50 General Knowledge Printable English Quiz Bee Questions

The general quiz bee knowledge trivia questions answer test is for free. No doubt, the general quiz bee gives logic to our understanding for our information that we have put with such priority beyond a consequence that would be unacceptably unaccepted as to the specified. Knowledge is a powerful tool. It’s a well-known proverb. A general knowledge quiz bee signifies that knowledge trumps all other physical abilities. It gives people the ability to do great things and leads to success. It’s true, Knowledge general quiz bee is essential for success in every industry. True strength comes from general quiz bee knowledge, according to the saying. There is no limit to what a person can learn or how much they can learn a general quiz bee.

Even the most difficult difficulties may be handled if you have the necessary information. It is said to be the most important factor in achieving success. As a result, general quiz bee knowledge is essential everywhere. The reason for the general quiz bee is that it encourages us to think independently. Knowledge is probably required if you wish to live a prosperous and ambitious life. There’s no need to be an expert with extensive general quiz bee knowledge if you just want to live simply with what you have.

General Knowledge Printable English quiz bee Fun

1. Great Palm Island is located in which country?

Australia (Queensland)

2. Exiled South African President of Transvaal Paul Kruger arrives in which country, though the Kaiser refuses to meet him, in 1900?


3. How many U.S. metropolitan areas are there with sports teams competing in the four major leagues?


4. Which two-tier county of England has a population of 1,581,555 as of 2019?


5. Which actor used to sweep out lions’ cages for a living?

Sylvester Stallone

6. Our DNA is stored in how many pairs of chromosomes are within the nucleus of every cell in our body?

23 pairs

7. What are the two largest cities in the USA?

The New York and the Los Angeles

8. What is the height of Bogota, the capital city of Colombia?

2625 m

9. Who served as the 47th President of the American Sociological Association?

Robert King Merton

10. Which materials name comes from the French for rag?


11. Sinop province is located in which country?


12. Talk about something, worried about, walkabout / around – here “about” refer to what?

Connection, cause, direction

13. Abel’s lemma is associated with which subject?

Mathematical series

14. In 1902, which Dutch soccer club is formed in Deventer; suffix ‘Eagles’ added in 1971?

Be Quick – later Go Ahead

15. Medieval wine measurement there are two buts to a what?


16. New England Patriots in Boston, Massachusetts is a popular team for which sport?


17. Alabama International Dragway, an auto racing track in Steele, the United States was opened in which year?


18. The viral genes in our DNA now perform important functions, especially related to what?


19. Commerce city is located in Jackson County, under which US state?


20. What Frenchman was the king of chefs and chef of Kings?

Auguste Escoffier

21. Foxborough is a town in Norfolk County, is located in which US state?


22. Bertrand’s postulate is a theory or argument in which subject?


23. Boztepe peninsula is located in which country?


24. What is the minimum word length in the Holy Quran?

1 character

25. What does Abraham Lincoln never do in any photographs?

Smile was burning

26. Who said, “I go into my library and all history unrolls before me”?

Alexander Smith

27. In 1907, which Canadian world heavyweight boxing champion retains his title; KOs Englishman Gunner Moir in 10th round at the National Sporting Club, Covent Garden, London?

Tommy Burns

28. The Sense of Reality: Studies in Ideas and Their History book was written by which British philosopher in 1996?

Isaiah Berlin

29. Opened in 1975, Atmore Dragway in Alabama is popular for what sport in the USA?

Auto racing

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Atmore Dragway in Alabama

30. What has the chemical formula H2O02?

Hydrogen Peroxide

31. Long Island Nets is a top-level minor NBA G League team in which US metropolitan area in the United States?

New York

32. What is a Scottish mountain situated 13 km south of Achnasheen in the Ross and Cromarty district of the Highland council area?

Maoile Lunndaidh

33. The Northern Trust, PGA Tour, the professional golf tournament is held in which US city?

New York City

34. The tallest church in the world is the Ulm Minster, the main Lutheran congregation in which German city?


35. What is the state fruit of Louisiana?


36. What is an Italian manufacturer of high-quality replicas of 19th-century American percussion revolvers, carbines?

A. Uberti, Srl.

37. Which company began in 1905 as a yacht design and commercial brokerage in New York City?

Cox & Stevens

38. In the 2019 FIFA Ballon d’Or, which American midfielder is Women’s World Player of the Year?

Megan Rapinoe

39. Pomona city is located in Los Angeles County under which US state?


40. Who was the original choice to play the terminator?

O J Simpson

41. Which peninsula in Turkey is located between the Black Sea and Marmara, İstanbul?


42. Which island in the Persian Gulf is claimed by Iran and the United Arab Emirates?

Abu Musa

43. A chapter named “The Table” with 120 verses is included in which religious holy book?

Al Quran

44. Launched in 2015, what is the 142.81 m (469 ft) long, the largest 3-mast freestanding rig steel schooner yacht in the world?


45. In Italy there I Puffi, In Hungary Torpok, Samafu in Japan – what?


46. What is the tallest brickwork church with two steeples?

St Mary’s Church in Lübeck

47. What is the highest point in Southern England, in Devon, at 621 meters above sea level?

High Willhays

48. What is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of apples?


49. Los Angeles Open is a what type of professional golf tournament in the United States?

PGA Tour

50. The average American does it 1811 times in their life – what?

Eat at MacDonald’s

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