical engineer credited with inventing the spinning frame but most notable for contributions to the modern factory system?

Richard Arkwright (1733–1792)

19. Which Mexican territory would in 1848 become the United States states of California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Arizona and Wyoming?

The Mexican territory of Upper California, or Alta California

20. In 1932 who became the Chancellor of Germany?

Gen Kurt von Schleicher

21. William Guilfoyle is a 19th-century landscape architect in which continent?


22. Henry Addington was the Prime Minister of the UK in 1801 from which party?


23. Who is the person executed in the United States on May 19, 2021?

Quintin Phillippe Jones

24. At first, the office was called President of the People’s Committee, it was later changed to Prime Minister of Siam (Thailand), why?

when the king deemed it too communistic

25. In 1917, After nearly 20 years of planning and construction, which bridge finally opens to traffic after two prior collapses?

Quebec Bridge

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Quebec Bridge

26. Which city name in Alberta, Canada was chosen through a contest in 1904?


27. Enasan is a what is Japan?

Road tunnel

28. What is an American for-profit social networking website for academics, began as a free and open repository of an academic journal?


29. What was the first name of Ptolemy who was a mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, geographer, and music theorist, who wrote about a dozen scientific treatises?


30. Hamilton Tigers defeat for 25-6 for their 5th Championship in the CFL Grey Cup in held in AAA Grounds, Hamilton in 1932?

Regina Roughriders

31. Rosebud hamlet is located in which country?


32. In the Polish language, June is called what?


33. Why is Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site and Dawn Settlement – Dresden popular?

an Underground Railroad site for former slaves in 19th century North America

34. Toyohashi Zoo & Botanical Park is located in which city in Japan?

Toyohashi, Aichi

35. In 1915, who became the Commander-in-Chief of the French Armies?

General Joseph Joffre

36. Canadian city “Calgary” was named for Calgary, Mull, which originated from the Scottish Gaelic “Cala ghearraidh”, meaning what?

“beach of the meadow (pasture)”

37. Who discovered Chloroplast?


38. Miriam Braverman Memorial Prize is given for contribution in which area?

Library science

39. Bernard Auberson, who debuted in 1963, was a men’s national tennis team representative of which country?


40. Alka Seltzer, an Aspirin for medication goes on sale in which year?


41. Île Sainte-Marguerite island is located in which country?


42. Who said, “Ideas shape the course of history”?

John Maynard Keynes

43. Building: Letters 1960-1975 – a popular book was written by which British philosopher?

Isaiah Berlin

44. SS Gauloise was a football club on which island?


45. First Balkan War: The Naval Battle of Elli takes place in which year?


46. Who held 5 years, 1 day in office as the President of Slovenia, ended on 23 December 2007?

Janez Drnovšek

47. Led by Jeffrey Donaldson, Democratic Unionist Party is active in which country?

United Kingdom

48. What is The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins?

a 1971 motion picture

49. Roberto Argüello, who debuted in 1983, was a men’s national tennis team representative of which country?


50. In 1914, which army opens fire on interned Belgian soldiers: 8 killed?


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